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Old 9th May 2013   #1
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Default Kelsey Olson: In the Garden

Fans of gorgeous plus-size model Kelsey Olson, size 16/18 (40d-39-46), have long hoped to see a new lookbook from Sealed with a Kiss, the label that consistently features the model's beauty in the most attractive of ways.

Those wishes have now been fulfilled, as one discoveres from the graphic that currently adorns the label's home page.

Click to enlarge

Alas, missing in action for this shoot is Miss Olson's erstwhile SWAK compatriot, Jenn Purviance, but Kelsey herself appears spellbinding in this editorial, titled "In the Garden of Black and White." Given that the primary limitation of a black-and-white collection is its monochrome colour scheme, Sealed with a Kiss exhibited sheer genius by shooting these items in a lush garden setting. The vibrant hues of the natural world greatly enrich the photographs, invigorating them with emerald glory and imparting the vivid colours that the garments lack.

Click to enlarge

Kelsey looks absolutely breathtaking on the cover page. Her golden tresses cascade in romantic waves over her shoulders and flirtatiously flutter over her face, as if caressing her apple cheeks. Her sky-blue eyes gaze at the viewer with a seductiveness that makes the heart race--at once gentle, due to their azure hue, and steamy, wreathed in mystery by her dark, heavy eyelids. Felonious lips, candy-pink like a little girl's, yet parted in an expression of desire, play off the model's fair, North European skin tone. Her physique is exquisitely soft and fleshy, the SWAK dress framing her bountiful voluptuousness. The ornate earrings harmonize with the opulence of her person.

Click to enlarge

The attractive item that Kelsey wears on the cover, it turns out, is a Sabrina Maxi Dress, as a page within the lookbook indicates. The design employs the "body-as-fashion-accessory" principle of styling, whereby it is Kelsey's soft, rounded limbs, and the expanse of bare white skin at her neck-and-shoulder area, that make the overall look so attractive; the garment is essentially a frame for the model's full-figured fleshiness. Observe the appealing elements in the background, from the wooden boardwalk to the wrought-iron railing to the canopy of greenery that screens Kelsey, like the nave of a natural cathedral.

Click to enlarge

The most size-positive image of the lookbook is the following, showing Kelsey in a white dress that speaks of innocence yet sensuality at the same time. The manner in which the model twirls the skirt makes one think of angel's wings, for surely Miss Olson resembles a cherub in this dress. What makes the dress, and the image, so intoxicating is how it embraces and defines the round fullness of Kelsey's most gorgeous figure feature, her luscious 39" waist. This is the measure of any plus-size client: if they compress a model's waist, they fail the body-love test, but if they celebrate a model's opulent middle, then they deserve endless praise for their pro-curvy philosophy.

Click to enlarge

The setting couldn't have been better chosen. Not only does the greenery enrich the images with glowing emerald hues, but the sun peeking through the leaves dapples the model in light. The cut of the dress suggests a halter design--which makes fans earnestly wish that a reverse-view image had been included as well, for the secret to the appeal of a halter style is how it looks from the back.

Click to enlarge

With its strapless design and sweetheart neckline, the following dress may be even more eye-catching than the one on the cover page. The sight of such a generous expanse of soft, fair flesh intoxicates the senses. Kelsey's expression is endearingly gentle and vulnerable; she exudes a docile sensuality that is utterly irresistible. In this photograph, she appears to be at one with her natural surroundings. Prettier even than the lone flower providing a splash of colour beside her, Kelsey herself is the loveliest blossom in this idyllic garden.

Click to enlarge

The environment also enriches the following image, with the palm frond in the foreground creating the impression that the viewer has stumbled upon Kelsey accidentally, while strolling though this Arcadian dream space, and locks eyes with her.

Click to enlarge

With its sleeved design, this dress is more modest than the other offerings in SWAK's new collection, and the white fabric further gives it a impression of innocence--indeed, a positively sacerdotal quality. In this lush garden setting, Kelsey almost resembles a priestess of an unknown faith.

Click to enlarge

Another black dress in the new collection exhibits a rather different design. The sunlight gives Kelsey's Nordic skin a luminescent quality and gilds her fair tresses. The twisted branches of the tree in the background, and the glowing green leaves, create an almost jungle-like backdrop, injecting much-needed organic elements into the composition.

Click to enlarge

The final page brings back the Eternity Dress seen earlier, a highly seductive design on Miss Olson's softly sensual figure. The neckline sits alluringly low on the model's buxom contours, accentuating her heavy voluptuousness.

Click to enlarge

Every viewer's heart pounds to see the rapacious expression that Kelsey adopts for this photograph, a look that would be carnal, were it not mitigated by the innately angelic qualities of the model's fair features and delicate, snow-white skin tone. Her physique appears sensually soft, without any trace of unfeminine muscle tone, but naturally shaped into a womanly form through well-fed embonpoint.

