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Old 12th May 2013   #1
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Default Sophie Sheppard for Ashley Stewart

The words "Sophie Sheppard" and "Paradise" are natural associations.

For one thing, the model embodies the kind of transcendental beauty that denotes paradise. Furthermore, to be in the company of such a goddess would be paradise on earth. And finally, due to her loveliness, such a gorgeous models deserves to inhabit paradise--or its closest terrestrial facsimile.

No wonder, then, that to promote its new "Tropical Paradise" collection, full-figured fashion retailer Ashley Stewart enlisted the services of Miss Sheppard, in all of her size-16/18 glory.

Not only do Sophie's images currently abound throughout the Ashley Stewart site, but she even graces the company's home page, looking absolutely ravishing.

Click to enlarge

Style-wise, the new Ashley Stewart collection is a matter of taste. Some may find the prints a tad too colourful, while others will applaud their vibrant hues. No one, however, will be able to deny Sophie's astounding beauty. She makes every item appealing.

In the first image, she models a Stone Embellished Geometric Print Blouse. Her golden tresses cascade over her shoulders in luxuriously heavy, half-uncurled waves of gold. Her deep-blue eyes penetrate to the viewer's soul, while her fair skin tone vividly sets off the bright hue of the top.

Click to enlarge

The most alluring of the items in the new collection is this One-Shoulder Smocked Blouse, which seductively bares the model's soft shoulders and attractively untoned, rounded arm. A more flattering design could hardly be imagined, for every viewer would be spellbound by the sight of this heady expanse of Sophie's soft, fair skin.

Click to enlarge

Sophie's well-fed pulchritude endows her with a physical opulence that is intensely sensual, as seen in the next image, showing a Challis Tropical Keyhole Blouse. The rich fullness in her facial features and arms is augmented by thick, golden hair, which gleams with an aureate lustre like masses of heavy jewellery, complemented by her weighty necklace. She appears aristocratic and refined, a lavishly self-indulged epicurean who is used to the finest pleasures that life has to offer.

Click to enlarge

Even those whose tastes do not run toward the African elements in some of the company's designs will love this Tropical-Print Cinched Blouse, which has by far the most attractive print of any of the pieces on Ashley Stewart's Web site. The emerald greens, warm yellows, and deep blues blend in an attractive mixture of colours, while Sophie's irresistibly kissable bubblegum-pink lips stand out vividly in contrast.

Click to enlarge

The pattern of the following Tropical Print Blouse is also fairly attractive. The open shoulders and neckline give the viewer a tantalizing glimpse of Sophie's bare skin, so soft and fair. Her majestic bearing is deliciously self-satisfied, the mien of an elegant young lady of wealth and privilege; her eyes are steamily seductive with their heavy-lidded vanity. The languid weight of her masses of blonde hair, betokening the model's own sensual indolence, is most intoxicating of all, prompting the viewer to dream of touching those golden locks.

Click to enlarge

So taken was Ashley Stewart with the sight of Miss Sheppard in this top that it added a second image, showing Sophie with a very different demenaour, relaxed and casually delighted with herself, beaming with pleasure at finding her beauty so ardently worshipped by all. Observe how her tresses bewitchingly caress her bare white skin.

Click to enlarge

Next, we see Sophie in the Animal-Print Blouse that she wears on the current Ashley Stewart cover page, seen above. She almost seems to be smirking in self-confidence, as if to say, "Is there anyone who dares to think that she is as beautiful as I am?"

Click to enlarge

A much more easygoing and approachable Sophie models this Leaf-Print Blouse, its black-and-white pattern allowing the eye to focus on Sophie's oh-so-pink lips and her dramatic eyeshadow, which guides the viewer's gaze right toward her deep-blue eyes.

Click to enlarge

Ashley Stewart offers not one, but two colour choices for its Sleeveless Zigzag-Striped Top; first, a green design . . .

Click to enlarge

. . . then, a black incarnation. Observe how much variety the model creates in her looks by changing her accessories, and especially, but altering the flow of her resplendent tresses. In the previous image, her hair twines down her bare shoulder in a thick, voluminous curl, while in the following photo, it cascades over both shoulders, long and lazy and heavy, pulse-poundingly seductive.

Click to enlarge

For those who prefer monochrome wear to exotic prints, Ashley Stewart also offers a Smocked Hi-lo Tunic in no less than three shades; a citrus orange . . .

