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Default Kailee: ''Party Perfect'' at Dress Barn

Dress Barn has now launched an attractive new party-dress collection, one made all the more appealing by the fact that Kailee O'Sullivan models the line.

The item in the cover-page graphic is a "Banded Chiffon High-Low Dress":

The red colour is very dramatic and elegant, and the cut at the front offers a daring display of leg.

Of all of the items, the "Shutter Pleat Mermaid Dress" most closely embraces Kailee's figure and gives a sense of her curvaceousness.

Miss O'Sullivan does not quite have the generous proportions of a Mayara Russi, however she does possess one of the loveliest visages of any plus-size model as a romantic posing style. Therefore, I enjoy the images most by zooming in on Kailee's facial features. Here, for example, her look is dreamy and yearning.

Her tresses are so thick and luxurious in these images, especially in this picture showing her modelling a "Shimmer Pleat Halter Dress":

In numerous cases, even when the dress print isn't to my taste, Kailee's looks and poses make the item seem enchanting. She goes for an all-out adorable expression modelling this "Mixed Print Halter Dress," looking as cute as a living doll.

For me, the prettiest item in the entire collection, by far, is this "Glittered Flower Sweetheart Dress." Its ivory/pink colour perfectly harmonizes with Kailee's peaches-and-cream complexion. Kailee looks extra sweet in this outfit, and even has a twinkle in her eyes.

I absolutely love the print of this "Watercolor High-Low Hem Dress," which has a very different colour palette than any of the other items in the collection. The blues and pinks and lilacs are very visually appealing and set off Kailee's fair skin and hair colour especially well.

I'm not especially fond of the way the hem of this "Butterfly Chiffon High-Low Dress" is cut straight across in the front, however it does create a beautiful look from the back, with the fabric looking especially sheer and thus showing off the wearer's legs.

I usually wouldn't think that olive green would be an attractive dress colour, but in the two Dress Barn examples, it works very well. Much of that is due to the fact that the dresses exhibit such interesting styles. This "Floral Vine Halter Dress" is very flattering on a model as buxom as Kailee.

But it's the details in the rear view that make the dress really stand out, such as the generous expanse of bare flesh that the cut reveals, as well as the intriguing "vine" design, which gives the item its name.

Many of the dresses are not quite as closely fitted as today's generation of curvy girls might like, but Kailee effectively uses her modelling technique to give the items form. In showing off this "Glitter One-Shoulder Dress," she allows the curve of her hips to create a feminine S shape.

Kailee's most sensual pose for this collection appears in this image, which shows her seductively caressing her hair. The fact that the dress exhibits an animal print makes me associate the picture with how one might stroke the pelt of a lioness or tigress.

For this "Sequined Chiffon Halter Dress," on the other hand, Kailee's expression is gentle, wide-eyed, innocent beauty. It's such a nice way to soften the effect of a monochrome black gown.

Some of the items are more attractive than others, but I love the details on all of them, especially the ribbons and sashes and bows. In the case of this "Mixed Print Jeweled Inset Dress," it's the ribbon/bow ornament at the back that makes it much more appealing than it would otherwise look.

Now, here's a print that I really love, a "Watercolor Floral Side Drape Dress" with a design that reminds me of hibiscus flowers. Kailee herself is such a fresh blossom that she's a natural for modelling a dress such as this. "Beauty in full bloom" is the caption I'd give the photo. What a lovely promise of spring.

This "Pleated Ombre Dress" is rather different from the other items in the collection. It's more modern, in the angular, pleated skirt area, although the bodice offers a gorgeous display of Kailee's buxomness. All in all, it's a bit severe for me, but once again, Kailee chooses just the right gentle, warm expression to soften the look.

Perhaps the most eccentric dress in the collection is this "Foiled Animal Print and Watercolor Dress." It's a mixture of styles, but somehow, the colour scheme works, even if the pattern is a bit busy. Kailee appropriately adopts a bemused look, because surely the item would appeal to someone with a touch of whimsy.

Kailee is at her Classical best in modelling this "Glitter Brushstroke Dress." Her round facial features are so beautiful. I find this item to have a lot of fabric, reminding me of an Indian sari. That style will appeal to some girls more than others, but no question that Miss O'Sullivan makes the item look attractive.

In addition to the cover graphic, Dress Barn also features a landing-page graphic showing Kailee modelling a "Glittered Flower Sweetheart Dress":

It's very pretty from the back, with the feminine bow (a feature of many of the dresses in this collection). Kailee gives an eye-catching Betty Grable pose, but with gracefulness and delicacy.

The new ''Party Perfect'' collection from Dress Barn is a treasure trove of visual enchantment. The items are very feminine and pretty, and Kailee is the perfect model to show them off. I've not yet given up hope that she might blossom into a fuller size, someday. If she would, she'd be one of the most gorgeous and significant plus-size models of all time.
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Default Re: Kailee: ''Party Perfect'' at Dress Barn

The "Glittered Flower Sweetheart Dress" is my favorite from this collection. Its soft coloring, feminine print, shirred bodice and satin sash recall elements of Japan's Lolita fashion. Of course, Kailee looks beautiful in each of these dresses. Thanks for sharing this, Hannah.
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