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Old 12th January 2012   #1
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Default Sophie Sheppard at Curves in Couture (videos)

This will be a thrill for all fans of Sophie Sheppard and plus-size beauty.

At last, M.O.D., the official organizers of last November's Curves in Couture show, have released their official videos of the event.

The footage is continuous in three reels, rather than being broken up by collection. This video features the Anna Scholz runway show, beginning at 0:06.

Sophie emerges at 2:12. What's especially exciting is to see the close-ups of the model. Watch the deliciously vain look that she gives the camera at 2:26.

The next video includes the Jill Alexander show, which commences at 0:19, with its distinctive Latin music. Sophie walks the runway at 0:30, in that exciting red dress which embraces her every luscious curve. She generates an alluring pout at 0:59.

Sophie is a true goddess, exhibiting a sumptuously curvy figure and a dazzlingly fair features. To see her on the runway is to see poetry in motion. I don't know if I've ever seen a plus-size model walk the catwalk in such a sinuously alluring way.

Bravo to M.O.D. for creating this thrilling event and for including such a gorgeous model in the show.
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Default Re: Sophie Sheppard at Curves in Couture (videos)

Fabulous videos.

It's fascinating to compare the official footage with the unofficial videos that were released shortly after the event itself:

The official videos offer the benefit of multiple cameras, but I enjoy the focus on Sophie in the unofficial clips.

At any rate, both together offer a fine 360-degree perspective on the experience, for everyone who wasn't fortunate enough to attend.

And the bottom line is this: Sophie looks gorgeous from every angle.
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Old 30th January 2012   #3
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Default Re: Sophie Sheppard at Curves in Couture (videos)

Speaking of Miss Sheppard, fans of gorgeous plus-size models know that one of the best sources of images of their adored stars are their public social-networking sites. While we all eagerly await more campaigns featuring this voluptuous vixen, we can enjoy some of her candid images, which have appeared on Twitter.

This headshot finds the model looking sweet and lovely, with a hint of a flush at her apple cheeks and her golden hair bewitchingly cascading over one eye.

Click to enlarge

Sophie's Australian agency, Bella Models, recently published this adorable image of the model with her "fluffy friend" It's remarkable how many plus-size goddesses have favourite pets. Among them, the models seem to be divided fairly equally between feline and canine preferences.

Click to enlarge

This stunning headshot of Sophie comes accompanied by a caption from the model, who writes, "Loving my new deep-plum lip colour! Perfect for the London winter." Fans love her full lips--naturally full, not artificially enhanced--and soft yet very present expression, very poised and mature, but feminine.

Click to enlarge

Loveliest of all is this stunning image of the model's golden tresses cascading over her face, their unbound freedom suggesting a more relaxed demeanour on the part of the model, a languid indolence that is intoxicatingly sensual. The ostensible purpose of the image is, as an accompaniment to the previous image, to showcase her attire, with Sophie writing: "And my new (faux) fur vest! Loving the winter wardrobe after a month in the Aussie sun." The fur suggests a touch of primal passion, which harmonizes with Sophie's untamed tresses.

Click to enlarge

Sophie's casual candids are more breathtakingly beautiful than even the published tear sheets of any other model. Fans eagerly await her future triumphs.

- Sophie Sheppard Gallery

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