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Old 27th September 2012   #1
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Default Kailee O'Sullivan: ''Smart Is Sexy''

Imagine my delight when I saw a Kmart commercial the other day starring none other than gorgeous plus-size model Kailee O'Sullivan!

It's a wonderful commercial, shot in a magnificent 19th-century, Historicist library. Sofie Vergara hosts the clip, the premise being that she transforms library patrons from drab to dazzling, thanks to her line of Kmart fashions.

Kailee first appears at 0:14 in the video, as a morose library clerk. But then, thanks to Fairy Godmother Sofia, Kailee transforms into her natural state: a flame-haired, voluptuous temptress.

Watch how she pounds the book into the chest of her bespectacled (and bedazzled) admirer. Kailee is a fantastic actress, in addition to being stunningly beautiful!
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Old 28th September 2012   #2
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Default Re: Kailee O'Sullivan: ''Smart Is Sexy''

Thank you, Hannah, for sharing this fantastic commercial!

How fitting that Kailee appears here, since she is a self-avowed "bookworm," as she mentioned in her Judgment of Paris gallery tour interview.. Though the premise and execution of the commercial are quite nice, Kailee's part is too brief, and would have been much more satisfying if the "transformation" bits were longer--a few more moments, at least, and more of a zoom-in on both the "before" and especially the "after" Kailee. I do like the fact that Kailee's segment included a helplessly astounded male admirer, though.

It is very difficult to make Kailee "unattractive," so perhaps that explains why they shot her "before" segment to be very brief and rather far away from her. It does show what a great actress Kailee is, because much of what makes her "before" image less appealing is in her body language and facial expression: she manages to appear hostile, impatient, and lackluster about her job and life. All the more contrast to her sex-kitten "after" persona. Kailee looks spectacular and so regal, with her alabaster complexion and bordering-on-haughty expression. Her outfit is actually pretty conservative, but her rich curves and voluminous, curled hairstyle make it look glamorous and oh-so-seductive. These moments of film footage effectively illustrate what a difference a woman's attitude about herself and style of clothing can change her appearance for the better (or worse).

Also, I'm a regular Kmart shopper and I have to say that I adore Sofie Vergara's clothing line there. So many curve-hugging, sexy pieces in gorgeous warm colors (red, yellow, orange).
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Old 16th October 2012   #3
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Default Re: Kailee O'Sullivan: ''Smart Is Sexy''

Sarah is correct. Throughout her career, Miss O'Sullivan has been intimately associated with the trappings of literature, not leastwise because of her own storybook beauty.

One of Kailee's most celebrated images from her unpublished Modern Bride editorial (still the most gorgeous editorial that any plus-size model has ever shot) shows her alongside an image of the Long Room in the Trinity College Library in Dublin. The association of such a magnificent, venerable space with this lovely model is ideal, for Irish-blooded Kailee perfectly embodies the timeless beauty of the Old World.

Click to enlarge

Yet how can plus-size retailers on the wrong side of the Atlantic take advantage of the European beauty of the most gorgeous plus-size models, such as Kailee?

Kmart's commercial provides the answer: by finding locations in North America which harken back to an opulent, Old World aesthetic, as do so many great buildings erected prior to the cultural apocalypse that followed the Second World War.

Click to enlarge

In this case, Kmart filmed its TV commercial in the library of the Brooklyn Historical Society. The above picture shows the society building circa 1882, while the following photograph displays the same edifice in its current, equally magnificent state. It survives as a mighty rebuke to modernist architecture, its Historicist grandeur reminding the world of the greatness that today's Cultural Marxist elite has suppressed.

Click to enlarge

The Othmer Library, within, has been called the most beautiful room in New York City, a warm, masculine space, with gorgeously carved pillars, elegant lamps, and dark, wooden furnishings. Stepping into this world is like entering a nobler, bygone era.

Click to enlarge

* * *

The commercial opens with a general view of this ornate chamber of learning.

Click to enlarge

The host, Sofia Vergara, is shown at a desk, alongside a number of venerable tomes. Her green outfit contrasts richly with the wooden furnishings, her chandelier earrings harmonizing with the opulence of the environment.

Click to enlarge

To make a goddess as surpassingly lovely as Kailee appear mundane, the ad resorts to visual extremes, such as pinning back her hair and garbing her in bulky clothing. (This fact alone should demonstrate to full-figured girls that they should never, ever cut their hair short, nor wear anything other than closely fitted attire.)

Click to enlarge

Sarah is correct, however, that it is Kailee herself who accomplishes the seeming impossibility of making herself appear a shade less irresistible than usual, through her posture, facial expression, demeanour, and so forth. Observe how she glares at the library patron in the previous image, as well as the look of dismay that mars her features in the following still. (Even here, however, a suggestion of her buxom bounty is visible.)

Click to enlarge

The ad then intercuts another image of Sofia Vergara, who, in the manner of a fairy godmother, is about to transform our Cinderella into Kailee's true, princess-like state. This screen capture shows more of the wonder of the Othmer library. (Furthermore, the viewer cannot help but think how much more voluptuous Miss O'Sullivan would appear in this fitted, green dress, and that her figure would put Sofia's to shame.)

Click to enlarge

Kailee's transformation is heart-stopping. She emerges as the goddess she is, with her luxurious tresses cascading over her bare shoulders. She visibly relishes the fact that her beauty has utterly paralyzed the hapless library patron.

Click to enlarge

Observe how the dark, heavy splendour of the library setting harmonizes with the model's own regal beauty. With a suggestion of carnal desire, she gives her besotted admirer a once-over,

Click to enlarge

then thrusts the book at his chest. Consider the thrilling vanity that is evident in her facial features, how she relishes the power that her well-fed attractions give her. Her voluptuous curves press against her blouse, her apple cheeks and full facial features evident. She appears dangerous, wicked--excitingly so.

Click to enlarge

She then favours the viewer with a deliciously smug look, knowing full well that everyone watching the commercial is just as captivated by her gorgeousness as is the mesmerized library patron.

Click to enlarge

Kailee's final moment has her adopting an uber-confident model pose, taking pleasure in her loveliness, and knowing that all who look upon her are utterly entranced. The library patron, meanwhile, cannot help but sneak a peek at the model's reverse-view curves.

Click to enlarge

The commercial ends with one further look at Sophia (Tolstoy novel in hand), which is worth noting for the fact that it provides a dramatic glimpse of the elaborate wooden pillars that are the Othmer Library's most distinctive architectural features. The craftsmanship that went into carving these remarkable testaments to the superior taste of the 19th century is staggering.

Click to enlarge

Bravo to Kailee for exhibiting such remarkable acting ability in this television commercial. And kudos to Kmart for selecting Miss O'Sullivan in the first place--one of the most gorgeous women in the world, and one who emphatically embodies the timeless ideal.

Kailee's beauty harmonizes with the opulence of the physical space in which the commercial was filmed, and together, both the model and the building demonstrate the aesthetic supremacy of the 19th century, putting modernist sensibilities, in all of their utilitarian, minimalist drabness, to shame.

Let us hope that this ad signifies a growing appreciation for Old World beauty, and a desire on the part of the public to recover the wonder that it has been denied for so long.

(Click screencaps to view larger.)

- Kailee O'Sullivan

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