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Default Another Side of Sophie Sheppard

Rumour has it that gorgeous plus-size model Sophie Sheppard, size 16/18 (38d-39-49), recently shot a new test series that will astound all of her fans.

As we wait for this promised set of masterpieces, we thought it worth sharing a different test that Miss Sheppard shot a few months ago, featuring the model as seen through the lens of New York photographer Patrick Randak (

Alas, this shoot comprised a studio session rather than an outdoor series, but nevertheless, the pictures dramatically showcase Sophie's wondrous beauty.

By far the most pro-curvy (and therefore most significant photograph) in the group is the following, which shows the model in profile. Her top fits tightly over her well-fed physique, defining her most sensual figure feature--her opulent 39" waist--as well as her prominent voluptuousness. So alluringly snug is her shirt that it can barely fasten around her body, held precariously by just one, straining button, with her buxom contours and rounded middle seductively struggling to escape. The blouse also closely defines her luscious upper arms, so soft and full. Her expression is aristocratically self-assured, as if she is saying, "Yes, I have sumptuously swelling curves, and you and I both know that they make me a goddess of desire."

Click to enlarge

A second photograph of the model from a similar angle, but with Sophie adopting a different pose, finds her looking regal and elegant, even statuesque, with a darkly alluring look in her eyes. Her tresses flow over her shoulders in luxurious, refined waves.

Click to enlarge

The photographer comes in closer (and who can blame him?) to watch as his muse passionately clutches her golden tresses, just as the viewer would long to do, as if she were enraptured by her own beauty. She fixes the camera with a steamy look, lips parted, blonde hair tumbling down her back.

Click to enlarge

A view from the opposite side shows Sophie adopting the highly engaging "modest model" pose, eyes cast downward, as if she were caught in the throes of ravishment. The open blouse discloses a seductive view of her decolletage. Grace and sensuality mix in this image, and the result is a potent combination.

Click to enlarge

Just one outdoor image finds its way into this photo set, an attractive outlier that is actually the most beautiful picture of the series, and has the richest narrative component. Sophie's luxurious, heavy tresses come to life with just a whisper of wind. The lacy outfit is highly feminine, and has a far more appealing Old World quality than any of the other wardrobe items in this test. Sophie's milky skin tone is exquisitely fair, a peaches-and-cream complexion that is enchantingly soft, and all the more attractive for how it exhibits the sensual fullness in her facial features. The steely waters of the river and the New York cityscape behind her add drama and atmosphere. The city may be contemporary, but, as exhibited by her robust appearance and her vintage attire, Miss Sheppard herself is a timeless beauty, like a Victorian damsel in the midst of the modern world.

Click to enlarge

Back into the studio we go for more images, the first showing Sophie in an eye-catching colour, a lime green that sets itself off effectively against her luminously fair skin. Sophie's pouty smile is delightful minx-like and self-satisfied, while the outfit bares her rounded limbs. Her pose is flirtatious and dynamic, without suggesting any unattractive exertion.

Click to enlarge

If the outfit that Miss Sheppard wears in the next three images looks familiar, it should: it is the same Cult of California peplum dress that turned up in the recent "Cult of Kelsey" post on this forum, discussing Miss Olson's catalogue work for CofC. Fans can compare how these two fair-haired goddesses present the item in question and decide for themselves which enchantress created the most memorable images.

Click to enlarge

The next image shows how the fitted dress defines a hint of an alluring swell at the model's middle. Her golden tresses flow over the black fabric like masses of heavy jewellery.

Click to enlarge

A particularly becoming aspect of the dress is its sheer sleeves, which exhibit Sophie's bewitchingly soft, full arms. The model is clearly aware of just how alluring are her rounded limbs, as she deliberately shows them off via this pose--which also celebrates her womanly 49" hips. The viewer is entranced not only by the seductive embonpoint of her figure, but also by her sapphire blue eyes, which penetrate deeply into his soul, demanding his unabashed worship. A goddess with a figure such as this is . . . omnipotent.

Click to enlarge

However, while opulent glamour is very much in Miss Sheppard's aristocratic nature, she also effortlessly transitions into a more approachably comfortable beauty, as seen in the next image. The model's tresses, even thicker and fuller than before, exhibit an intoxicating measured messiness, spilling in a profusion of golden magnificence every which way about her shoulders. Her coral top appears cozy--and suggests that the figure beneath is equally cuddly. With her deep blue eyes gazing earnestly at the viewer, she seems to be passively expecting adoration, ready to be beloved.

Click to enlarge

A full-length of the model in the same outfit finds her looking playful and relaxed, casually brushing back those doll-like golden tresses, her face beaming with the ease of a princess who knows that, having ensnared the souls of her admirers, she can let herself go and be effortlessly beautiful, her spell of captivation never to be broken. "Just look at how pretty I am," she seems to say. The pullover discloses a sensual swell at her middle, suggesting the riches of her 39" waist.

