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Old 26th May 2013   #1
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Default Katherine Roll in the Orchard

Is there still any doubt that Katherine Roll is the most gorgeous plus-size model in the industry today?

None will remain, once the world sees the result of her latest test shoot with Dani Fine Photography.

This is easily one of the most stunning images that any plus-size model has ever created. Could it even be the loveliest picture of all time? Quite possibly. It is timeless beauty brought to life.

Miss Roll is shown lounging on a cozy blanket in the middle of an apple orchard, perhaps the prettiest location in all the world--thanks to her presence in it. A carpet of emerald grass stretches off into infinity behind her, with deeper, more majestic woods farther off. Most enchanting of all, apple trees festooned with delicate white blossoms parade in noble rows throughout this landscape, like a Romantic painting come to life, or a vision of Heaven itself.

But not even Heaven could be as lovely as this.

Katherine herself looks more gorgous than the mind can comprehend. The heart races madly at the sight of her luscious perfection. Garbed only in nude intimate apparel, she exhibits a dizzying expanse of bare flesh, which looks baby-soft to the touch. Her arms, prominently displayed, appear as shapely as those of a Classical sculpture; even her forearms look full and rounded. Her ample voluptuousnes swells out of her figure-embracing garment. Her butter-blonde tresses cascade over her naked shoulders and down across her chest in a heavy, lazy, luxurious mass of spun gold--truly the locks of a princess--as she caresses them in an alluring manner. The crease of flesh at the model's neck is even more intensely sensual, testifying to her lavish embonpoint. Her angelic facial features exhibit a replete, well-fed look that is utterly intoxicating.

Click to enlarge

The model's ample reverse-view curves are confidently on display, with the pretty blanket covering them, as if to draw attention to the opulent fullness of her physique. But perhaps loveliest of all are the model's legs, so soft and full, as round and fleshy as the limbs of a plump infant, surely the most beautiful legs any plus-size goddess has ever possessed. The bare-footed pose adds to the captivatingly childlike quality of Katherine's look, which excitingly plays off her the robust womanliness of her richly indulged body. Miss Roll's renowned modelling prowess is vividly evidenced by the soft, dreamy expression on her heavenly face, which communicates multiple qualities, at once a gentle vulnerability and an unselfconscious appetitiveness. Her steamy blue eyes are mesmerizing.

The persona that she creates is that of a lavishly indulged, seductively spoiled, soft, playful princess, who knows that the whole world is blessed by her presence in it, who is aware that her beauty entitles her to a life of ease and pleasure, who gets every pleasure she wants--and now wants more. She is the incarnation of desire in every man's heart, and the embodiment of beauty that all girls yearn to possess.

Click to enlarge

The fecund setting, showing nature in full bloom, harmonizes perfectly with Katherine's blossoming figure and her divine loveliness. Both the model and the landscape constitute the highest expressions of natural beauty.

Not even in their wildest dreams did the greatest masters of Western art, from Rubens to Titian, ever imagine that their artistic ideals could be incarnated in a human form as gorgeous and perfect as Katherine, as she appears in this image. The entire history of the Renaissance and Baroque is discernible in this one, real-life masterpiece, a study in plus-size beauty such as has never before been seen. And only Katherine Roll, with her sumptuous pulchritude, could possibly have created it.

We eagerly look forward to further images from this shoot--though we remain unsure whether any human being can stand the sight of so much loveliness, beyond anything we have ever dreamed.

- Dani Fine Photography

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Old 27th May 2013   #2
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Default Re: Katherine Roll in the Orchard

I'd like to step into the world of this painting and inhabit it for life. It's the Arcadia of fable made real.

What a rapturous image. Katherine has never been lovelier (and that's saying something), and in this lush landscape, she has finally found an environment worthy of her beauty. I thought that her Rapunzel shoot would forever be my favourite photo series, but I suspect that the pictures from this series may surpass them. I can't wait to see them all. I hope there will be many. Many.

