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Old 8th February 2012   #1
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Default Sophie Sheppard for Penningtons

At long last, the first images have emerged from the most eagerly awaited campaign of the spring 2012 season: gorgeous plus-size model Sophie Sheppard for Penningtons.

This Canadian label has long been regarded as one of the most size-celebratory marques in the world, so no wonder that its images of Sophie present this luscious goddess in a more pro-curvy manner than any client has hitherto managed. And Miss Sheppard is, in turn, the most beautiful model that Penningtons has ever booked, making this the company's finest campaign ever.

This image in particular, from Penningtons' exciting new spring look book, has immediately become one of the public's favourite pictures of Miss Sheppard. The sleeveless pink top, an irresistibly girlish item, showcases the model's sensual, rounded arms--so perfectly formed, so soft and fleshy, without a hint of unfeminine muscle tone, just luscious natural fullness. The black skirt, very stylish and elegant, hints and the opulence of the model's flawless 38" waist and 48" hips (as listed by her agencies Okay Models and Milk Management, respectively).

If the previous image celebrates Sophie's goddesslike physique, then the following picture, taken from the new Penningtons "Bold Colurs" trend page, showcases the beauty of her soft, rounded facial features. Miss Sheppard has the loveliest countenance of any plus-size model since Shannon Marie, an angelic visage that is at once ethereal yet robust, with a decadently well-fed appearance that is utterly beguiling. Her long, flowing tresses adorn her face with a golden frame. The top, in our favourite Judgment of Paris shade of lilac, though loose, nevertheless suggests the buxom voluptuousness of Sophie's size-16 figure.

Returning to the Penningtons look book, in this image the sunlight bathes Sophie in an ethereal radiance, as if the Divine itself were in love with her beauty. Never has she appeared more angelic, clad in a white top with gossamer fabric that covers her in a heavenly mantle. Even in the midst of a casual cityscape, Miss Sheppard's beauty would transfix any passers-by and lead them to believe that they had seen a vision of eternal feminine perfection.

The next page in the ad features Sophie looking utterly different--and the sheer range of the model's looks and expressions is extraordinary. Here she takes on the persona of a young nymphet, a teen/twentysomething who is wealthy and sophisticated--perhaps an heiress to a great fortune--and thus, deliciously spoiled. In the midst of a shopping excursion, her facial features have a look that one could easily imagine in Vogue magazine (not leastwise because Sophie has, in face, graced the pages of Italian Vogue). The burgundy top and matching shoes complement the dazzling paleness of her complexion--in particular, her shapely legs, which appear as fair as marble and as soft as the driven snow. No radioactively tanned, over-exercised modern waif could ever possess legs as gorgeous as the soft, fair limbs of Miss Sheppard. No wonder she proudly shows them off, with a skirt that hugs her womanly hips.

Yet again, we see one of the curious themes of the season--plus-size models accompanied by canine companions. In this image, Miss Sheppard strolls the boulevard with a friend whose mane leaves his eyes as hidden as surely as do the model's shades. The leafy canopy behind her frames her in an emerald backdrop. The casual khaki slacks hint at her luscious thighs and curvy middle.

Berry colours constitute ideal shades for this goddess, with her peaches-and-cream complexion, as they introduce a touch of natural colour to her skin tone and perfectly complement her fair eyes and golden hair. In this image, the strawberry colour also plays off well against the lush greenery in the background. But Sophie herself remains the focus of the viewer's rapt attention, particularly with the deliciously coquettish manner in which she plays with her tresses. The cardigan hints at the generous fullness of the model's reverse-view curves. She seems to flirtatiously entreat a ride from the owner of the motorcycle against which she so provocatively leans, and who could deny this vision of loveliness any request she might make?

Congratulations to Sophie Sheppard for her stunning work for this acclaimed client. In these images, she appears more attractive than ever, the sleeveless top and bright, berry hues exhibiting her luscious, well-fed beauty in a way that no black figure-hiding attire ever could.

