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Default Zizzi: We Looove Valerie's Curves

Each season for the last several years, the Danish plus-size label Zizzi has been producing campaigns with renowned plus-size model Valerie Lefkowitz. These promotions have been highly artistic, from the 2010 campaign on the theme of a "distressed doll's house," to the sensual depiction of Valerie by the fireside, to last season's engaging party-themed shoot, and many more.

However, the new Spring 2012 campaign accomplishes something which no previous Zizzi promotion has attempted, and which remains an exceedingly rare venture for European plus-size labels: it has depicted Valerie with an eye towards deliberately evoking size-celebration. And although Ms. Lefkowitz has never been so gorgeous as she was when she blossomed into a U.S. size 18 a few seasons ago, these pictures constitute the most sensual and pro-curvy photographs of her career to date.

The image are to be found in the pages of the latest edition of Zizzi's eponymous custom magazine, which features a number of editorials with Valerie, none so stunningly gorgeous as the following breathtaking two-page spread.

Click to enlarge

The body-conscious denim, which closely conforms to Valerie's figure, defines her luscious hips and thighs, which the model provocatively thrusts toward the viewer. The fitted white top showcases her round voluptuousness. But nothing on this earth could be more sensual than the sight of her soft middle exhibiting plump fullness and overspilling the tight waistband of her jeans. Not only does the model exhibit no self-consciousness about this decadent display of her well-fed physique, but she is positively vixenish about it, flirtatiously showcasing her rounded waist as if it were the most alluring attribute of her person--which it surely is. The Zizzi photographer is Valerie's co-conspirator in this transgressive celebration of sumptuous flesh, framing the image in such a way as to focus the frame precisely onto the swelling midsection.

Click to enlarge

While the preceding image of Valerie in repose is the most seductive of all, given the innately alluring qualities of indolence that a recumbent position conveys, the seated image is equally sensual. In a pose that echoes Kailee O'Sullivan's celebrated midriff-baring editorial for Glamour magazine, Valerie leans back, opens her shirt, and allows the ample, untoned fullness of her waist to be fully exposed. The denim appears barely able to encompass her womanly thighs, and exhibits a beguiling roundness at her abdomen. But it is the unconstrained, naturally soft roundness of her middle that makes the image so intoxicatingly gorgeous.

Click to enlarge

A subsequent page in the magazine features a third view of Valerie in this delectable ensemble, a tiny image which we have enlarged for the benefit of the model's fans. This picture most clearly showcases the alluring roundness of the model's abdomen, a supremely womanly figure characteristic. The choice of garbing Valerie in a thin, fitted white top was pure styling genius, and endows the images with their stunningly size-positive nature, as it suggests the plushness of the model's physique, without a hint of unfeminine muscle tone, which--the viewer imagines--would be sensually soft to the touch.

Inevitably, none of the other layouts in the magazine can match the aforementioned images for size-positive impact, but Valerie's work throughout the publication is stunning. The "City Girl" editorial, for example, is a very attractive presentation of Valerie's natural beauty.

Click to enlarge

The diaphanous, ruffled blouse is quite feminine, and the denim fits Valerie's generous thighs in a seductively snug manner. The black nail colour is a wicked touch, imparting to this angel a hint of mischief.

Click to enlarge

True, some of the outfits still exhibit the "flowing formlessness" that is all-too characteristic of European plus-size fashion, and which prompts mixed reactions from curvy clientele. However, one can forgive Zizzi anything after it created the pro-curvy masterpieces exhibited at the top of this thread.

Click to enlarge

One of the inset images, above, currently provides Zizzi with the life-affirming cover image of its Web site:

Click to enlarge

The following spread is particularly charming, showing the model in the sweet, natural guise that has always been her forte.

Click to enlarge

Her facial features appear a tad rounded in this image than they have in several seasons. Has Valerie regained some of her legendary curves? Possibly, given the "We Love Denim" pages shown initially. The extra weight dramatically augments her beauty, as any increase in fullness always has. The folkloric, rustic-looking top exhibits her plump décolletage, while her golden tresses flow loosely and naturally over her shoulders. The image conveys a sense of ease and relaxation, as well as giving the model a robust yet gentle character, which agrees with her.

Click to enlarge

Another thread on this forum recently discussed the fascinating affinity that plus-size models have for pets of every sort, with half of the models exhibiting feline preferences, the other half favouring canine companions. Valerie's effortless familiarity with this contemplative chap suggests a partiality towards the latter sort of animal familiar. Observe the partly glimpsed strap of the model's bustier, a supremely sensual detail.

Click to enlarge

Though this tunic is rather on the loose side, Valerie achieves miracles in making the image nevertheless extremely captivating, both by arranging her body in such a manner as to suggest the curves of her arms and hips beneath the fabric, and in adopting such a flirtatious expression, with her bewitching eyes and the coy gesture of the fingers towards her kissable mouth. She appears to be waiting for the viewer's self-control to break and for him to embrace her most passionately.