The most gorgeous images of plus-size models have long been compared with paintings by the Old Masters, but this new masterpiece from Katherine shows that it is actually possible to equal or even surpass the greatest depictions of feminine beauty in Western history -- so long as the model is gorgeous enough, and the location an idyllic paradise.
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Old 27th May 2013   #3
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Default Re: Katherine Roll in the Orchard

Absolutely spellbound by this image. I can't wait to see more from the shoot. It's like the picture is a realization of everything that readers here at the Judgment of Paris have been praising in plus-size fashion for years, from the voluptuous fullness of the model's physique to the figure-baring clothing to the bucolic setting.

There are so many little touches that make the photo so perfect. The fabrics on which Katherine lounges have a look that recalls baby blankets, which subconsciously associates her fair beauty with childlike innocence, even as her figure is so voluptuous and alluring. The fact that the trees are in blossom, rather than laden with mature fruit, also suggests precocious youth. It's such a gentle kind of sensuality, which is far more desirable than a more overt presentation. The way she's dressed is not racy at all, but because what flesh she does show is very soft and full, the effect is overwhelmingly seductive. And the outline of her body is so generously rounded- breathtaking. And without a doubt, her languidly surprised expression is the crowning touch.

Dying to see the rest of this series.
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Old 29th May 2013   #4
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Default Re: Katherine Roll in the Orchard

Every teaser image that previews Katherine Roll's latest test adds to the possibility that it may be the finest photo shoot that any plus-size model has ever created.

If the previous picture set viewers' hearts racing, then this addition is sure to give them a full-blown heart attack.

(But what a way to go.)

The image situates Katherine in the midst of a stunning, verdant landscape as gorgeous as the setting of a Romantic painting, showing lush fields and woodlands stretching off into the horizon, up to the base of a range of low mountains, with a magnificent cloud-sculpted sky soaring above. The woods show a rich variety of colours and shapes, from emerald-domed deciduous trees to darker-green confers rising majestically above the canopy. A little white hamlet nestles snugly in the midst of this verdant forest. In the foreground, a majestic tree stretches into the frame, its branches ornamented by fresh leaves, while depending from one of its branches is a picturesque swing, a charmingly rustic touch, just the kind in which one might image a young girl at play frolicking, enjoying the endless days of springtime.

But all of those details are secondary, mere icing on the cake, for as soon as the eye happens upon this image, it zeroes in on the spectacular sight of Katherine in the corner of the frame, her parasol open in just the manner that a Victorian princess might coquettishly twirl, but wearing something far, far more alluring than any 19th-century flirt would sport. The breath catches in one's throat as one discovers that, yes--unimaginably wonderous as this may seem--she might be wearing . . . pink two-piece bathing attire. And although her waist is teasingly hidden behind that parasol, the very thought of her soft middle on display makes one grow dizzy at the prospect. And the portions of her physique that Katherine does display are gorgeous beyond belief. Her arms appear seductively soft and rounded, replete with abundant fullness, the flesh sensually dimpled. Her heavy voluptuousness captivates the senses, buxom contours that are rich and natural. Generous reverse-view curves tantalizingly extend beyond the borders of her parasol, with which she coyly draws attention to her opulent physique as much as she veils it. Her magnificent blonde tresses drape in a thick, heavy ponytail down her back, as she reclines her head and allows the sunlight to bathe her angelic face in divine light. One last time the eye travels back to those plump arms, the most beautiful limbs in all creation.

This is, yet again, a more glorious depiction of natural beauty--both that of the model and of the environment which she blesses by her presence--than even the most celebrated paintings of Western history. This is the Renaissance brought to life, the Baroque made real, all because a goddess inhabits this terrestrial sphere and allows her well-fed beauty to be revealed to the world.

We can scarcely believe that these images exist, so lovely are they, and wait with breathless anticipation for more.

