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Old 9th July 2012   #1
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Default Kelsey & Jenn: SWAK Summer

How exciting! Sealed with a Kiss has a new summer editorial in the works - and apparently, it features gorgeous plus-size models Kelsey Olson and Jenn Purviance on the beach.

SWAK recently released a preview images of the look book, and of course, Kelsey looks phenomenal.

Sealed with a Kiss says of this photo:

We ♥ natural beauty! A sneak peek of our next Summer editorial featuring model Kelsey Olson and Jenn Purviance. Kelsey is TOTALLY unedited here and is pictured just as she was on that sunny morning! Not a single inch of this beautiful gal was Photoshopped in any way. Photography by Michael Anthony Hermogeno with HMU by Brittany Sullivan on location in California. Stay tuned for the rest of our Summer editorial, coming soon.

Needless to say, I can't wait! Here's a closer view of Kelsey in the preview pic.

Full Size:
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Old 11th July 2012   #2
M. Lopez
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Default Re: Kelsey: SWAK Summer

Sealed with a Kiss has also released this joyous image of Kelsey. I love the way the purple top plays off the green background.

SWAK's FB banner has now been changed to this clever graphic, which incorporates images from the same shoot.

How wonderful to see Kelsey's tresses in a braid. It's such an Old World look.

And of course, I can't wait to see the images of Jenn on the beach.

I have a feeling this editorial will be amazing...
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Default Re: Kelsey: SWAK Summer

Another lovely preview. I adore the pure joy in this image.

Full size:
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Default Re: Kelsey & Jenn: SWAK Summer

At last, Sealed with a Kiss has released its full "Pure Summer" look book, and the images are every bit as captivating as fans hoped they would be--indeed, more so. But what else could one expect from the unbeatable team of photographer Michael Anthony Hermogeno and models Kelsey Olson and Jenn Purviance? This trio has produced wondrous magic before, and now they do so again.

The cover of the online editorial is this captivating image, in which Kelsey reclines on a rock in the manner of a bewitching Lorelei luring sailors to their perdition with her ravishing beauty.

Click to enlarge

The most size-positive image of the look book is the following, showing gorgeous Jenn Purviance baring her luscious, full arms, as well as the expanse of soft flesh at her neck and shoulder area.

Click to enlarge

The final image of the editorial is especially pretty, with Kelsey playfully running on the boardwalk and looking back, as if inviting the viewer to join her in fun and frolic.

Click to enlarge

But for pure sensuality, nothing comes close to the next picture, showing Jenn and Kelsey languishing on the beach. These are some of the steamiest expressions that we have ever seen from either model, and no matter how warm the California sun might have been on the day of the shoot, it couldn't come close to matching the scorching hotness of this double pose. Observe how snugly the denim fits on Jenn's luscious thighs, and how Kelsey's top defines a soft curve along the side of her waist.

Click to enlarge

What a captivating pair of images of Miss Olson in the following selection from the look book. The "serenity" text is well chosen, for indeed, Kelsey looks tranquil and dreamy in these photographs.

Click to enlarge

Next, we come to another pro-curvy masterpiece from this editorial--the full-size version of one of the teaser images posted earlier. Michael Anthony's composition--pairing the models together in this manner--is inspired, but the highlight is the sight of Jenn's gorgeous legs.

Click to enlarge

A closer view shows the attractive touch of dimpled flesh on the model's limbs. Bravo to Sealed with a Kiss for not diminishing the appeal of these images with any airbrushing, but instead allowing the models' natural beauty to be fully exhibited.

Click to enlarge

The key to the irresistible appeal of this look book is the fact that it was shot outdoors, against such attractive natural backdrops. The wild greenery in this image glows with an emerald light and contrasts richly with the model's outfit, the white sand, and the blue sky.

Click to enlarge

In another delightfully coquettish image, Jenn takes the opportunity to show off her pretty SWAK skirt and, in the process, bare her shapely legs. Jenn is acclaimed as having the most gorgeous legs of any plus-size model, so fans delight at how enthusiastically she shows off her celebrated limbs.

Click to enlarge

A special commendation must go to hair/cosmetics artist Brittany Sullivan for her part in this shoot. She styled Jenn's brunette tresses to accentuate their voluptuous volume, whereas for Kelsey, in a stroke of pure genius, she endowed the fair model with a Germanic braid straight out of a Grimm Brothers fairy-tale. Kelsey has never looked lovelier, never more ideally evoked Old World beauty.

Click to enlarge

Our final look at Jenn in this editorial once again presents her acclaimed legs, as revealed by the appealing SWAK dress. Observe the gorgeous curve under the chin, a particularly attractive facial feature that distinguishes the loveliest of true plus-size models. The complementary contrast of the golden sand, turquoise ocean and blue sky is magical.

Click to enlarge

Consider how much drama and interest the setting adds to the following photograph. One can almost hear, even feel, the waves crashing onto the rocks. The muted hues of the backdrop allow Kelsey's dress to harmonize with the landscape.

Click to enlarge

And finally, just for fun, here are a few snapshots of Kelsey, clearly enjoying herself immensely on the day of the shoot. The rich greens in the background set off her purple top most effectively.

Click to enlarge

Bravo to Kelsey, Jenn, Michael, and everyone else involved in creating this outstanding triumph. This is yet another superlative success for Sealed with a Kiss, which has been consistently producing the most acclaimed campaigns of the year, thanks to its choice to employ gorgeous and genuinely full-figured models, as shot by an outstanding photographer with a unique affinity for plus-size beauty.

Be sure to visit the SWAK site to see the complete editorial full size, including further images from the shoot.

- Click to view "Pure Summer"

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