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Old 6th May 2013   #1
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Default Kelsey Olson for IGIGI

How wonderful to see Kelsey Olson back at Igigi! Kelsey's last campaign for this San Francisco label was in 2007, so it's a pleasure to have this blonde beauty in Igigi's famous dresses once again.

And better yet, not only does Igigi present three different views of Kelsey in each item, but also a brief video clip of Miss Olson giving the dresses life with her graceful movements.

My two favourite items, so far, are sleeveless designs. First:

Nora Plus Size Dress in Gold/Plum

Be sure to click the link to watch the video.

I think the side view provides an even better impression of the dress than the front view. And it's wonderful to have a reverse angle as well.

Here's a close-up. Kelsey's sapphire eyes dazzle the senses, and her golden hair cascades idyllically over her shoulder. No one can do soft, gentle looks as dreamily as she can.

Much larger versions of each photograph:

- - - -

I find the gold colour of this sleeveless number to be even more elegant.

Nora Plus Size Dress in Black/Gold

Again, the real magic is to be seen in the video, via the product page:

Kelsey from every angle:

Her facial features appear so soft and rounded in the close-up, and her eyes so mesmerizingly huge and blue. Even the way she presses her lips together is adorable. She looks to be deep in a romantic reverie.

Larger versions of each photo:

- - - -

The next design has a fascinating metallic-looking sheen to the fabric.

Melina Plus Size Dress in Charcoal/Gold

Video to be found at the product page:

Kelsey's figure fully embraced:

This close-up is very dramatic, with Kelsey's golden hair fluttering in the breeze like Botticelli tresses. The pose accentuates her buxom curves. She reminds me of a goddess that might adorn the prow of a majestic, three-masted sailing vessel of yore.


- - - -

The same design also comes in a deep ruby hue, a very 19th-century colour, like the furnishings of a richly appointed theatre.

Melina Plus Size Dress in Berry

Don't miss the video:

Front, side, and back:

The Igigi team did a marvellous job in arranging Kelsey's tresses into such rich, thick, heavy waves, adding to the feeling of opulence that the dress, and Kelsey's curvaceous figure, convey.


As a bonus, here are two behind-the-scenes pictures from the shoot that Igigi released. I especially love this headshot, showing Kelsey looking so soft and gentle, so passively beautiful, like an angel.

And a few snaps of the team in action. Dramatic pose in the top-right, and rich makeup and jewellery for the red outfit.

I look forward to seeing what else this campaign will unveil.
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Old 14th May 2013   #2
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Default Re: Kelsey Olson for IGIGI

IGIGI has now added four new arrivals modelled by Kelsey, and how wonderful it is to see that two of them come with product videos.

I'm very fond of this Lucretia Dress. I love the colour, and the green shoes make the perfect accessory. The sash accentuates the bust.

Kelsey looks enchanting in close up, her blonde hair cascading in romantic waves, and her sapphire-blue eyes sparkling. No one else has ever duplicated her innocent, little-girl look, merged with voluptuous womanliness.


- - - -

The Polona Dress appears to be a similar style, though in a different colour scheme. The red sash stands out vividly against the black-and-white print.

I appreciate how closely the dress conforms to Kelsey's 46" hips. This is body love in a dress, a figure-conscious style that's so much more attractive than the formless, body-skimming look.


- - - -

IGIGI has also released its Golda dress in two different colours. The lilac is a nice hue, and looks great on Kelsey.

Her big, blue eyes and so gentle and endearing. Fascinating to see how her blonde tresses complement the bracelet, as if her hair itself were a kind of golden jewellery.


- - - -

Here's the Golda dress in Coral. Pretty, but I prefer the lilac.

The ruching at the bust is a flattering design element, especially on a buxom goddess like Kelsey.


Beautiful styles, marvellously presented by Miss Olson. I can't wait to see more.
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Old 22nd May 2013   #3
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Default Re: Kelsey Olson for IGIGI

Kelsey now models three new items at IGIGI, but unfortunately, none of them come with product videos. That really is a pity, as the film clips give the best possible impression of the appeal of the dresses and how they would look on a curvy figure.

Nevertheless, the still images are very pretty.

Vivian Plus Size Maxi Dress


Thera Dress in Azalea


Thera Dress in Jade

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Old 26th May 2013   #4
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Default Re: Kelsey Olson for IGIGI

How wonderful to see that IGIGI has posted a video clip with the first of three new items modelled by Kesley. The still images are pretty, but be sure to view the produce page to watch the video.

Ippolita Dress in Cobalt Blue


This is a very attractive set of photos, especially because the front view indicates a swell of roundness at Kelsey's 39" waist, which isn't readily apparent in many of the Igigi photos.

Sage Dress


Very attractive acknowledgment of Kelsey's womanly hips in the front view for this item.

Ippolita Dress in Papaya

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Old 4th June 2013   #5
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Default Re: Kelsey Olson for IGIGI

A host of new items modelled by Kelsey at Igigi have appeared, among which I especially like this one. It's so festive; plus, it shows off the model's legs. Kesley's pose in the front-view image is very energetic.

Ariel Dress


I'm delighted to see that two of the new items come with videos. This is one of them:

Lily Dress


This is the other. The accompanying video is especially effective because it shows Kelsey doing a full 360-degree turn. (Some of the videos do an unfortunate cut between the front and reverse views.)

Novella Dress


And one more new item:

Tracey Dress

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Old 17th June 2013   #6
M. Lopez
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Default Re: Kelsey Olson for IGIGI

Kelsey now models two new items at IGIGI, one of which is perhaps the prettiest dress I've ever seen from this label.

Here it is. It's simply called a "Vintage Floral Dress," and it's the vintage aspect that makes it so beautiful. I can't believe IGIGI doesn't have a product video for this enchanting item.

The skirt is flared, it's sleeveless, and it has an adorable bow and sash.

The side and reverse views are pretty as well, but it's just not the same without the bow/sash accessory.

The blue heels do make the outfit, no question.


The second new item is called a "Sonia Top," and this, I'm pleased to say, does come with a product video.

Very pretty facial expression from Kelsey in the front-view photo. The way her golden tresses sweep over her shoulder is gorgeous.

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Old 28th July 2013   #7
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Default Re: Kelsey Olson for IGIGI

This will likely be the last batch of Kelsey at IGIGI, for now. The best feature of this campaign has definitely been the videos. YouTube has a compilation of all of Kelsey's IGIGI vids put together, set to some lovely ballet music by Berlioz.

Of the last new items, my favourite is this yellow dress.

Kelsey looks especially beautiful in the first picture:


A similar design, but in blue:

The details on the sleeves for this item are an attractive touch:

Similar details on this dress, in a different colour. Kelsey models with the handbag very gracefully.
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