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Old 15th May 2013   #1
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Default Valerie: Summer at Zizzi

Everyone who follows the plus-size fashion industry has been fascinated by the modelling trajectory of lovely Valerie Lefkowitz. She began her career at the outskirts of the plus spectrum, then alternatively blossomed into a superior size and diminished herself, time and again. When she was at her curviest, at a full size 18, she was indisputably the industry's most gorgeous model--for while it is true that all goddesses become lovelier as they acquire fuller proportions, but lessen in beauty as they decrease in size, never is this phenomenon more evident than in Valerie's case.

Over the past season, Valerie has once again acquired more opulent curves, sufficiently so that Wilhelmina now lists her as a size 16, while Wilhelmina L.A. even bills her at a size 16/18. Furthermore, images from clients such as Macy's and Catherine's prove that her developing figure is authentic, not the consequence of artificial enhancement.

All of this has resulted in the newest campaign from Danish plus-size fashion label Zizzi, which constitutes, quite possibly, the best work of Valerie's career.

Although Zizzi's latest magalog has not yet been released, the first photographs from its summer promotion have already seen the light of day, headlined by the following masterpiece, which is without a doubt one of the finest images of plus-size beauty ever created--in this or any century. The width and fullness around the model's middle is overwhelmingly alluring. The viewer perceives the generous womanliness of her luscious hips--a quality that Valerie has always possessed--but even beyond that, a seductive swell at the midsection. She exhibits a richer voluptuousness in this image than ever before. The feminine lace dress lovingly clings to every well-fed curve of her body, showing off her opulent physique. The image conveys a palpable sense of sensual weight about the model's figure, a comfortably indulged embonpoint that confirms her as a living goddess. Her lidded gaze is dreamy and romantic. Her arms, bared by the sleeveless dress, appear round and soft, while her golden hair flutters over her face in a bewitching manner, even as the sun gilds her tresses in a heavenly light. She is as celestial as an angel, yet as substantial as a Rubens goddess. In the background, the entire world appears to be in bloom, opening into full flower as much as the model herself appears to have blossomed.

Click to enlarge

The above photograph recently graced the cover page, as did the picture below, which, though somewhat more conventional, is also a marvellous presentation of Valerie's blonde beauty. The way in which she plunges her hand into her golden hair is breathtaking, as it enacts just the sort of tactile appreciation that the viewer longs to perform. Her gaze is present and intent, yet still feminine, rather than unappealingly aggressive. The sunlight bathes her in a divine radiance, as if it too were in love with her. The gentle pink lip colour harmonizes with her baby-blue eyes, while attentive viewers will notice her delightfully girlish nail colour (which is even clearer in the larger version of the image, viewable by clicking on the photo). Note too the one white blossom beside her, which has turned, not towards the daylight, but towards Valerie herself, as if drawing even more sustenance from her radiant beauty than it would from the sun, which she outshines.

Click to enlarge

The following photograph rivals even the Zizzi cover image as the most pro-curvy picture of the campaign. As Justine Legault's Elle Quebec cover inaugurated, 2013 is the year of full, plus-size thighs, and in this coy pose, Valerie finds a novel way of showing off her own. Her opulent thighs fill her tight skirt to capacity, shaping the denim around her full legs, while the abbreviated length of the skirt allows the model to flash a tantalizing glimpse of bare flesh. Meanwhile, her blouse acknowledges soft curves along her back. The model's expression is overtly alluring, in keeping with the teasing way in which she exhibits her seductive legs. There is a steamy look of desire in her eyes, a rapaciousness that her angelic qualities only somewhat mitigate. The lush, natural world around her corresponds with her own fecundity, the pink flowers open wild and wide.

Click to enlarge

A smaller but wider view of the same image is also available. The fertile grass becomes a kind of natural carpeting upon which she reposes so seductively.

