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Default Katherine Roll: The Ecstasy of Beauty

Could gorgeous plus-size model Katherine Roll have created, in her latest test series, the most seductive image that any goddess has ever originated?

Quite possibly.

Only in their fondest dreams could aficionados of timeless beauty have imagined a sight of such surpassing loveliness as this: the voluptuous Miss Roll languishing on white bedding, baring her sumptuous, 38-inch waist. The image deftly achieves the almost impossible feat of blending tastefulness and classiness with the most high-temperature allure even captured on film. Katherine redefines the parameters of size celebration in this supreme masterpiece by disclosing her softly rounded midriff, and in so doing, solidifies her claim to having the most desirable figure of any goddess, past or present.

Click to enlarge

Miss Roll could easily rest on beauty alone, but other qualities further enhance the brilliance of this image. Her recumbent position accentuates the generous curve of her womanly, 49" hips. Her half-unzipped top hints at her buxom charms. With one rounded arm, she plunges her hand into her tresses, enacting the tactile caress of her golden hair that every viewer would long to perform. Her thighs are as smooth as the marble of a sculpture by Donatello. And yet, after the viewer admires all of these additional details, he cannot help but remain entranced by the supremely sensual view of the model's full, opulent middle. Katherine incarnates the very definition of timeless beauty, the dream of Western art from the dawn of Classical Antiquity, through Rubens and the Baroque, to the replete splendour of the Belle Epoque.

* * *

How could any model, even Miss Roll herself, follow up such a vision of feminine perfection? The answer is found below, in a selection of photographs that are scarcely less seductive than the black-and-white triumph shown above. In the following image (in the marvellously icy colour palette of photographer Lily Cummings), Katherine gently strokes her long, fair hair, as if she were looking into a mirror and rendered breathless at the sight of her own exquisiteness. Her pink lips are parted to give her rapid breathing vent, as her heart races in the passion of self-adoration. Observe how full and rounded her forearm appears. Her intimate apparel reveals the rich treasures of her decolletage.

Click to enlarge

A second look at this image, this time with the gamma raised, reveals it to be even more seductive than it initially appeared, with the black intimate apparel struggling to contain the swelling curves of her robust middle (that gorgeous waist which the previous image so daringly uncovered). Her golden hair cascades over her shoulders in the undulating waves of a supernatural temptress.

Click to enlarge

As a scherzo interrupting the dramatic intensity of these images with a dollop of humour, the following photo finds Katherine in a more playful mood. Although the greatest charm of this image lies in how it presents a more ebullient side of the model's personality, it also achieves pro-curvy bona fides by showing the straps of Katherine's intimate apparel alluringly pressing into her soft shoulders. On a goddess as gorgeous and well-fed as this, every physical detail comprises visual enchantment.

Click to enlarge

Yet it is Katherine's more carnal side that invariably yields the most captivating photographs. Observe the sinfully dark lip colour in this image, which accentuates the wickedness suggested by the black lace. These devilish touches effectively play off Miss Roll's angelic features: her fair complexion, golden hair, and adorably girlish facial features. Her tresses, flowing in the breeze, add drama to the composition. Katherine creates the persona of a spoiled beauty who, because she looks so good, can allow herself to be so very bad.

Click to enlarge

Here too, raising the gamma level of the image is a must, as doing so discloses the true excitement of the photograph. Observe how the lace lovingly embraces every lavish curve of the model's resplendent body, lingering over her womanly hips and defining the thrilling curves of her waist. Let the minus-size fashion industry pretend what it likes; this is the true embodiment of ideal feminine beauty, the ne plus ultra of physical perfection, in all of its untoned softness.

Click to enlarge

The miracle of Katherine's beauty is that, ideal as her figure certainly is, her facial features are equally wondrous. Observe how a stray tress falls over her visage in this photograph, as if intimating the model's own unbridled nature, giving her delicate, soft demeanour a touch of wildness. For extra effect, the model teases her tresses with her graceful fingers. The scoop top exposes Katherine's sensually fleshy neck-and-shoulder area. A hint of flush at the cheeks communicates the model's hale, hearty vigour.

Click to enlarge

In the following image, Katherine's exciting vanity appears even more pronounced, with the model caressing her own facial features just as her everyone in the world would long to do. By parting her lips in this manner, she performs the gasp that escapes each viewer's lips as they see this portrait for the first time. The way in which stray wisps of hair dance over her face is utterly bewitching. Her baby-blue eyes smile at the besotted admirer, with Katherine verily feeding off the ardour that her beauty commands. And yet, most entrancing of all is the crease of flesh at the model's neck, testifying to the generously indulged opulence of the model's physique, the fullness of every aspect of her person.

Click to enlarge

Truly, the wonder of this photo series staggers the senses, with each image surpassing the next in attractiveness. The following image is unforgettable, with Katherine generating an expression unlike any that we have ever seen before in a professional, published photograph. First, though, note the magnificent fullness of her legs, encased in those thick, high leather boots. Katherine, the finest wardrobe stylist in the industry, creates a very different manner of femininity in this series than she often achieves. In place of delicacy, she adopts looks that suggest robustness and substance, but are still seductively womanly.