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Old 30th May 2013   #5
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Default Re: Katherine Roll in the Orchard

Miraculous. These images are as beautiful as anything I've ever seen in my life. The very thought of Katherine in two-piece intimate apparel or swim attire staggers the senses. Her pose is modest yet revealing, a thrilling tease. I've never looked forward to the release of any Hollywood movie as much as I'm eager to see the full results of this shoot.

Brilliant choice to go with pink, as well - not just because it's such a feminine colour, but also because it contrasts so richly with the green environment, as if they model herself is a beautiful flower amid the emerald landscape.

These are already my favourite pictures of what is surely the most curvaceous and gorgeous model in the industry. Looking at them is like seeing a paradise on earth.
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Old 1st June 2013   #6
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Default Re: Katherine Roll in the Orchard

How will the world ever survive the sight of so much beauty?

Each teaser image that is released from Katherine Roll's latest test with Dani Fine surpasses any picture from any photo shoot that has ever been created. It's as if every longing that aficionados of plus-size beauty have expressed over the years for a restoration of the timeless ideal was realized in this one, miraculous session.

This picture finds Miss Roll situated, once more, between the avenue of apple tress in full blossom. She has risen from her blanket and displays herself archly toward the viewer, bewitchingly positioning her figure in such a ways as to exhibit herself to best advantage, as if she were a sculptor forming her own body into the most delectable form. She most prominently showcases her bare arms, so luxuriously full, as smoothly rounded as the limbs of a marble statue. Even more tantalizing is the sight of the embonpoint along the model's back, a decadent suggestion that her soft flesh were escaping its confines and seductively swelling over the lip of her garment. The vixenish pose emphasizes the alluring abundance of her reverse-view curves, with her blanket closely defining those ample contours. Never has Katherine's voluptuousness appeared as luscious as this, with her blonde tresses cascading down her neck and over her buxom beauty, lingering there, drawing the eye toward the roundness of her prominent charms. Her facial features appear well-fed and replete, while her gaze is the steamiest that we have ever seen, a languid look that is imperious in its vanity, yet smoulders with a banked-down fire in those deep-blue eyes, a look that suggests a rapacious desire which the goddess feels no need to hide. She is well aware that her self-indulgence has fashioned the most gorgeous figure that any mortal woman has ever possessed, and with irresistible self-assurance, she displays the well-fed fullness of her physique, to enslave the viewer and subject him to her will.

Notice several other fascinating details in this image, not a single element of which is accidental, but, like a masterpiece of Western art, has compelling significance. The branches of the trees seem to be reaching out toward her, as if offering her floral tributes in acknowledgment of her status as the most beautiful goddess ever known. The books atop the picnic baskets remind the viewer that the history of European literature is filled with rapturous praise for precisely such opulent, feminine beauty as Katherine possesses--indeed, indicating that the greatest poems and novels in our history would never have been written, had the authors not been inspired by their hopeless longing for muses as fair-featured and lavishly proportioned as the intoxicating Miss Roll. The picnic setting adds to the idyllic charm of the photograph, suggesting a private world of delectation between the viewer and this angel, an afternoon's pleasure in a secret corner of paradise on earth. And in a touch of especially delightful sauciness, note that there are two picnic baskets, an alluring intimation of the generous appetite that the goddess possesses, the unchecked penchant for self-indulgence by which she has attained such robust beauty.

The finest tests or editorials that other models have created in the past have included lone elements that appear here, but never before has a photo shoot combined all of the most captivating elements of the timeless ideal and merged them into a single vision of unparalleled perfection, most especially because of Katherine's sumptuous loveliness. The entire history of plus-size modelling has existed to lead to this triumph. And only Katherine could have brought it to fruition.

- Katherine Roll Gallery

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Old 2nd June 2013   #7
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Default Re: Katherine Roll in the Orchard

Okay, the anticipation is killing me -- it's time to see the full set! I also can't wait to see the images in their full aspect ratio rather than in the Instagram cropped, square version.