Click to enlarge

Scarcely less ravishing is the following image, which bares a tantalizing glimpse of Valerie's bare legs--perhaps the most gorgeous legs of any plus-size model in the industry today, so sensually heavy, so full and substantial, shaped into feminine softness entirely via the model's self-indulgence, free of any hint of unattractive muscle tone. Valerie's balletic movement allows her skirt to unfurl gracefully in the breeze, while her expression is correspondingly languishing and dreamy. Her bare arms appear soft and rounded. Even her tresses flow lazily down her back.

Click to enlarge

Another widescreen shot displays more of the greenery around Valerie. She appears to inhabit a dream-world, an Arcadian paradise where only a goddess as beautiful as she can dwell, and of which only the luckiest mortals are permitted to catch a glimpse.

Click to enlarge

Those who have followed Valerie's career over the years will recall how often she has been pictured with flowers in her hands, from lone long-stemmed blossoms to pretty bouquets. But never before have her arms enfolded such a profusion of flora as this. Like an operatic soprano, who, at the end of a performance, is awarded a bouquet for a stellar performance, or a beauty-contest winner who is similarly granted a clutch of flowers when she is deemed the fairest of them all, Valerie holds her bounty in her arms. The sheer mass of blossoming flora appears to correspond to the model's own richer loveliness: the size and quantity of the flowers in her hands have increased in direct proportion to the increased fullness of her own physique. One imagines a hundred ardent admirers picking every flower in the garden and presenting them to her, to court her favour, while she enjoys the fruits of their infatuation, loving every floral gift to which her beauty entitles her.

Click to enlarge

A second, smaller image provides a better view of the model's hips and thighs, which her animal-print skirt holds in such a tight embrace, defining the decadent fullness of her figure. In her teen years, Valerie was ever associated with springtime, but now, with her richer physique, she is summer personified, in all of its full-blown splendour.

Click to enlarge

A profile image of the model employs the natural background in the same manner as did SWAK's recent garden-themed editorial: because the outfit is black and white (apart from the red shoes), the photographer allows the vivid natural hues of the setting, from the deep-green leaves to the vibrant pink blossoms, to inject the composition with colour. The joy in her own being that Valerie radiates is infectious.

Click to enlarge

An over-the-shoulder close-up find the model fixing the viewer with an enigmatic look. The crocheted detail in her white blouse is splendidly feminine, an Old World element that gives he top an appealingly vintage quality.

Click to enlarge

The wider view of the same image is yet more captivating, including more of the bucolic setting in which Valerie is nestled, as if she were the loveliest blossom in the entire garden, even as the plump roses open up around her, their petals as pink as her pouty mouth. The lens flare suggests that her beauty is so dazzling that the viewer is almost blinded by its radiance.

Click to enlarge

Zizzi offers two views of Valerie in the following peasant blouse--so delicate and traditionally feminine, just like the model herself. In the first photograph, she provocatively wears it low, thus exposing a heady glimpse of her bare shoulders, gently caressed by her blonde tresses. The tight denim defines her womanly hips.

Click to enlarge

In the second, Valerie strides forward, thus exhibiting her full thighs, even as she gently strokes her golden hair, just as the viewer would long to do. The thin, white fabric glows in the sunlight, like the wings of an angel.

Click to enlarge

Another close-up finds Valerie channelling Doutzen Kroes, though to be sure, Victoria's Secret's finest model, pretty as she is, cannot hold a candle to this plus-size goddess. The modest composition teases with the barest glimpse of the model's décolletage and bare arms.

Click to enlarge

Even in a more conventional, casual outfit, Valerie manages to present herself as if she were wearing the most delectable fashion imaginable. Once again, the natural hues of the setting add colour to an image, where the outfit itself is chromatically limited.

Click to enlarge

Not only are fans eagerly awaiting the next issue of Zizzi's magalog to see further photographs from this captivating shoot, but they are especially hoping that the label will release a video, showing behind-the-scenes footage of the making of this campaign. Judging by the images published thus far, it is likely to be Zizzi's finest video to date.

