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Default VIDEO: Sophie Sheppard - Australian photoshoot

Thanks to a tip from Chelsea Bonner, Sophie Sheppard's tireless agent at Bella Models (, we have just discovered a brand-new video of the size-16/18 Australian goddess shot by a newspaper in her home town of Perth.

The video is utterly captivating, featuring Sophie posing in her most seductive, glamorous manner. Better still, it clearly shows off her luscious curves and the rich proportions of her stunning figure.

We will be sharing a series of screen caps presently, but for now, here is Sophie at her most beautiful. Click the arrow to play.

- Click to view video source
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Default Re: VIDEO: Sophie Sheppard - Australian photoshoot

Sophie looks gorgeous in the video. I love the fact that the newspaper allowed her to pose in such a sensual, alluring manner, and to visibly showcase her curves.

I found one of the images from the shoot atop an article at Perth Now, the source of the video.

For this, the newspaper chose one of Sophie's sweeter pictures, in keeping with the title of the piece, "Sweet Sixteen" (as in, size 16). It still shows a daring expanse of Sophie's full thighs.

The article includes a number of observations about plus-size fashion, including a brief write-up about Sophie:

Sophie Sheppard, 22
Plus-size model

The Italian fashion media are loving Perth plus-size model Sophie Sheppard.

The curvy blonde has featured in a five-page editorial for international style bible Italian Vogue - a career highlight for the now London-based model.

"It was definitely an amazing experience,'' says Sheppard, home for a short break and to shoot exclusively for STM. "There was also a filmed interview with me and some behind-the-scenes footage that was posted on its website.''

Sheppard has been in demand for catwalk shows in London, has worked for top plus-size designers and is the new face of British label Ann Harvey.

Australian clients include Myer, Madison magazine and Cosmopolitan.

It's wonderful to see the Australians being so enthusiastic about the most important and beautiful export in the nation's history: the lovely Miss Sheppard.
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Default Re: VIDEO: Sophie Sheppard - Australian photoshoot

The video offers a captivating look at Sophie, particularly because--as is often the case in full-figured fashion films--it presents a clearer and more unambiguous presentation of the model's body than many of her still images do.

It begins in eye-catching fashion, with brief glimpses of Sophie being made up for her shoot.

These close-ups are entrancing, showing the model experimenting with a host of different moods and emotions, from dramatically alluring, as in this case,

to sweet and gentle. Furthermore, they highlight her flawless complexion, fair tresses, and baby-blue eyes.

This capture is especially beguiling, with the languid, vain look in Sophie's eyes, and the manner in which a stray tress coyly brushes past her pink lips.

Perth Now deserves particular credit for boldly and unambiguously identifying Miss Sheppard as a plus-size model. Invariably, models who shun this phrase are those who are only faux-plus to begin with, and recognize that the term exposes their ineligibility to represent plus-size women. What full-figured customers deserve are gorgeous models with visibly plus-size figures and features--such as Miss Sheppard, in fact.

A second capture from the same angle offers a more attractive look at Sophie, who appears relaxed and confident, self-assured and lovely.

Our own favourite still from the video is the following, which highlights the roundness of Sophie's facial features. Her expression appears dreamy and romantic, a look of gentle reverie. Her fair hair cascades about her face in luxurious waves.

Indeed, Miss Sheppard's long tresses offers a multitude of visual possibilities for photographers. One of her most seductive looks is the following style, in which a curtain of fair hair partially cloaks her facial features, giving her a touch of mystery.

Such an arrangement also offers the model the possibility of dramatically flipping back her tresses with a toss of her head, as she does in the following moment, as captured in this still.

Of course, although the video primarily captures Sophie from one perspective, she is just as beautiful from the other side, as seen in the following image, which shows her with a darker, crueler look, a passionate glance that is agreeably softened by the innate prettiness of her porcelain complexion and fair accents.

In this still, Sophie is pictured adopting an imposing, regal bearing. The picture demonstrates the voluminous fullness of her tresses, and the flattering manner in which the wrap dress embraces her figure.

Don't miss an especially chic detail in the pictures--the fact that the model is wearing black nail polish, giving her elegant outfit a bit of a witchy, alluring character.

Naturally, however, the shots that offer the best indication of Miss Sheppard's U.K.-size-18 curves are the most significant, and the video commendably features a number of these.

This still indicates the generous substantiality of her reverse-view curves, as well as offering a glimpse of the model's bare thigh.

A shot in higher lighting also discloses a fleshy curve along her back, as well as a swell of fullness at her lower midsection.

An extra benefit of the video is that it presents five extra photographs of Sophie that the photographer shot during this photo session, in addition to the one which Perth Now published to accompany its article.

In this photograph, for example, Sophie's subtle, Mona-Lisa-like smile gives her a darkly alluring quality.

This picture is similar to the one that was published in the newspaper, but observe how much more openly seductive Sophie appears here, with the banked-down fire smouldering in her eyes and the bewitching manner in which she plays with her tresses.

Here too her beauty takes on an almost cruel aspect, thrillingly so, while her golden hair cascades wildly about her face, loose and unbound, as if echoing the model's untrammelled passions.

The sight of the model's golden tresses tumbling over one eye is irresistibly seductive, as is Sophie's feline pose in this image. The picture is intensely sensual, not leastwise due to the glimpse of the model's full, fleshy thigh.

Alas, the Perth Now videographer only filmed Sophie in her black wrap dress, whereas the video includes a picture of the model in a second outfit, also black but with tantalizing gauzy panels that hint at the bare skin beneath. In this photograph, Miss Sheppard beams with joy, appearing happy and well-fed, even as she playfully highlights her black claws nails.

How wonderful to see a mainstream newspaper running a positive feature about a gorgeous plus-size model, and furthermore, photographing her and filming her in such a pro-curvy manner. Clearly the editors realized the potential draw of such visuals, which indicates a growing awareness of the popularity of full-figured goddesses. Thank goodness that, for once, plus-size beauty was represented by a model who is visibly womanly, rather than by one of the faux-plus frauds whom the media all too often favours as a "safer," less subversive expression of female curves.

- Sophie Sheppard Gallery

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