This pictures perfectly encapsulate the kind of beautiful world that the fashion industry could be. Imagine: magazine covers, editorial layouts, and commercial campaigns filled with models as full-figured as Katherine, photographed in lush natural locations like this, wearing fashion that celebrates the curvy figure. It would be like the present fashion world turned upside-down, inverted, and made right, made the way it always should have been.

These images are so very, very sensual, yet paradoxically, they're wholesome as well. And Katherine has never been more gorgeous. It's as if the loveliness of the environment around her brings out her true beauty, more than ever before.
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Old 11th June 2013   #8
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Default Re: Katherine Roll in the Orchard

The wait was worth it.

The first finished, professional versions of Katherine's images from her shoot with Dani Fine Photography have now been released, and the predictions were correct: this is the most beautiful test shoot that any plus-size model has ever created.

Here, at last, is the true version of the first image in this thread, shown in its proper aspect ratio and free of colour filtering. (We did our best to remove the filtering in the two images that were previously posted, but nothing can compare with true, natural hues, as these images demonstrate.) The wider view encompasses more of the lush, green landscape, and positions the model's ample reverse-view curves in the centre of the frame, as the focus of the viewer's captivated attention.

Click to enlarge

Below is the second image of Katherine in this gorgeous landscape, as seen earlier. Once more, the natural colours render this picture a thousand times more attractive than it appeared before, in its filtered state, while the true aspect ratio lets more of the enchanting white blossoms into the frame.

Click to enlarge

The glimpse of soft fullness along Katherine's back, escaping from the confines of her garment and swelling out in an abundance of feminine embonpoint, is glorious to behold.

Click to enlarge

But by far the most gorgeous image yet to emerge from this once-in-a-lifetime photo shoot is the following picture, seen here for the first time. There can be no sight in all creation lovelier than the view of the abundant fleshiness at Katherine's neck and shoulder area, along with her generous voluptuousness, barely encompassed by her tight garment. The arm upon which she leans with an alluring weightiness appears seductively full, not a hint of unattractive muscle on view, its soft shape ideally feminine, formed to perfection by uninhibited indulgence. Her luscious thighs surpass even those of Justine Legault (displayed to such great acclaim by Elle Québec) in sumptuous fullness. The manner in which Katherine caresses her legs intensifies the sensuality of the image, as it enacts a form of tactile appreciation that the viewer would long to perform. Perhaps most alluring of all, the model's garment struggles to contain her opulent 38" waist, hinting at a seductive swell of roundness at her middle. Katherine's heavy tresses cascade over her bare shoulder in thick waves, in a loose, half-uncurled fashion that appears sensually indolent--a quality that the model's languorous pose also conveys, creating an impression of the model as a lover of pure pleasure, comfortable in her feminine lassitude. Her blue eyes have never before sparkled as much as they do in this photograph, while her smile is effortlessly charming, a warm, welcoming expression that accepts the viewer's ardent worship of her and is pleased by the adoration. The infant-like qualities of the fabric on which she reposes, as well as the blanket that negligently wraps around her person, add to the allure of the photograph, conveying as they do a subconscious association with babylike innocence, even as the model's figure appears so well-fed and robust. Observe how much beauty the lilacs in the corner add to the composition, playing off against the lush greenery of the background.

Click to enlarge

Incredibly, even though the above image may be the most beautiful picture that any plus-size model has ever created, the following photograph could have been even lovelier--if only it had been in colour. In a landscape as Arcadian as this, with the purple flowers playing off against the green fields and white blossoms, and the baby-blue blanket complementing the model's butter-blonde tresses, the loss of colour is lamentable. However, observe that Katherine's pose in this picture is even more alluring than in the previous picture. Her magnificent voluptuousness appears yet more buxom, while her lavish thighs look even richer. Her facial features exhibit a hint of a seductive curve under the chin. Little wonder that plus-size models are likened to goddesses, for as these images demonstrate, Katherine's opulent body is a miracle of creation.

