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Old 17th January 2012   #1
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Default Kaela Humphries: ''Remodeled''

Like many other readers here, I was intrigued by last year's introductory thread to plus-size model Kaela Humphries,

as well as the subsequent post about the model's appearance at the Richie Rich runway show:

Therefore, I was interested enough to catch the premiere episode of the new CW series Remodeled tonight, which follows industry expert Paul Fisher as he tries to remake struggling modelling agencies and cultivate the careers of young talent.

In the episode, Fisher encourages Kaela (who is with Wilhelmina L.A.) to return to her local Minneapolis agency, Arquette Associates. Here's the video:

Kaela's portfolio at Arquette is a bit out of date when it comes to her measurements, as she's now at least a full size 14:

but it does come with an attractive photo that hasn't been posted before:

I also read an interesting interview with Mr. Fisher, which gives me hope that his backing of a plus-size model is based on principle as well as profit:

The pertinent text:

Fisher is also adamant about reforming the industry as a whole in order to erase the idea that beauty only belongs to the “hanger” models–the models that are either a size zero or one.

“It starts at the top,” he said, saying that many of the problems in the industry stem from the designers themselves and work downward. “They [the designers] pay my bills and I’m going to war with them. It’s not only people that emulate the models – the makeup artists and photographers emulate the designers. We look up to these people, and designers are too damn worried about their bottom line. What is a ‘plus size’ model? These are normal girls! The average woman is 5′ 4″ and 140 lbs. These are normal girls, these plus=size models. There are models sticking their fingers down their throats and they [the designers] do not care. I’m going to affect their bottom line. I don’t care how pissed off they are.”

Eventually, there will be a unified voice against the horrors of the business, said Fisher. “Sooner or later, you’ll see a shift of consciousness. There are people in the industry around the world that believe in me. But it’s bifurcated; there’s not one unified voice that can put their foot down and say ‘Enough!’, but that’s the goal of The Network, to bring them all together so we can say ‘It’s enough, stop it!’ We’re all beautiful.”

It's an admirable goal. Let's hope that Mr. Fisher can help effect change in this industry, which desperately needs it.

It will be a pleasure to see Kaela's career thrive, particularly if she remains genuinely full-figured, as her Nordstrom work from last year indicated that she is.
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Old 17th January 2012   #2
M. Lopez
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Default Re: Kaela Humphries: ''Remodeled''

In this article, Mr. Fisher speaks further about Kaela and the show:

His intentions seem highly commendable:

Fisher's business is The Network Model Community -- its tagline is "Where beauty meets responsibility." He takes that seriously, particularly when it comes to body image. In the first episode, Kris Humphries' sister Kaela Humphries, a plus size model, is featured.

..."Kaela, they call her a plus-size model. I don't even know what this word plus means. She's normal. She's perfect. She's beautiful. They should call our models skinny people. The whole thing is wrong. It's backwards. It doesn't matter if she weighs 160, 180 -- it's completely irrelevant."

Fisher fights with models -- and their parents -- to make sure that they're eating enough and staying a school. "I want to create a safe environment for young women," he says. "I want the modeling industry to be a safe environment."

Fisher tells us we'll continue to follow Kaela's story throughout the season.

This is the kind of thinking that the fashion industry needs. Who ever talks about "responsibility" -- and means it? Who ever ventures to refashion the industry as a "safe environment"? It's high time someone did.

And it's especially admirable to see Mr. Fisher state that the entire industry's thinking about size is "backwards." It's the minus-size models who are underweight, not the plus-size models who are too curvy. The full-figured models are the true norm and the natural ideal. If the fashion industry operated that way, then it wouldn't be the toxic influence on women's body image that it is today.

Perhaps this program will be able to push the industry in the more positive direction it needs to go.
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Old 27th January 2012   #3
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Default Re: Kaela Humphries: ''Remodeled''

Kaela was on last week's episode of the E! channel show Kim and Kourtney take New York. This video shows her excerpts from the episode:

She's very curvy, and very beautiful. She also comes across as having a very genuine, sincere personality. One never knows how much "reality TV" is scripted, and how much is devised in editing, but I really empathized with Kaela in this episode. She seemed to have travelled to New York with the best of intentions, and got caught up in a difficult situation, through no fault of her own.

At any rate, it's wonderful to see an attractive plus-size model getting mainstream TV exposure. I hope her career continues to thrive.
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