And bravo to Penningtons for selecting the most exciting rising star in the plus-size modelling firmament to headline its new spring 2012 campaign, which promises to be the most appealing that the company has ever offered, and for outfitting her in such attractive fashions. From the model selection to the style of the garments, everything about this promotion speaks of the clients' appreciation of its curvy clientele--who find themselves ideally represented by the stunning Miss Shepard: truly full-figured, and truly gorgeous.

- Click here to view look book

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Old 9th February 2012   #2
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Default Re: Sophie Sheppard for Penningtons

That settles it -- Penningtons is now my all-time favourite plus-size retailer. I've always known that Sophie was stunningly gorgeous, but the Penningtons photography showcases her beauty as never before.

I love the fashions too. Penningtons was once the Catherine's of the Reitmans group -- the "mature" brand -- but now it seems to be going for a younger, fresher look. And Sophie is the perfect model to showcase these attractive styles. She has the bloom of youth, but at the same time, she is legitimately and visibly full-figured, as these lovely images demonstrate.

My favourite is definitely the sleeveless photo. The way the handbag presses into the soft fullness of the model's arm is, I'm sure, meant to evoke a famous image of Lillian Russell, in which she similarly shows off her luscious arms as the beads of her gown press into her abundant flesh. Compare the two:

Sophie may be the most beautiful model who has ever promoted plus-size clothing, certainly since Shannon Marie. I'll be avidly following Penningtons from now on. What a coup for this Canadian label to feature her as its new model.
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Old 10th February 2012   #3
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Default Re: Sophie Sheppard for Penningtons

Canadian readers and border-straddling Americans: If you haven't been to your local Penningtons store recently, you don't know what you're missing.

A quick trip to a local Penningtons unearths marvellous treasures: huge, full-length posters of Sophie Sheppard, completely life size and then some. This is the closest that many fans will ever come to viewing the gorgeous model in person, short of crossing the Atlantic and attending a Curves in Couture show in London, so it's an experience not to be missed.

Click to enlarge

The most attractive of the posters that have emerged thus far is this lovely image of Sophie in her coral sweater against a lush green backdrop. The poster offers a finely detailed look at her entrancing facial expression, enhanced by her ever-so-coy gesture of playing with her tresses. With the yellow hue offered by the motorcycle casing and the blue element introduced by her denim, this image is a captivating assemblage of warm primary colours, which enrich Sophie's natural beauty. The suggested outline of her figure is lusciously shaped.

Click to enlarge

Standing before the full-length poster of Sophie on the escalator, one cannot resist the sensation that she is descending to earth from on high, an angel coming down from heaven itself to bless mankind with her beauty.

Click to enlarge

Sophie's expression is a captivating mixture of passive allure and drama, highlighted by her glamorous eye makeup and pouty lips. The skirt embraces her womanly hips and reveals the untoned fullness of her soft, shapely legs.

Click to enlarge

This out-for-a-stroll poster is certainly the most casual of the set, yet it still communicates the notion that Sophie is a posh sophisticate, even outfitted in everyday attire--perhaps a celebrity, paparazzi-fooling sunglasses and all, on an out-of-the-spotlight walk with her favourite pit. The difference, of course, is that unlike all current celebrities, Sophie's beauty legitimately entitles her to have the eyes of the world gazing upon her in rapt admiration.

Click to enlarge

The larger photo clearly indicates the womanliness of the model's thighs and suggests fullness at her midsection. In decorating its stores with posters of such a stunningly beautiful model, Penningtons is sure to see its visitor numbers dramatically increase.

Click to enlarge

As a special bonus, the current Penningtons in-store promotion even features, as a smaller poster, an image of Sophie that does not yet appear on the company Web site. The image shows the model's gorgeous facial features in profile, highlighting her supermodelesque high cheekbones, which are agreeably softened by the visible weight in her face. The pose indicates her voluptuous curves and suggest opulent expansiveness at her middle.

Click to enlarge

An especially pleasing aspect of this image is that even though Miss Sheppard is garbed in active wear, she is not, in fact, engaging in any physical exertion, but is resting against a vehicle, no trace of exhaustion on her pretty face, looking to be in a state of indolent ease. A goddess so lovely should never exert herself, but enjoy the comfortable lassitude to which her soft, aristocratic beauty entitles her.