Click to enlarge

Another new image has been released from the shoot, and while, once again, one regrets that it appears in black and white rather than colour, it is nevertheless utterly enchanting. It shows Katherine wearing nothing but intimate apparel and a veil, gazing earnestly at the viewer as she brushes away a blossom-adorned tree limb. In her left hand (though the photographer's logo somewhat obscures the view) she appears to hold a bridal bouquet. Her golden hair escapes from beneath her veil and flows along her bare skin. She seems immersed in the beauty of nature, as if all of this earthly paradise existed but to frame her loveliness. Above all, it is her expression which stirs the heart, a look of such tender vulnerability and openness mixed with an undercurrent of carnal desire, that the viewer is spellbound. Katherine epitomizes the dream-bride of every man's most ardent fantasies, at once innocent and angelic, yet appetitive and sensual as well, a young girl ready to blossom into womanhood, just as the fruit will emerge from the flowers on the branches.

Click to enlarge

The last of the newest series of images from Katherine's shoot takes us indoors to gaze upon the model in a bedroom environment. Dressed in black, lacy unmentionables, she herself takes on a delicate quality to complement the attire, looking flirtatious and irresistible as she coquettishly plays with her princess-like tresses, a glimmer of mischief in her eyes. The angle of the photograph provides a glimpse of her décolletage, while the model's forward-leaning position on the bedcovers is a playful kind of invitation, a tease, inflaming the viewer's imagination and longing, even as the goddess smiles, pleased to see how much power she has over her ardent suitor.

Click to enlarge

These images fully confirm Katherine's shoot with Dani Fine as the loveliest plus-size-model test ever seen, the images of which are equal in loveliness to the finest paintings of Western art. Katherine Roll is a true goddess, with the most desirable figure of any of today's full-figured models. These pictures, at last, situate her in a natural dreamscape that is worthy of her timeless beauty.

(Click images to view larger.)

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Default Re: Katherine Roll in the Orchard

Well, that settles it for me. Best. Photoshoot. Ever.

I was vacillating between this and Katherine's Rapunzel series, but the latest images have confirmed it for me. Nothing else I've ever seen can equal the beauty of these images.

This, in particular, is my all-time favourite photo of any plus-size model.

Katherine's graceful, legs-crossed, hips-accentuating pose reminds me of numerous paintings in the Judgment of Paris Pinacotheca, such as The Origin of the Red Rose, by Johann August Nahl:

Or Venus Disarming Cupid, by Allesandro Allori

But Katherine's picture is even more gorgeous than those masterpieces. I want to live in the world of that photograph. It's heaven on earth. At the very least, I want to live in a world where images like that are the fashion-industry standard, where magazines and commercial campaigns feature models as gorgeous and curvaceous and Katherine, photographed in locations as stunning as this.

I adore the rich, natural colours, to say nothing of the model's luscious figure. Her blue eyes are like glittering sapphires.

But there must be more. There must be. I hope every single picture that the photographer took of Katherine on this day will be published -- or at least as many of them as possible. I'm dying to see a full-size, unfiltered version of that parasol photograph teased earlier in this thread, for example, along with other pictures of Katherine in that adorable outfit.
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Old 22nd June 2013   #10
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Default Re: Katherine Roll in the Orchard

The professional versions of the images prove it: Absolutely no question in my book that this is the most gorgeous plus-size-model photo shoot ever, and that Katherine Roll is now the industry's most subversively gorgeous and talented model. I don't think it will ever be equalled. Now, if only we could see more pictures from the session, such as the final proofs of Katherine in her adorable pink swim attire.

Incidentally, I see that the fans have spoken and now confirmed Katherine as "fairest of them all":

The tribute is well deserved. Her photo shoots are consistently the most pro-curvy, most attractively styled, and set in the loveliest locations, and Katherine herself is timeless beauty personified.
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