Click to enlarge

This two-page spread is the most size-positive and beautiful of the editorial. It shows Valerie adopting a charmingly ebullient demeanour, laughing at an unknown witticism. The jeans showcase the generous fullness of her hips--which, until the initial images in this thread emerged, were always regarded as the most gorgeous aspects of her figure (a distinction now earned by her soft, full waist).

Click to enlarge

But wait--an even more pro-curvy angle of the same composition exists, this one from Zizzi's behind-the-scenes album of the making of this shoot. This is a rare hinder-view image of Valerie--perhaps the first that has been published in all the years that fans have been following her career--and the reverse perspective showcases the gorgeous contours of her physique as never before, exhibiting just how ample and alluringly expansive a figure she possesses.

Click to enlarge

The inset image shows the model in a very feminine top (notice the lingerie-like design at the bust) which fits closely enough that it defines the model's rounded, generous hips, the middle button barely able to close around her waist. Valerie's figure is quintessentially womanly, its pear-shaped contours the very opposite of the angular, androgynous standard that the minus-size industry seeks to impose. Accompanied once more by her canine cohort, she appears to be enjoying the simple pleasures of life. Much as the preceding holiday campaign from Zizzi was a night piece, so this campaign is the daytime complement.

Click to enlarge

We cannot let this thread go without also acknowledging the following pro-curvy graphic, which illustrates one of the articles in the magazine. Alas, previous editions of the Zizzi publication were also made available in English, yet this issue appears to be solely published in Danish. So unless, like Coleridge, one has a "smack of Hamlet" oneself and therefore knows the Danish tongue, one must simply enjoy the visuals, while the text of the articles remains elusive. Even without its English-language title, though, the graphic needs no translation, as its pro-curvy philosophy is abundantly represented by the rest of the Valerie images in the magazine.

Click to enlarge

We offer Zizzi the most enthusiastic round of applause for producing such size-positive visuals and for booking a model who, it must now be said, is legitimately full-figured, and for shooting her in a truly pro-curvy manner.

Likewise, we compliment Ms. Lefkowitz for retaining her curves and possibly even regaining some of her former extra fullness. The increase in her beauty is palpable--as is, consequently, her subversiveness. How extraordinary that, after such an accomplished career, this young model is even now creating her most size-celebratory photographs to date.

(Click images to view larger.)

- Zizzi Online

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M. Lopez
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Default Re: Zizzi: We Looove Valerie's Curves

The campaign is absolutely wonderful, and the first two-page spread posted above, showing Valerie's full, curvy waist, is gloriously size-positive. This is how full-figured women should feel about all of their curves, especially areas about which they might be sensitive because they exhibit a well-fed look: they should feel that those aspects of their bodies are their most gorgeous, most sensual characteristics, as Valerie does in these photographs.

Don't miss the absolutely charming video of Valerie that Zizzi shot to accompany the campaign:

It shows her modelling the outfits and interacting with the puppy, but primarily it shows Valerie being flirty with the camera and showing off her beauty. In every frame, she seems to say, "You know you want me." Alas, it includes no footage of the white top/denim combo, but still, it's a gorgeous, sparkling video.
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Old 8th March 2012   #3
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Default Re: Zizzi: We Looove Valerie's Curves

Zizzi has now released a second spring video, showing Valerie and another model in an idyllic seacoast setting which looks like a town on the Mediterranean.

Valerie's figure appears particularly curvy at 0:15. Altogether it's a gorgeous bit of film, and makes one eagerly look forward to the summertime sun.

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Default Re: Zizzi: We Looove Valerie's Curves

For those who enjoyed the new Zizzi video that Graham posted, the company has now added a behind-the-scenes photo album on its Facebook page:

Here are a few images of Valerie, but the whole set is worth viewing. The video was apparently shot somewhere on Tenerife in the Canary Islands, off the coast of Spain.

Valerie showing off her legs in fitted denim.

A view of the model's gorgeous arms, in a sleeveless top.

Shapely reverse-view curves.

The village, the sky, the ocean stretching off into the distance -- everything about this location makes it appear like a slice of heaven.

Of course, the loveliest element of all is Valerie herself.
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Default Re: Zizzi: We Looove Valerie's Curves

A few days ago, Zizzi posted a wonderful cover page featuring the magazine's captivating image of Valerie showcasing the soft curves of her middle. It's encouraging to see this brand recognizing the appeal of such a pro-curvy photo.

Full size:

Another picture from the same photo shoot, never before seen, appeared in an Zizzi e-mail ad issued just yesterday.

The most effective images in plus-size fashion are always those which show a model looking gorgeous and distinctly full-figured. Kudos to Zizzi for adopting this approach in its denim campaign.
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