Click to enlarge

. . . a vibrant emerald green (note the earrings and necklace, like golden medallions, or pieces of eight string into a necklace, their golden hue outshone in rich lustre by the deep blonde hue of Sophie's priceless tresses) . . .

Click to enlarge

. . . and most appealing of all, as an image, this vision of Sophie in white. Her sideways glance is warm and open-hearted, gentle yet very present and alive, speaking of deep feeling, effusive emotions, and a warm, womanly nature.

Click to enlarge

In addition to its many new tops, Ashley Stewart also offers a host of dresses modelled by Sophie. However, while Miss Sheppard is as gorgeous as ever, one has to wonder whether or not some Photoshopping was done on the images. Comparing these pictures of the model with Nordstrom's photographs of Sophie showing off various dresses, one sees that the Nordstrom photos give a much truer sense of Miss Sheppard's beloved 38dd-41-49 proportions and full, rounded arms than, say, this picture of a Tropical-Print Knot-Front Maxi does not.

Click to enlarge

Nevertheless, nothing changes the fact that this Tropical-Print Knot-Front Hi-lo Dress is a lovely item, and that Sophie looks especially beautiful here, so self-assured and regal, so proudly showing herself off, the vibrant print drawing attention, her golden locks like those of a princess of the realm.

Click to enlarge

Ashley Stewart offers its Knit Ruched-Front Sundress in two hues, a pleasing, passive blue . . .

Click to enlarge

. . . and an organic brown. It effectively highlights the wealth of the model's décolletage, while the accessories, appropriately large, add to the exotic, almost tribal quality of the print.

Click to enlarge

Black is usually a colour to avoid, for plus-size goddesses, but not in the case of this Belted Double V-neck Floral-Print Maxi. The deep-V neckline boldly showcases the model's bountiful voluptuousness and highlights the vibrant pink necklace, which complements Sophie's baby-girl lips and plays off her blue eyes and golden hair, as well as picking up the pink flower in the print design. Miss Sheppard's smile is big and sincere, but carries with it a touch of wit and mischief.

Click to enlarge

The print of this Shift Dress may not be to everyone's taste, but one has to admire its sleeveless design and abbreviated length, and it definitely fits in with the company's tropical tops, seen above. Plus, a goddess as lovely as Miss Sheppard, with fair hair as long and lustrous and weighty as this, can make any item look good.

Click to enlarge

And finally, Sophie's gorgeous arms are on full view in this Keyhole Maxi, and one even perceives a touch of fullness in the model's facial features.

Click to enlarge

Bravo to Ashley Stewart for booking one of the industry's most popular goddesses to show off its new spring/summer line, a gorgeous and genuinely full-figured model who looks stunning in everything she wears, and whose images prove to all curvy girls just how attractive they can be.

And kudos to Sophie for another career success. Slowly but surely, size 18 is becoming recognized as the standard size that plus-size models should wear, and a 41" waist and 49" hips as the measure of timeless beauty.

(Click images to view larger.)

- Click to visit Ashley Stewart

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Old 26th May 2013   #2
M. Lopez
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Default Re: Sophie Sheppard for Ashley Stewart

Another "occasion" weekend is upon us -- Memorial Day in the U.S. -- and once again, Sophie Sheppard graces the Ashley Stewart cover page.

I love this cover, because it shows Sophie in a place of prominence over all of the other models, with her image larger than the rest, as if she were the reigning empress and the other girls her handmaidens.


Here's the product page for the dress that Sophie wears on the cover, which dramatically emphasizes her rich voluptuousness, with its deep V neckline.

Plaid-Print Maxi

Impossibly, Sophie's tresses look even more abundant in these latest images, truly the locks of a princess, a profusion of golden curls.

Embellished Geometric-Print Maxi

I adore how she plays with her massive hair, her gesture emphasizing the incredible volume and beauty of those miraculous tresses.

Sleeveless Bold Striped Tank

I prefer the still dramatic, but more natural-looking cosmetics art in these latest images over the wild eyeshadow in the previous set. This shadowy look gives Sophie's eyes a bit of mystery, but leaves her with natural pink lips that play off so well against her blue eyes and flaxen hair.

Sleeveless Button-up Blouse, Yellow

One of Sophie's most famous images, her Farrah Fawcett headshot, showed her in a sky-blue top very similar to this, so it's no wonder that she looks so good in this colour, which brings out the fairness of her peaches-and-cream complexion.

