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Old 8th March 2012   #1
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Default Justine Legault in swimwear

Though she is a true plus-size model at a size 14/16, gorgeous Justine Legault exhibits pear-shaped proportions; therefore, the following swimwear images, half-length, do not reveal the overall fullness of her figure.

Nevertheless, Mademoiselle Legault is completely gorgeous, and seeing her in swimwear is many a fan's delight. I've provided a host of images which I found at showing Justine modelling swim fashions.

This style of swimsuit, with its horizontal stripes, provides a close indication of the model's shapely curves.

The sweetheart design showcases her buxom voluptuousness.

Do the prints of the preceding swimsuit and the following one (which have the same fabric, just a different design) remind anyone else of the childhood game Lite-Brite?

This, I think, is the loveliest swimsuit in the collection, with its tropical print. Justine's pose is very alluring.

Justine's long, fair tresses make her so gorgeous.

This hue brings out the blue-green of Justine's enchanting, fair eyes.

Justine also currently appears on the site's cover page. Observe how her pose accentuates her hips and thighs. (The image is agreeably cropped a little lower than the product-page version of the same photo, above.)

No Sports Illustrated swimwaif can hold a candle to a true plus-size model like Justine when it comes to showcasing swim fashions. After all, swimwear is about showcasing the body, and to achieve an eye-catching impact, the wearer must have a body to showcase. Today's emaciated swimsuit models do not, but Justine has the figure of a goddess.

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Old 9th March 2012   #2
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Default Re: Justine Legault in swimwear

How refreshing to see a plus-size model in swimwear. If the Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition featured models such as Justine, I'd gladly buy a copy.

The following images are not a follow-up to the Swimsuits Just For Us catalogue, but to the Astral Media billboards that were released late last year, which featured Mlle Legault:

It was certainly an eye-catching campaign, and on Facebook I found an actual photo of one of Justine's posters adoring a bus shelter in Toronto:

Apparently, this bus shelter is at Beaver Ave & Davenport Rd, and it displayed this poster as recently as December 20th, 2011.

What an exciting and original campaign, and what a pleasure for a size-14/16 plus-size model to be so visibly displayed to the public.

Larger: 6326857_o.jpg


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Old 19th March 2012   #3
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Default Re: Justine Legault in swimwear

Mademoiselle Legault's swimwear images for Christina now also appear at the Swimsuits for All site.

The finest is definitely this picture, which includes a clear view of Justine's hips -- the curviest aspect of her figure.

This blue swimsuit complements her fair complexion and helps to bring out the pink accents of her features.

I really like the surprised look that Justine adopts for this photo, a gaze of wide-eyed wonderment that makes her appear youthful and girlish.

Proudly showing off her shapely curves:

The floral print is quite pretty, especially with how the pink elements complement the model's complexion.

Justine's long, fair tresses are utterly gorgeous. She is indisputably one of the industry's most attractive models.

She often exudes an aristocratic refinement, even in swimwear. Unless I'm mistaken, Justine's surname, "Legault" (undoubtedly originally "Le Gault," which would be the French equivalent to a German title such as "Justine von Gault," or the British version, "Lady Justine of Gault"), implies a noble lineage. This certainly comes across in her pictures.

The complete Christina line can be found at this page:
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Old 23rd March 2012   #4
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Default Re: Justine Legault in swimwear

Just a quick follow-up to this thread to note that today, released a lovely ad with Justine taking centre stage:

The two pictures of Justine feature more of her womanly hips and thighs than in the original photos, which is commendable to see. She looks beautiful.
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