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Default Lindsey: Mielle Boutique

Last November, we posted several preview images from photographer Justin Clynes showing plus-size model Lindsey Garbelman's forthcoming work for the Mielle Boutique, a plus-size specialist shop in New York.

We are delighted to see that now, the Mielle web site (linked below) has been updated, and features a host of images of this stunning size-18 goddess.

Most gorgeous of all is the following breathtaking image, showing the sumptuous model reclining heavily, lazily, on a plush couch. She alluringly showcases her luscious arms--so sinfully full and fleshy--and rests her head against her hand, passively soaking in the viewer's worship. The rounded contours of the sofa echo the rolling curves of her lavish figure, while the way in which her hand presses into the plump cushion beneath her conveys a sensual impression of how soft her own physique would be to the touch.

Click to enlarge

The seductiveness of this photograph is heart-stopping. The model exhibits alluring weight in her face, which appears rounded and replete. Her arms are soft and ample, their gorgeous contours due to the natural shaping inclinations of generous indulgence, free of any trace of unsightly tone. Her tresses tumble over the plush sofa in opulent profusion, their heaviness echoing the model's own sensually weighty indolence. Even sitting up seems too much of an exertion for the pampered persona that Lindsey creates, instead preferring to lounge in opulent lassitude. This is one of the most masterful portraits of deliciously spoiled, well-fed femininity, an image worthy of a Baroque painter.

Click to enlarge

A second image finds Lindsey showcasing an attractive tiered dress that is easy on her full waist. Her eyes smoulder with a look of appetite and invitation. The sofa and cushions alongside her echo the plush softness of her physique, and offer a tantalizing suggestion of the thoughts that might be running through her mind.

Click to enlarge

This image also exhibits the delicious contours of her gorgeous arms, so gently rounded and sensually fleshy. As Lindsey's opulence has increased, so has her beauty, with her face appearing exquisitely rounded and her clavicle submerged in soft fullness. The extra richness of person also seems to have enriched Lindsey's posing technique, helping her create new personae of plutocratic magnificence.

Click to enlarge

Perhaps the finest figure-baring image in the set is the following photograph of Miss Garbelman in grey. Observe how alluringly generous her hips appear, with even the upper portion of the outfit opening to encompass the breadth of her figure. The deeply open V neckline adds further frisson to the seductiveness of the outfit. The Mielle fashions may be elegant, but on a fuller female figure like Lindsey's, they also promise effortless seduction.

Click to enlarge

In keeping with the more sober nature of the follwoing item, Lindsey adopts a thoughtful gaze. Her poise and noble bearing in the Mielle images matches the upscale nature of the attire. Notice the clever visual of the Judy in the background, thus suggesting how seamlessly the garment translates from the mannequin to the body.

Click to enlarge

For a more formal event, the following dress would seem to be an ideal option. The different fabrics that it brings together offer visual variety, even as the hue is black, while the cut comes close to the body and embraces it--and any goddess with a figure as gorgeous as Lindsey's should always tend towards body-conscious styles.

Click to enlarge

Lindsey appears in the same gown in the following double image. She coyly sheathes her upper arms in a wrap, yet the fullness at her neck-and-shoulder area, and the roundness of her forearms, adds the requisite sensuality to the image. (The body-as-fashion-accessory principle is always the finest styling choice.) The overall ample proportions of her build are intoxicatingly seductive, while her opulent tresses harmonize with the richness of her dress and person.

Click to enlarge

Bravo to Lindsey for maintaining her alluring size-18 curves, and kudos to the Mielle Boutique for selecting such a gorgeous and genuinely full-figured model to represent its fashions. Bravo as well to photographer Justin Clynes (who also recently shot an acclaimed test with Katherine Roll) for such sumptuous imagery. In his post about the photo session on his web log, he notes this site's commendation for his work with Lindsey at Mielle. As these images have demonstrated, the praise that this campaign earned was richly merited.

- Mielle Boutique

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