Click to enlarge

Yet, as we stated, it is the model's facial expression that makes this picture incomparable. Never before has any model exuded such voluptuous passion, such ecstasy. The angle of the photograph offers the viewer a look at the luscious curve under the model's chin--the most alluring of all facial features. The sunlight bathes her tresses in a halo of light, even as her velvety purple lip colour and fleshy facial features betoken sinful indulgence: She is angel and seductress all in one. "The Ecstasy of Beauty" is what one might dub this portrait, with Katherine exuding the supreme pleasure of knowing that she is the most beautiful woman in the world.

Click to enlarge

The following portrait shows our goddess in Kim Novak mode--and one may be sure that if Alfred Hitchcock were alive today, he would cast Katherine as the blonde starlet in each of his films, far ahead of lesser beauties such as Grace Kelly, Janet Leigh, or even Ms. Novak herself. Observe the freshness of Katherine fair, pink complexion, and the aureate glow of her golden hair.

Click to enlarge

Another recumbent rooftop image may lack the sensual splendour of its predecessor, but is arresting all the same. Note how Katherine's bountiful voluptuousness manages to give even this loosely fitted shirt a buxom, feminine shape. Not only is a genuinely full-figured model such as Miss Roll better than a faux-plus fraud (let alone a starving waif) in showing off clothing, but indeed, only a true plus-size model can make female fashion look attractive at all.

Click to enlarge

As ever, to fully appreciate Katherine's talent, one must draw closer to the model to see the wonder of her facial features. The most expressive of all plus-size beauties, Miss Roll adopts a dreamy, faraway look, a supremely romantic gaze filled with longing. The viewer cannot help but fixate on those carnal, crimson-purple lips, and marvel at the richness of her visage, with her golden tresses flowing loosely, lazily over her shoulders, betokening Katherine's own seductive, pampered indolence.

Click to enlarge

Consider how Katherine manages to make even the following, relatively conventional image a superlative visual, thanks to the wonder of her angelic face, with her supermodel-like high cheekbones softened and rounded by facial fullness. Her gaze is intent, yet not aggressive, her crimson lips passionately parted.

Click to enlarge

For the final image from this series, we come to a portrait that very nearly matches the first picture in this thread for pulse-pounding allure. Though Katherine's luscious waist may be the most goddesslike of physical attributes, the seductive dimples at the knuckles that she displays in this image are equally alluring, as is the sight of the fleshiness at her neckline, with her soft skin delicately creased from such replete fullness. She caresses her neck in the gentlest of ways with plump fingers, her eyes dreamy and mesmerizing. One can scarcely believe that such sumptuous perfection could be incarnated in a human form.

Click to enlarge

Bravo to Katherine for this outstanding test shoot, another case in which the model raises the bar for size celebration and embodies the ideal toward which the plus-size fashion industry should strive. And kudos to photographer Lily Cummings (a lovely model in her own right), who captured Miss Roll's beauty in such a bold and memorable way.

(Click images to view larger.)

- Katherine Roll at MSA Models

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Default Re: Katherine Roll: The Ecstasy of Beauty

Originally Posted by HSG
Only in their fondest dreams could aficionados of timeless beauty have imagined a sight of such surpassing loveliness as this: the voluptuous Miss Roll languishing on white bedding, baring her sumptuous, 38-inch waist. Katherine redefines the parameters of size celebration in this supreme masterpiece by disclosing her softly rounded midriff, and in so doing, solidifies her claim to having the most desirable figure of any goddess, past or present.

...after the viewer admires all of these additional details, he cannot help but remain entranced by the supremely sensual view of the model's full, opulent middle.

I always look forward to Katherine's tests more than I do to anything else in the plus-size fashion industry, whether it be commercial campaigns or magazines or...anything. This whole test is stunning, but the above image is curviness personified.

I love the fact that Katherine is so bold (yet tasteful) in presenting her full-figured beauty. It serves as the finest inspiration to all plus-size girls that they too can adore themselves and recognize their own attractiveness, precisely because they are curvaceous, not despite this fact.

Many voluptuous girls are (unnecessarily) self-conscious about having a curvy middle, but as Katherine shows, a soft physique is the epitome of feminine beauty.
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Default Re: Katherine Roll: The Ecstasy of Beauty

Katherine is indeed breathtakingly lovely. While the posting about her work for Mynt1792 really made one take notice of just how powerful and commanding her presence is, this shoot caught more of the sensuality she naturally exudes.

The next thought that's in my mind is when is she going to get a shot at being an actress? Any woman so photogenic, incredibly lovely, and confident almost has to be an actress-in-waiting. I can picture her in a scene like one of the cocktail party ones in the latest Dark Knight series. And Bruce Wayne being not intimidated, but more in rapt respect of her rich, vibrant, voluptuous femininity.
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