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Old 16th April 2013   #1
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Default Katherine Roll: ''Additional Sexiness''

Just one day after appearing in a princess-themed photo shoot that perfectly epitomized timeless beauty, stunning plus-size model Katherine Roll (45-38-49) is profiled in a feature with images that redefine the parameters of size celebration.

Shot by photographer Christa Meola (, they reveal more of Katherine's beauty than admirers have ever seen before.

Even during the heights of the Renaissance or Baroque, was any Old Master, be it Botticelli or Titian or Rubens himself, able to depict thighs as luscious and shapely as those which the model displays in the left-side image, below? The world has praised Miss Roll for years for her shapely arms, but never before has it been treated to the sight of her full thighs, which establish her indisputably as having the definitive plus-size-model physique.

In the right-side image, the focus is once again on those celebrated arms, which appear generously rounded, as soft as the limbs of a newborn. The immaculate fairness of her skin tone adds to the sensuality of the effect--her physique appears as delicately pillow-like as the plump cushions on which she reposes so indolently. Even her facial features appear full and apple-cheeked. The bustier accentuates her voluptuous richness.

Consider too her alluring expressions, so languidly steamy in the left-side image, so passively appetitive in the photograph on the right. The hairstyle cannot rival the golden locks that Miss Roll wore for FFFWeek 2012, but at least the bangs are parted, not worn straight down.

However, the following image is, impossibly, even more seductive and pro-curvy than the previous pair. Observe with delight the look of mischief on the model's face as she coyly discloses her generous reverse-view curves. The world has never before seen a figure as perfectly feminine as this. As if that weren't tantalizing enough, she raises her arm to provide the viewer with a clear view of its softly rounded beauty. In perhaps the most sensual detail of all, a trace of fullness swells over the edge of her bustier, as if no garments could wholly encase her luscious physique. Again, the hair is advantageously swept to either side of her facial features.

A significant portion of the allure of the images comes from the sofa on which Katherine lounges with such intoxicating lassitude. The pillow-like cushion seems to cradle her soft body, allowing her to sink heavily into its yielding form.

Just think of the transformative notions that an image such as this conveys: the goddess loves being so well-fed and gorgeous, she loves being so ardently desired by all the world. If there had ever been an actual Aphordite or Venus, she would have looked just like Miss Roll--and she would have adored herself just as much.

The images are accompanied by a brief interview with the model (linked below), which contains a number of fascinating reflections.

Note in particular the photographer's impressions:

During our shoot, Katherine was so confident and comfortable with her body, that afterwards I interviewed her to share the inspiration!
Not for nothing has this site praised vanity and self-adoration as irresistibly attractive characteristics of plus-size goddesses. In our modern world, in which natural values (aesthetic and otherwise) have been turned upside down, a world where emaciated, androgynous ugliness is praised and gorgeously embonpoint femininity is castigated, a full-figured model must recognize her own limitless beauty, must think of herself (rightly) as the most desirable creature on earth, to break free of mass-media propaganda and show other curvy girls how to love themselves.

Note that Katherine fully recognizes the subversive power of her generously-indulged attractiveness:

I believe that my curves are powerful and can change people’s perception of the plus-size woman and standard plus-size model. I believe I carry my size-18 self well. I dress appropriately and because I believe in myself, I exude confidence in every direction.
Miss Roll correctly apprehends the fact that most so-called curvy models (the "standard plus-size model") cannot have the same kind of transformative effect that she can, with her visibly full-figured physique.

This is why she has the definitive plus-size figure: because, as the above images show, there is no aspect of her body which can be passed off as that of a minus-size waif. Her shapely limbs, her generous waist, her soft facial features, are all fleshy enough to clearly betoken plus-size beauty.

No wonder, then, that she embraces her "plus-size" designation:

I am content with being called "plus-size." I find that the "plus" or "+" means "in addition to" and therefore, simply defines my size as additional sexiness added to the straight-size woman.
It is abundantly clear that those individuals in the plus-size fashion industry who decry the plus-size label are, in fact, conflicted about the plus-size body, and would rather be, or promote, faux-plus models. (Indeed, one well-known full-figured model who long decried the "plus-size" label has now, unsurprisingly, diminished herself to straight-size proportions.)

Bravo to Miss Roll for so ably representing genuinely curvy women, and for unapologetically celebrating the timeless ideal of plus-size feminine beauty.

- Katherine Roll: A Curvy Conversation
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Old 16th April 2013   #2
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Default Re: Katherine Roll: ''Additional Sexiness''

After seeing Katherine as Rapunzel, no other hairstyle can measure up. She looked so beautiful in those long tresses! However, I'm thrilled at how ultra-confident she appears in these pictures. And I love the fact that she proudly refers to herself as a size 18. None of this 16/18 wishy-washiness! Katherine absolutely owns her full-figured body, glories in it, and shows the world what an authentically curvy plus-size model should look like.

One other passage in the interview really inspired me: when Katherine said that she has been every size, up to a size 20. Just look at how breathtakingly gorgeous she is in these photos, even at a size 18. At a size 20, she would be even more beautiful, even more subversive, even more goddesslike. Can you imagine if the same article had appeared, with Katherine boldly proclaiming that she were a size 20? Every fuller-figured girl in the world would be empowered by that!

I hope that, if nature inclines her figure that way, Katherine might someday embrace a size-20 physique. Even as it is, she's the most transformative model in the industry, showing full-figured fashion how it can and should represent womanly beauty.

Thank you to Katherine for showing the world how gorgeous a genuinely full-bodied beauty can be.
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