Click to enlarge

However, the most exciting element of all in the new campaign is the behind-the-scenes video embedded below. Watch for countless thrilling views of Miss Olson modelling the SWAK outfits, including an even better impression of the size-16/18 richness of her figure than the still images provide.

Bravo to Sealed with a Kiss for selecting the stunning Kelsey Olson, a true plus-size model, to showcase its latest designs, and for shooting her in an idyllic outdoor setting that harmonizes with her natural beauty. The result is a visual tour de force.

(Click images to view larger.)

- View the complete SWAK editorial here
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Old 10th May 2013   #2
M. Lopez
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Default Re: Kelsey Olson: In the Garden

Absolutely stunning pictorial. In addition to the above images, SWAK also recently released a few behind-the-scenes photos that captivate the senses.

This one took my breath away. I'm amazed that it wasn't included in the actual lookbook.

The photographer in action, catching Kelsey in a sensual pose.

A close-up of Kelsey in the above photo.

The video showed the model showing off a number of items in colour, as well as the black-and-white pieces in the lookbook. I wonder if that will constitute a new pictorial in the future? Here's a behind-the-scenes photo showing Kelsey in one of those looks.

And this image just showed up with a SWAK e-mail, and was clearly part of the same shoot. Kelsey has always looked enchanting in pink.

The lush, green locations set off both the black-and-white dresses and the colourful pieces so well, that I can't understand why any label would ever shoot in a studio. Beautiful photos, gorgeous model!
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Old 24th May 2013   #3
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Default Kelsey Olson, Queen of May

Here's another lovely image of Kelsey that was clearly shot as part of the same session that produced the "In the Garden" lookbook.

The purple dress stands out richly against the emerald green setting.

Sealed with a Kiss has also now released a number of behind-the-scenes photos of its next campaign, which promises to be even more beautiful than the garden series.

First, a few shots of Miss Olson being beautified for the shoot.

I love how she fixes the camera with those big, big, huge blue eyes of hers. Doll-like eyes, for real.

So gorgeous! Crowned with flowers, like a May Queen. This picture reminds me of the Crowning of Mary ceremonies that Catholic schools once held during May (perhaps they still do?), where a statue of the Blessed Virgin was crowned with a floral tiara and led on procession. But never was there a painting or statue of Mary as fair as Kelsey's visage. So angelic indeed.

♪ O Mary we crown thee with blossoms today!
Queen of the angels. Queen of the May. ♪

Even these behind-the-scenes pictures look like something out of a dream. I can't even begin to imagine how lovely the actual look book will be.

Ever so adorable, with a tribute of flowers at her feet, and even a white picket fence in the background.


Larger still!: https://fbcdn-sphotos-d-a.akamaihd....835524564_o.jpg

I am absolutely in love with these pictures. The campaign of which they are a part is sure to be a work of wonder and beauty.

Here's a little write-up about the Marian tradition:

And here's the "Bring Flowers of the Rarest" song as a video, accompanied by many images of the Crowning of Mary tradition:

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Default Re: Kelsey Olson: In the Garden

Earlier today, Sealed with a Kiss published a screenshot of one of the images from their most recent shoot with Kelsey, showing our May Queen crowned with blossoms.

I'm captivated by this picture. I love how the pink lip colour and even the pink eyeshadow picks up the hue of her sweater. Her skin is as white as snow, with just a hint of natural flush. It definitely calls to mind the Crowning of Mary tradition that Pamela mentioned, especially because Kelsey's skin is immaculately fair and her eyes such heavenly blue.

And pictures of the Queen of Heaven have long had a sensual component. In his Gothic novel The Monk (1796), M.G. Lewis features a passage in which the title character, a friar, gazes upon a painting of Mary, admiring its loveliness.

He fixed his eyes upon a picture of the Virgin, which was suspended opposite to him: This for two years had been the object of his increasing wonder and adoration. He paused, and gazed upon it with delight.

"What Beauty in that countenance!" he continued after a silence of some minutes; "How graceful is the turn of that head! What sweetness, yet what majesty in her divine eyes! How softly her cheek reclines upon her hand! Can the Rose vie with the blush of that cheek? Can the Lily rival the whiteness of that hand? Oh! if such a Creature existed, and existed but for me! Were I permitted to twine round my fingers those golden ringlets, and press with my lips the treasures of that snowy bosom! Never was Mortal formed so perfect as this picture.
But for the reference to "ringlets," every word in the passage could apply to this image of Kesley:

Full size:

The screenshot also features thumbnails of several more masterpieces from the shoot, each adorable, each enchanting.

I am breathless with anticipation to see the complete results from this shoot.
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