Cold Shoulder Ruched Side Top

It deserves a look from the back as well, as it fits snugly over Sophie's generous reverse-view curves.

Quite a few of the Ashley Stewart pieces come in multiple colours, such as this top, which is available in three different shades.

Embellished Solid Top, Black

I like this ocean colour myself, which emphasizes the deep blue of Sophie's huge, doll-like eyes.

Embellished Solid Top, Ocean Blue

Again, the back view is even more alluring than the front. Sophie may have the shapeliest, most womanly reverse-view curves of any plus-size model.

It's amazing to see how much difference the hue of a top can make as to how a model's complexion appears.

Embellished Solid Top, Red

Another reason why it's wonderful that Ashley Stewart offers hinder views of its items is that it allows customers to see how they themselves might look in the fashions, which is especially important when buying online.

One of the things that makes Sophie's hair so gorgeous is how thick and heavy it appears. You can almost feel the soft weight of those tresses, so rich and luxurious. Her blonde locks are like another layer of accessories with anything she wears -- yet they're all natural.

Zigzag Cold-Shoulder Sweater, Pumice

I also adore Sophie's expressions in these photos. She has this soft, languid, dreamy look in many of them, a gentle sensuality that's very feminine. Plus, there's a visible weight in her face, a fullness which is very seductive.

Zigzag Cold-Shoulder Sweater, Orange

Black is considered a safe option, but I have to admit, Sophie always looks ultra-glamorous in black. Plus, it allows the focus to fall on her natural colouring -- her luminous skin, blonde hair, pink lips, and fair eyes, the perfect blend of hues. And with Sophie's gorgeous arms, sleeveless is mandatory.

Sleeveless Double-Keyhole Button-down Shirt, Black

One last new item showing off Sophie's dazzling beauty. So apple-cheeked, so well-fed and pretty. Love the hint of decolletage as well.

Sleeveless Double Keyhole Button-down Shirt, Bisque

And a very sensual reverse-view photo, which hints at luscious curves along the model's upper back.

Stunning items, every one, modelled to perfection by Sophie. Her beauty takes a person's breath away, with a heavenly delicacy but a real-life, fleshy robustness as well. Ravishing.

I hope Ashley Stewart might feature Sophie modelling its swimwear or intimate-apparel lines in the future.
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Old 5th June 2013   #3
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Default Re: Sophie Sheppard for Ashley Stewart

Several more items modelled by Sophie have appeared at Ashley Stewart, along with one that (based on the vivid green eyeshadow) was part of the model's first A.S. photo shoot:

Casual Denim Jacket

An attractively abbreviated dress is among the new items:

Printed Asymmetrical Sheath Dress

The most attractive image of Sophie among the latest batch is this eye-catching picture. She looks a bit like a fuller-figured Lindsey Vonn -- gorgeous. I find that Miss Sheppard often looks most attractive in her commercial work when she adopts a profile or partial-profile view, as this better showcases her voluptuous curves than a head-on angle.

Burnout Tropical and Striped Top

Her long, fair tresses are a miracle. Even the jewellery that she wears can't outshine her curls in rich, golden lustre.

Sleeveless Studded Blouse

So pretty in pink! The colour wonderfully complements her fair skin, blonde hair, and blue eyes.

Sleeveless Pleated Back Blouse

Last, in a vivid, attention-getting red top that suggests a hint of a swell at her middle.

Studded Peasant Top
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Old 18th June 2013   #4
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Default Re: Sophie Sheppard for Ashley Stewart

In browsing through the "Looks" section of the Ashley Stewart web site, I found several more images of Sophie. In fact, these pictures look even more attractive than the regular product photos, as they appear to have less of the excessive Photoshopping that mars some of the catalogue pics.

Here's Sophie in an Embellished Geometric Print Maxi.

I can't find the product URLs of the next two pictures, but Sophie looks stunning in both. The first photograph indicates some of the lovely, soft fullness of the model's arms.

And here she is in a comfortable denim outfit. The sunglasses are way too large, but otherwise, it's an attractive look.

Also, here's one more picture from Sophie's first Ashley Stewart shoot that hasn't yet been posted -- a Striped Ombre Print Top

Outstanding work from Sophie. I too hope that Ashley Stewart might use her for its swimwear or intimate-apparel promotions.
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