Click to enlarge

A final picture from the campaign shows Valerie in a maxi dress, the most appealing aspect of which is that it bares the model's full, rounded arms and emphasizes her newfound voluptuousness. The barefoot pose helps to convey the impression of the model as being at one with nature, entirely at ease in this paradisaical environment.

Click to enlarge

Not the profusion of colours in the flowers growing amid the greenery--yellows and pinks and citrus blossoms, corresponding to the hues of Valerie's dress, even as the brown in the garment corresponds to the earth in which they grow.

Click to enlarge

Bravo to Zizzi for an absolutely outstanding summer campaign, featuring images that are both stunningly size positive, celebrating Valerie's luscious size-16 physique, and lyrically beautiful, set in gorgeous natural locations that harmonize with the model's own natural loveliness.

And kudos to Valerie for once again blossoming into a true goddess. Fans earnestly hope that she will retain (or augment) her current plus-size proportions, thanks to which she once again joins the ranks of the world's most gorgeous full-figured models.

(Click images to view larger.)

- Zizzi online

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Old 28th May 2013   #2
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Default Re: Valerie: Summer at Zizzi

Without a doubt, these are some of the most beautiful images Valerie has ever created. Breathtaking.

I was thrilled to see the most gorgeous photo of all, the one showing her in the white lace dress, her womanly hips and full waist so lovingly on display, her buxom voluptuousness so prominent, on the cover of the new Navabi e-zine.

I love how her golden hair wafts along her face, and how soft and rounded her figure appears.

This picture is so dreamlike and mesmerizing.

Several other Zizzi photos of Valerie show up in a beautiful editorial. Navabai might have reproduced the colours even better than Zizzi itself. The flowers in the background are such a pretty complement to the model's beauty.

This page shows her with that magnificent, outrageous bouquet. Talk about nature in full bloom.

I adore how much girlish delight Valerie exudes in her photos.

The profile view also suggests the fullness of her hips and at her middle, with the ever-so-snug pants. Finally, plus-size fashion is starting to embrace a body-conscious fit.

"I'm an angel on Earth," Valerie is saying. Yes, yes you are.

Another page shows Valerie letting her skirt flutter in the wind. Here she looks more sensually languid and graceful.

Her legs are so softly rounded, so beautifully shaped by natural fullness.

I too hope that Zizzi will released a behind-the-scenes video showing the making of this shoot. It may be the label's all-time most gorgeous campaign, and a career high for Valerie, who has never looked lovelier.
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Default Re: Valerie: Summer at Zizzi

One of Zizzi's images of Valerie also currently graces the Navabi cover page.

Such a lovely photo, with the model running her hand through her long, fair hair.

A larger version also appears on the "New Arrivals" landing page.

It seems that Navabi is doing more with these beautiful images than Zizzi itself! Still, I hold out hope for a making-of video. That would be breathtaking...
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Old 9th July 2013   #4
M. Lopez
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Default Re: Valerie: Summer at Zizzi

Wonderful to see yet more Valerie at

The previous issue of the Navabi e-zine features a host of images of Valerie from last summer's Zizzi campaign:

Among them is this lovely image, which made the Zizzi magazine cover, showing Valerie with soft, full arms:

This week's issue features a larger version of the most pro-curvy picture in this year's Zizzi campaign...

...showing Valerie in a short denim skirt:

Her thighs appear luscious and full, even as she coyly half-hides, half reveals her sumptuous legs.

Full size:

Zizzi itself also recently featured Valerie on its cover page, in two more images from its summer campaign:

Full size:

I love how this peasant blouse bares her white shoulders, over which her golden hair flows, illuminated by the sunlight.

Full size:

She's without a doubt at the very peak of her beauty right now. What a pity that Zizzi never released a video for the making of this year's summer campaign, as it has in its past promotions.
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