Click to enlarge

A final image shows one of the posters in context, alongside a Penningtons wall, with two plus-size mannequins in the foreground. The retailer deserves an extra commendation for the fact that all of the mannequins in its stores are as legitimately full-figured as is Sophie herself. Observe that the mannequin in the foreground is wearing the sleeveless pink top that Miss Sheppard wears in the first image in this thread. Fans earnestly hope that in future weeks, Penningtons will unveil more posters of Sophie, including one showcasing her luscious sleeveless image.

Click to enlarge

These magnificent full-length posters, which hang in every Penningtons across Canada, have made each outlet of this exciting chain a veritable temple of timeless beauty, featuring a collection of images of feminine loveliness to rival the canvasses of any of the world's greatest art museums. Be sure to pay a visit and gaze upon the breathtaking goddess who is unquestionably one of the most beautiful women in the world.

(Click images to view larger.)

- Choose your nearest Penningtons to visit

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Old 13th February 2012   #4
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Default Re: Sophie Sheppard for Penningtons

It used to be that one would admire the Penningtons campaigns but look askance at the clothing, which tended not to be particularly youthful. I am delighted to see that now, Penningtons is achieving a younger vibe. The new collection, with all the lively yet natural colours, is very appealing.

And goodness, Sophie really is an angel in human form. Penningtons has always listened to its customers wishes in a way that many full-figured retailers do not, and has consistently booked curvier girls, to the satisfaction of the public. But to find a model so curvaceous and so indescribably gorgeous is amazing. Sophie and Penningtons is a match made in heaven. What a breathtakingly beautiful model - and more appealingly photographed by Penningtons than anywhere else I have yet seen her commercial work.
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Old 13th February 2012   #5
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Default Re: Sophie Sheppard for Penningtons

The ladies who staff our nearest Penningtons really are a wonderful group. Their public-relations aplomb is second to none. Not only did they kindly allow us to photograph their in-store posters of lovely Sophie Sheppard, but one of the clerks even approached us as we were leaving the store and offered us a document that, supposedly, was an internal publication and not really supposed to leave the premises, but that she graciously allowed us to take home: a special "portfolio" flyer showing the company's forthcoming spring styles.

In addition to featuring full-size pages of the various Sophie images featured earlier in this thread, the publication also includes two extra pictures that have not yet publicly appeared anywhere in Penningtons marketing.

The first shows Miss Sheppard, accompanied by another model, in a khakhi-coloured dress which lovingly embraces her curves and showcases the generous proportions of her body. The dress bares her shapely legs and, with two buttons unfastened (as Sophie provocatively wears it), offers a hint of her cleavage. But the most attractive aspect of the dress is that it offers a clear indication of the substantial fullness of the model's luscious physique.

Click to enlarge

Once again, Penningtons is to be commended, because its images actually confirm the U.K.-size-18 proportions of the model's figure in a way that thus far, only the screencaps from her Vogue Italia video have done. The dress suggests generous contours at Sophie's waist and hips, giving her the rich, Classical substantiality that has defined the ideal feminine shape throughout Western history, prior to the blight of the modern age. Furthermore, the model's facial features appear rich and full, her complexion fair, yet indicating a well-nourished robustness, while her golden hair drapes over her shoulders in a beautiful manner.

Click to enlarge

A second photograph that is exclusive, thus far, to Penningtons' internal marketing, is this beautiful triple showing Miss Sheppard accompanied by two of her peers. The lush setting provides the perfect backdrop to the image, with the fecund greenery harmonizing with the model's own natural beauty. Yet the eye cannot help but focus immediately on Sophie, to the exclusion of all else. Partly this is due to her dreamlike facial beauty, with her visage looking especially round and feminine; partly this is due to the way in which the sun highlights her free-flowing tresses; but primarily it is due to the fact that Sophie's beautiful top hangs low enough to display a dizzying expanse of her bare, soft figure.

Click to enlarge

A larger scan showcases the resplendent beauty of this living goddess. Her tresses cascade freely in an unrestrained profusion of golden light. With one arm, she clutches at her citrus-hued wrap, the photographer having deftly snapped the photograph at the very moment that a well-timed gust of wind slipped it off her other shoulder, exposing her bare person. Her neck-and-shoulder area appears smooth and soft, unbroken by any hint of a visible clavicle. She outshines the sun itself in celestial radiance, a vision of supernal loveliness miraculously incarnated in human form.

