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Old 18th April 2013   #1
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Default Kailee O'Sullivan with Game of Thrones star

We tortured ourselves over how to headline this post. The temptation was, certainly, to title it, "Kailee O'Sullivan in Playboy," but we didn't wish to create a false impression.

Nevertheless, that title would, in a literal sense, have been true.

Gorgeous plus-size model Kailee O'Sullivan, size 14--one of the most beautiful women who has ever lived, past or present--has been photographed by Hugh Hefner's well-known magazine.

She appears in a photo layout accompanying the publication's interview with actor Peter Dinklage, famous for his role as the dwarf Tyrion Lannister in Game of Thrones, HBO's fantasy retelling of the Wars of the Roses, based on the novels by George R.R. Martin.

Those who have seen the series will know that it exhibits a aesthetic that half adheres to the Middle Ages, and half recalls the pomp and luxury of Rome at its height. For this layout, the magazine shot Mr. Dinklage in the manner of a decadent Roman emperor, even the god Dionysus himself--wine goblet in hand and grapes nearby--attended by three beauties, most notably by Kailee herself.

Observe, however, that Kailee is in every way the focus of the image. She is elevated above the other models, even above the ostensible celebrity who is the focus of the interview. Her porcelain-fair complexion is luminescent, glowing as if with its own inner light, a skin so delicate as to give her a tantalizingly vulnerable quality. She allows her gown to slip low off her shoulders, baring her opulent contours, her buxom curves only barely covered by her Botticelli-like romantic tresses. Her cheeks exhibit a whisper of flush, while her lips are parted to give rapid breathing vent, her felonious mouth intimating her insatiably appetitive nature, the penchant for self-indulgence which has bestowed upon her such lavish beauty.

Like the aesthetic of the Game of Thrones series itself, Kailee's appearance mixes medieval and classical elements, her angelic features betokening a sacred beauty, while her carnal expression and sinful voluptuousness intimating corporeal pleasures. Irrespective of the source of these images, observe how the historical aesthetic enhances the model's gorgeousness, confirming yet again that curvy models embody timeless beauty, and that if a publication wishes to convey the aesthetic of any era prior to modernist minimalism, it must eschew the androgynous waifs who populate the pages of today's fashion media and instead turn to the full-figured goddesses of plus-size modelling.

The previous image accompanies a Yahoo article about the magazine's interview with Mr. Dinklage, while the following version illustrates the full interview, as published on the magazine's Web site. (Never did we think that we would publish a link to Playboy.)

Bravo to Kailee for this stunning photograph, and (astonished as we are to say it) kudos to Playboy magazine for successfully and tastefully capturing the sensual aesthetic of the classical age. If the producers of Game of Thrones had any sense, they would cast Kailee as the series lead--for none of the female characters on the show, from the underfed Daenerys even to the somewhat pretty Sansa Stark, cannot hold a candle to her ravishing beauty.

- Kailee O'Sullivan interviewed

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Old 23rd April 2013   #2
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Default Re: Kailee O'Sullivan with Game of Thrones star

At last, the May 2013 issue Playboy magazine has been released (never did we imagine that we would celebrate such a thing!), and inside, as promised, is a spectacular two-page layout featuring Kailee O'Sullivan as a bacchante, while in the role of Bacchus we have Tyrion Lannister himself, Peter Dinklage of Game of Thrones.

The mythological theme of the image is clear, with Dinklage holding a wine goblet, reclining on purple ermine, with grapes and an animal pelt nearby--all attributes of the Classical god of wine.

Click to enlarge

And of course, Kailee stands out as the loveliest of the god's maeneads, appropriately situated in a position higher than the rest of the personages in the layout--higher even than our would-be Dionysus. Notice the classical balustrade that appears beside her, as well as the velvet drape at the right frame of the image, a furnishing that similarly frames many Renaissance paintings of goddesses of beauty.

