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Old 16th March 2012   #1
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Default Kailee / IGIGI: ''From Concept to Creation''

"Exquisite" is the word that comes to mind when I view the lyrically beautiful new video from IGIGI called From Concept to Creation.

As the name implies, it shows the biography of an IGIGI gown, from the design stage to final photography on a model - in this case, gorgeous Kailee O'Sullivan.

The video is very clever in that it intercuts scenes of the gown being designed, cut, and formed, with scenes of Kailee being prepared for the shoot. Both elements - the dress and the model - are thus presented as works of art that undergo a process of aesthetic creation. The model's hair is arranged and styled, her makeup is applied, etc., just as the gown is sketched and tailored and finished, until they both come together.

In fact, given that the dress in question is a bridal gown, the scenes of Kailee being beautified in preparation for the shoot remind me of a bride being prepared for her wedding day, anticipating her upcoming encounter with her significant other - except in this case, the girl is paired off with a dress rather than a groom.

The IGIGI description of the video is very poetic:

This short video shot by Aaron Fagerstrom for IGIGI by Yuliya Raquel showcases the sumptuous Eugenia Vintage Wedding Gown from its conceptual stages of creation to the final photo shoot where it caresses the curves of the elegant and ethereal Kailee O'Sullivan.

I love the description of the gown as "caressing the curves" of the model - it's such a sensual phrase - as well as the description of Kailee as "elegant and ethereal." Her lovely appearance in the video more than justifies these honorifics.

It's yet another enchanting bit of film from IGIGI, which continues to produce visual splendour in its videos to match the beauty of its dresses - and its model.

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Old 19th March 2012   #2
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Default Re: Kailee / IGIGI: ''From Concept to Creation''

The video is fascinating -- one of the most compelling plus-size-fashion films I've ever seen. This is the third cinematic triumph for the Kailee/IGIGI partnership, and each video seems to become more captivating.

Just yesterday, IGIGI released an e-mail ad promoting this stunning bit of film.

Incidentally, I hope that everyone has been following IGIGI's latest images, because they are very artistic and beautiful. IGIGI's latest visual concept associates Kailee with tropical flora. This is best epitomized by the following remarkable new image, in which Kailee seems to be clothed in flower petals:

Absolutely enchanting. The newest cover images on the IGIGI site have explored the same theme. This picture is an absolute explosion of colour, with Kailee's tresses flaming like the rays of the sun.

She appears very buxom in the following image, which also shows her clothing transforming into flower petals.

Absolutely ravishing in the following photo, where Kailee's arms appear attractively full and round.

Prior to these, IGIGI featured several more cover images that were also colourful, but did not yet full embrace this Kailee-as-flora theme. Still, in their impressionistic use of colour, one can consider them studies preceding the bona fide masterpieces, above.

Several of IGIGI's e-mail ads have also been worthy of note. This graphic was published on St. Patrick's Day -- appropriately so, given Kailee's Irish ethnicity.

This was another creative conception, having Kailee merge into a painting. I don't mind the Dali association, as of all modern painters, the surrealists alone were valid artists, given their clarity of line and their beautiful technical style (even if their subject matter was non-traditional).

Kailee looks splendidly buxom in this image, like the Nike of Samothrace alighting on a ship's prow, her body sensually pressing against the fabric.

One final e-mail ad, this one showing Kailee's tresses somewhat tamped down.

Given the feminine associations of bountiful flora, it was very creative of IGIGI to take this concept to its logical conclusion and clothe Kailee in flower petals, as if she were the sweetest blossom of all.
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Old 20th March 2012   #3
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Default Re: Kailee / IGIGI: ''From Concept to Creation''

Earlier today, Sonsi released the full-scale, uncropped version of the image showing Kailee clothing in the petals of a tropical flower.

It truly is a captivating visual, one of the loveliest images I can ever remember seeing.

Full size: 774741_n.jpg

IGIGI has also since published three new cover images in rotation. The background to this image has some of the tropical, floral feeling of the above image.

I love the citrus hue of Kailee's outfit in the St. Patrick's Day promotion.

The third new cover deservedly draws attention to the captivating new IGIGI move, From Concept to Creation.

In addition, the IGIGI site is now decorated with a bouquet of adorable landing-page banners, many evoking the season's tropical floral theme. One of them, of course, shows the central image, seen above.

Another equally dramatic picture shows Kailee in the same outfit, her dress flowing around her like the cape of a heroine. I love how wild her tresses appear here, and her appropriately passionate expression.

Miss O'Sullivan looks much sunnier and happier in this photo, in which it sees as if the flowers is opening to reveal Kailee within.

This is the most joyful image of all, a citrus medley that gladdens my heart just to look at.

The yellow top makes an equally colourful presentation in the banners in which it appears. Kailee's hair looks thick and voluminous.

The first of the two gold banners crops an image which was shown in larger form earlier in this thread. It's a magnificent presentation of Kailee's voluptuousness, and the floral backdrop creates the sensation of the model being in full bloom.

I adore how Kailee clutches her tresses so dramatically in the first of these two red-outfit banners.

Lovely in lilac. Notice her astonished look in the second banner. This surprised gaze is one that Kailee does especially well, and it really makes her eyes pop.

Two beautiful images in blue. The raw passion of her demeanour in the first banner, in which she pulls at her hair while fixing the viewer with a look of open-mouthed appetitiveness, is high-temperature allure. And then, in the second banner, she looks so serene and soft.

A trio of lovely photos in grey. She seems to be having fun in the first of the three photos, barely suppressing a smile as she plays with her lioness-like mane.

And finally, a pair of outfits in black and white, including another presentation of the new wedding gown (which is a movie star in its own right).

This entire tropical-themed campaign from IGIGI is highly original and has produced dazzlingly beautiful graphics. Kailee vividly brings the floral theme to life. Utterly spellbinding.
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