Click to enlarge

Every new image that emerges from this campaign is a feast for the senses. Gorgeous and genuinely full-figured, Sophie Sheppard is the perfect plus-size model, and it was a major coup for Penningtons to have enlisted her services for this exciting campaign. We cannot wait to see what further sensational images this model/client pairing will produce.

(Click images to view larger.)

- Sophie Sheppard Gallery

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Old 15th February 2012   #6
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Default Re: Sophie Sheppard for Penningtons

Penningtons has now updated its site to feature many further images of Sophie.

The "Careers" landing page shows the image of Miss Sheppard with her peers against the lovely green backdrop. This is such a lyrical, lovely image.

Sophie also appears on the banners of various landing pages at the Penningtons site. The real discovery is the following page, which shows her in an image that has not appeared anywhere else. She looks so beautiful in her violet top, which, with its "shaped fit," gives an attractive sense of her womanly figure.

It's such a beautiful photograph that it deserves to be posted on its own.

Sophie also graces four other landing pages, one of which shows her in the most popular picture of the campaign, in her pink sleeveless top, which shows off her soft, full arms.

With her canine companion:

The escalator photo appears on two landing pages:

Every picture that has emerged from this promotion has been captivating. I think Penningtons has found an ideal model in the beautiful and authentically curvy Miss Sheppard.
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Old 16th February 2012   #7
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Default Re: Sophie Sheppard for Penningtons

Naturally, as soon as I learned that Sophie was appearing in the current Penningtons campaign, I made sure that I was signed up for the company's e-mail ads, and today I received a promo featuring the gorgeous image of Sophie in white, with the sunlight gilding her hair. She really is an angel.

I love the caption: "You can't help but take a second look." It's true! Sophie's images keep me coming back to the Penningtons site for a second look -- and a third . . .

And when I did so, I discovered that Penningtons has actually already released a second look book. I didn't notice it at first, because the covers of the two flyer are identical, but the images in this circular are larger than in the previous look book.

Here's the link. It's called "Step into Spring":,sc.html

Most notably, it features a larger version of the gorgeous image on the site's "Shaped Fit" landing page. Miss Sheppard looks absolutely breathtaking in this photo.

It also includes a larger version of the most pro-curvy, beautiful image of the campaign: Sophie's acclaimed sleeveless picture. She is so luscious. A true goddess.

This picture looks even more attractive framed by extra greenery:

The cell-phone image in white, from above:

And of course, Sophie's descending-from-on-high escalator photo:

What a stunning campaign. No question about it: Penningtons has become my favourite Canadian plus-size entity, and Sophie my favourite plus-size model. So beautiful -- and authentically full-figured.
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Old 17th February 2012   #8
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Default Re: Sophie Sheppard for Penningtons

I signed up for Penningtons updates as well, and today I was treated to a lovely new ad featuring one of Sophie's images:

It's an ad for a pants sale, and I have admit that it's effective, as Sophie fills out her khakis very well. Even in casual wear, she still manages to look full-figured -- and beautiful.

I also love the warm atmosphere of this campaign. At a time when the winter snows are all around, it's wonderful to be able to escape into the beautiful world of these images, where a gorgeous plus-size model can stroll the boulevard in sleeveless apparel. I can't wait for spring...
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Old 19th February 2012   #9
M. Lopez
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Default Re: Sophie Sheppard for Penningtons

I'm delighted to be able to make a contribution of my own to this wonderful thread.

Today's Penningtons e-mail ad features another image of Sophie, this time the gorgeous photo of her in the purple top that was included in the initial thread of this post.

I love this picture of Sophie. Her facial features appear very soft and full in the image, her hair has a golden lustre. She resembles Shannon Marie more in this photo than in any other. Her skin is very fair, and she's visibly buxom. The lilac colour is perfect on her.
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Old 19th February 2012   #10
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Default Re: Sophie Sheppard for Penningtons

Sophie Sheppard is radiantly beautiful. I am so glad we're getting to see more of her.
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