Click to enlarge

A tight close-up of Sophie in this sweater emphasizes the beauty of her facial features, and especially highlights her cheekbones, which are captivatingly rounded, thanks to an ideal mixture of lovely bone structure underneath and facial fullness, which softens the cheeks. Her expression is docile and yielding, passive and tranquil, an effect heightened by her ocean-blue eyes. Her hair cascades in a calm, leisurely manner over her shoulders, as, with soothing laziness, she strokes her fingers through those golden tresses.

Click to enlarge

And now, for the most fun of all, the next three pictures of Sophie in a citrus top show a different side of her than fans have hitherto experienced. She lets herself not only be playful, but even a bit silly--in that regard, reminiscent of Valerie Lefkowitz. Because Sophie is so ravishingly gorgeous, though, she still comes off as mesmerizing, even when she's having fun. First, she purses her lips, as if barely suppressing all-out laughter . . .

Click to enlarge

. . . then, she kicks her leg up just a little, eyes glittering, countnance beaming, her whole person fairly bursting with energy . . .

Click to enlarge

. . . and finally, she kicks up her leg all the way and adopts an entertainingly astonished, "You've caught me" look, as if she had just done something terribly naughty and was surprised--but not unpleasantly so--at being nabbed in the act; in fact, highly delighted to be discovered in the midst of mischief-making. Whose heart can fail to be gladdened by her girlish glee?

Click to enlarge

Two final headshots appear as part of the set, the first a direct look into the deep blue of Sophie's eyes. Observe how large are her pupils, as if the photographer had taken this picture in the darkest night, despite the well-let look of the background. The model's abundant tresses drape over her shoulders, framing her face in heavy curtains of gold. Even in this direct gaze, there is an undercurrent of vulnerability that is highly appealing, a touch of fragility which makes every viewer want to protect her and cherish her and take care of her.

Click to enlarge

Seen from an angle, Sophie appears a tad more self-possessed, yet still exhibits so much sweetness in her demeanour, a lingering youthfulness that heightens her appeal. Her complexion is immaculate, flawless in its peaches-and-cream fairness.

Click to enlarge

Bravo to Miss Sheppard for this marvellous test series. Each of the photographs is attractive, but the first image in this thread stands out as especially accomplished, owing to its size-celebratory qualities in showcasing the opulent fullness at the model's waist, even as she exhibits an ultra-vain, self-satisfied bearing. The headshot presenting the model against the New York skyline is also particularly captivating, thanks especially to its being photographed outdoors rather than in the studio, and thanks to the enchanting, lacy attire, which brings out Sophie's innately feminine nature and her soft, traditional loveliness.

We continue to look forward to Sophie's every success--an Old World beauty in the heart of the New.

(Click images to view larger.)

- Sophie Sheppard Interviewed

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Default Sophie Sheppard: Goldilocks

This test is quite attractive, though I do generally prefer outdoor locations, or photo shoots in opulent interiors, to studio sessions. The photograph by the water is lovely, and the first picture in the thread is splendidly pro-curvy. Sophie has a stunning figure.

But really, she's beautiful even in the most casual images. Many models these days have Instagram accounts and share their self-made photos, and while Instagram pictures have limited resolution (and worse, are often blighted by awful colour-filtering), they can also show different sides of models that one doesn't often get to see.

And they can be magic too. This picture, for example, is one of my favourite photos of Miss Sheppard ever, even more gorgeous than many of her professional magazine editorials. I adore it. It too my breath away when I saw it. Sophie's masses of thick, golden hair tumble down directly at the camera, as if smothering the viewer in golden beauty.

Wow. Just . . . wow. I know that Sophie's tresses are substantial, but never has any picture ever shown them looking as opulently gorgeous and princess-like as that amazing photo. My goodness, it should be a magazine tear sheet. It's incredible.

Anyway, here are a few more.

An extreme close-up in which Sophie's face is illuminated by the sun -- but looks as if it were lit from within, like the countenance of an angel.

Cinematic black-and-white.

After the colour-filtering is removed, this picture shows the amazing fairness of Sophie's complexion, with just a hint of flush. Also, may be the most endearing expression I've ever seen from her, a needy, helpless look. Irresistible. I wish she'd adopt it in her professional work.

Looking oh-so-young and pretty.

Those blue, blue eyes and pink lips -- like a living doll. Love the braid too.

Remember, these are just Instagram photos, yet Sophie looks lovelier in these than most models do even in their most elaborate professional photo sessions. Her beauty is miraculous.
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