Click to enlarge

Note too the presence of the peacock just behind Kailee, as if it were the model's familiar. Peacocks have ever been associated with feminine vanity--and if there has ever been a goddess who deserves to exude limitless vanity, it is the breathtaking Miss O'Sullivan. Her beauty in this image beggars belief. In contrast to the tanorexic models who usually populate the pages of this publication, Kailee's complexion is exquisitely fair, as fair the driven snow, with just a hint of a flush at the cheeks. Her Botticelli-like strawberry-blonde tresses cascade in romantic waves over her opulent bust. Her discreetly veiled, naturally voluptuous charms are infinitely more generous and gorgeous than those of the synthetically misshapen models for whom this publication is notorious.

Consider too how much more intensely alluring Kailee is, in her merely partially disrobed state, than are any of the garishly displayed models in publications such as this. Their radioactively orange, leathery hides are unappealing, not matter how exposed, while just a discreet glimpse of Miss O'Sullivan's soft, bare shoulders, with her porcelain skin, makes the viewer's heart race with desire.

Click to enlarge

Just as exciting as Kailee's timeless beauty is her thrilling expression, an openly carnal, appetitive look. One can almost hear her purr. Her heavily lidded blue eyes are steamy and seductive. Because her features are so lyrically doll-like, she can freely exude such wanton passions, knowing that her delicate physical qualities will soften the effect and render the impression alluring rather than lascivious. The colour choice of the model's robe is perfectly chosen, as the baby-blue hue catches the model's eyes, sets off her peaches-and-cream complexion, and adds to the undercurrent of innocence in her look, which plays off against the rapaciousness of her expression.

Click to enlarge

The magazine also features a second photograph of the model, but alas, only the slightest glimpse of her, at the left border.

Click to enlarge

Even this glancing view of the model's bare back, her strawberry-blonde tresses flowing over her fair, babylike skin, sets the viewer's imagination aflame.

Click to enlarge

With her Old World grace, Miss O'Sullivan puts to shame the all-too-modern models who otherwise appear under this publication's banner. Kailee's entrancing presence here is a reproach to the entire industry that this magazine represents. One lone photograph of this timeless beauty puts to shame every girl who has ever appeared in its pages. "This," her loveliness says to every reader, "is what true beauty looks like." Miss O'Sullivan's modesty is infinitely more sensual than any garish display.

Bravo to Kailee for this truly historic first--for being the first legitimate plus-size fashion model to appear in Playboy. Never did we expect such a distinction to go to Miss O'Sullivan, but how fitting that, in appearing in this publication, Kailee preserved her virtue.

Male readers perusing this issue and seeing Kailee will turn away from every other model in its pages and have eyes only for her. They will eschew any baser instincts and instead feel a romantic, reverent longing for the beauty that she represents.

Her presents in these pages makes one realize that if the Classical ideal had never been suppressed, and if our culture had not been hijacked and corrupted by a hostile elite in the 20th century, then there would be no such magazines as Playboy--or rather, such magazines as would exist would exclusively show models who would possess Kailee's soft, natural beauty, but who would be no more disrobed than Miss O'Sullivan is in these images; and romantic longing, not crass vulgarity, would be the emotion that they would inspire.

(Click images to view much larger.)

- Kailee O'Sullivan Galleries

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Old 25th April 2013   #3
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Default Re: Kailee O'Sullivan with Game of Thrones star

I took a look at the Web site of the photographer of this editorial, Gavin Bond, and while there were no extra images from the shoot, he does feature a full-size version of the layout without the intrusive text.

Much larger version:

It reminds me of Vigée-LeBrun's famous painting of Lady Hamilton as a Bacchante, with a similar wine goblet, leopard skin, and drapes at the side.

If someone had told me about the "first-ever appearance of a plus-size model in Playboy," I would have dreaded something indecent. But Kailee preserved her modesty. She looks utterly gorgeous. Congratulations to her on this historic accomplishment - the first plus-size model ever to appear in this magazine.
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