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Default A Summer Treat

Wilhelmina L.A. is in the ascendant.

Just a few days after adding gorgeous plus-size model Jenn Purviance to its board, the agency has signed another lovely talent--a pretty, fair-skinned charmer named Summer.

Although fans earnestly wish that she were fuller-figured, Summer does possess an attractively soft physique, as indicated by several images from her initial test, which constitute some of the most effective two-piece swimwear images we have yet seen. Observe the touch of roundness at the waist.

Click to enlarge

In addition to her beautiful alabaster skin tone, Summer possesses crystalline blue eyes, which play off effectively against her raven tresses and scarlet swim apparel. The lace overlay adds a touch of Old World femininity to what otherwise would have been an exclusively contemporary look.

Click to enlarge

Some fans have commented that this test was designed to create the impression of a fuller-figured Kate Perry. Perhaps so. Regardless, Summer is enchanting, with rich, buxom curves and no hint of a visible clavicle.

Click to enlarge

Some of the most appealing images in Summer's portfolio were photographed at an amusement park--one of the most delightful venues for a model test. The young beauty is remarkably poised and confident, and poses very gracefully.

Click to enlarge

In this image, she adopts a more seductive pose and a languishing look. Note how she accentuates her voluptuous curves, with the fabric of the dress coyly opening a the bust.

Click to enlarge

Fashion-minded readers will enjoy the dash of colour that Summer's shoes add to this outfit, picking up the yellow in her dress, while budding photographers will observe how the background is coordinated with the attire, with the pinks bringing out the pink flowers in the print of the fabric and the golden signage in the background balancing the yellow shoes.

Click to enlarge

One of the most delightful amusement-park images from Summer's test is the following, showing her flirtatiously showing off her curves in a fun outfit in the pastel colours of strawberry and mint cotton candy. Notice the "Zoltar" carnival machine in the background. Word has it that on the day of the shoot, a young boy named Josh walked up to the machine, put in a quarter and said, "I wish I were big." It was the oddest thing.

Click to enlarge

The final set of images of Summer present her on an L.A. street, adjusting her glasses. Observe how the photographer allowed the backdrop to inject colour in the image, whereas Summer's own outfit and appearance remains monochromatic. The glimpse of the model's midriff is tastefully sensual.

Click to enlarge

The elaborate details in the wrought-iron streetlamp add considerable visual interest to this cute image of the model trying to flag down a taxi.

Click to enlarge

Another look at the model in her glasses, baring her soft waist, shows how captivating a pretty plus-size model can be, even in a minimal manner. The abbreviated legwear was the stylist's finest contribution to this outfit.

Click to enlarge

Summer is a lovely and talented newcomer to the industry, with a flawless porcelain complexion, a shapely figure, and an effective posing stye. Fans earnestly hope that she might become a tad fuller-figured, but they admire her current images and hope for her success.

(Click images to view larger.)

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Default Re: A Summer Treat

Originally Posted by HSG
Notice the "Zoltar" carnival machine in the background. Word has it that on the day of the shoot, a young boy named Josh walked up to the machine, put in a quarter and said, "I wish I were big." It was the oddest thing.

Click to enlarge

Older readers of this forum might not catch that reference.

It is, of course, a nod to the classic 1988 comedy Big, starring Tom Hanks, in which a boy named Josh makes a wish, at a carnival wish machine, to become an adult, and wakes up the next morning to finds himself in an adult body.

The fortune-telling machine in the film is indeed called "Zoltar."

Here are a couple of screencaps from the movie. In the first, Josh sees the rather ominous looking machine.

In the second, Josh, now an adult Tom Hanks, finds this misplaced Zoltar and tries to get it to restore him to boyhood, having found that being a grown-up is not all he hoped it would be.

Here's the original trailer for the movie. The Zoltar machine appears between 0:11 and 0:23 in the clip.

In the original movie, the sequence is, of course, much longer, and it's actually quite marvellously disturbing, like a scene out of Rod Serling's Twilight Zone.
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