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Old 19th June 2013   #1
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Default Kelsey: Flowers of the Fairest

After weeks of anticipation, Sealed with Kiss has now released its summer promotion, and the images have created a vision of paradise on earth.

A preview picture for the campaign features lovely size-16/18 enchantress Kelsey Olson in an ultra-feminine dress with a Classical wrap design at the bust and a deep-V neckline. The lush greenery of the natural world plays off against the delicate pink hue of the outfit, while the white blossoms in the background bloom in a profusion of white, as if in tribute to the model's beauty.

Click to enlarge

The cover image of the lookbook focusses more closely on Miss Olson's round facial features, fair skin, and soft, white limbs. The blossoms in her hair connect her to the splendours of nature around her, as if she were a woodland sylph, ethereal and gentle.

Click to enlarge

Another page in the lookbook finds Kelsey with a more emotionally rich, vulnerable look, an engagingly wounded quality troubling her facial features. Her fair tresses drape over her shoulders with a wildness that is much in keeping with the undomesticated charm of the outdoor world.

Click to enlarge

One further picture (albeit a small one) of Kelsey in this dress shows her ensconced amid the trees and showing off her full, white legs, as if she herself were the prettiest flower of creation, adorning this idyllic dreamscape.

Click to enlarge

Kelsey is ever at her most gorgeous when she adopts her neediest, most vulnerable looks. It is in such images that she becomes most irresistible, most archetypally feminine, when she looks helpless and in need of protection, as she does here, with her doe eyes so big and blue, her complexion so fair, and her voluptuousness so rich and generous. The languid manner in which she holds the tiny orchid in her fingers, as if she were in a dream state, is most endearing.

Click to enlarge

A triptych shows several more images of Miss Olson in this attire. Observe how much the floral coronet adds to the beauty of the pictures, not only in playing off against the lush, emerald setting, but in adding a splash of colour to what otherwise would be a monochrome outfit. Each of these pictures is charming, especially the full-length on the right, with the model adopting a romantic, faraway look.

Click to enlarge

Kelsey retains her floral crown in the following image as well, which shows her in an attractively abbreviated blue dress that acknowledges the sensual fullness at her waist. She appears utterly delighted with herself as she walks barefoot in the grass, while the white picket fence in the background is a pleasing nod to traditional Americana. The white blossoms at her feet and the lilac flowers in the trees add the crowning touch to a vision of pure loveliness.

Click to enlarge

Ah, but if Kelsey's tiara of flowers was a lovely accessory, the hairstyle in the following images is even more gorgeous, showing the model's fair tresses festooned with delicate blossoms, in the manner of an Angelo Asti charmer. The viewer longs to reach out and caress that fair hair. Miss Olson's legendary blue eyes appear especially huge and doll-like in this picture, while her demeanour is uniquely compelling, an appealingly passive, gentle, yet engaged look. Her perfect pink lips are slightly parted, her buxom curves full and magnificent, as displayed by her scoop neckline.

Click to enlarge

A second outfit modelled by Kesley as she wears this idyllic hairstyle shows her in the most doll-like look of the campaign, in a coral dress attractively embroidered and a tiered skirt. The natural setting is the ideal backdrop for this attractively unmodern, traditional dress, with the elaborately wrought chair-and-table set in the background complementing the ornamentation of the dress itself, not to mention the model's Victorian hairstyle--the elements harmonizing in a wonderfully historic presentation of beauty. Miss Olson's demeanour is bewitchingly needy and vulnerable: observe the delightful manner in which she plays with her dress, as a little girl might do.

Click to enlarge

One of the fascinating aspects of this campaign is how each hairstyle seems to bring out a different aspect of Kelsey's character. For the images in which Kelsey wears the regal, flowing style, shown above, she adopts a more elegant, ladylike mien, yet while wearing a lone daisy in her hair, she becomes more playful, as seen in this picture, in which she reposes, grinning, in the grass . . .

Click to enlarge

. . . or in this picture, in which she allows herself a moment of silliness.

Click to enlarge

The loose, flowing styles of the outfits means that these images aren't generally overt celebrations of size, however the following photograph has a commendably pro-curvy element, in how it shows Kelsey's denim fitting snugly around her thighs. The emerald-green setting adds much-needed colour to the presentation of a dark outfit.

Click to enlarge

This tiny picture may be our favourite photograph of the entire campaign, with Kelsey looking adorable in angelic white, playing with her golden tresses in a coquettish manner, beaming with pleasure. The hairstyle is utterly gorgeous, the blossom in the hair being a winning touch.

Click to enlarge

So many elements make the following photograph a masterpiece, especially the way in which the sunlight illuminates Kelsey's white sweater, making it seem as if she herself were glowing with a divine radiance. The pots and stone sculptures around her give the image Classical associations, as if she were ensconced in an Arcadian paradise. The wall of dark ivy behind her gives the image a touch of mystery and sets off the lighter hues of her outfit. The purple hue of her top contrasts richly with the greenery of her surroundings, while its scoop neckline exhibits a heady view of the model's plump décolletage.

Click to enlarge

For the last outfit in the new SWAK collection, Kelsey once again dons her floral crown, then gives us three fascinating poses, more dramatic than those in any of the other pictures in the campaign. First, at the top left, she channels her inner operatic diva, with graceful arm movements. Next, below that, she offers the viewers a long look at her ample décolletage, exhibiting herself in a seductive manner. And finally, she bares her shapely white leg--for, in an outfit that lacks a body-conscious fit, the figure itself becomes the most compelling fashion accessory. The pink hue of the sweater plays off against the rich greenery of the location.

Click to enlarge

However, prior to releasing this promotion, SWAK issued a lone, unedited picture from the campaign as a teaser. And although we have done our best to remove the colour filtering of the published photos, nothing can come close to the beauty of original, unedited colour, as this picture demonstrates. Here, the model's peaches-and-cream complexion is fairest, the pink most vibrant, the flowers most colourful. Photographers, please take note: avoid colour filtering at all costs. Give us natural beauty.

Click to enlarge

The back cover of the lookbook shows Kelsey revisiting her playful mode, with a host of behind-the-scenes photos bordering the main photo. Most of these pictures have appeared on the forum before, however . . .

Click to enlarge

. . . this little photo is a must-see, with Kelsey seemingly caught in the middle of changing, surprised at being discovered in a state of undress--or coyly creating just such an impression to tease the viewer.

Click to enlarge

Bravo to Sealed with a Kiss for another outstanding lookbook set in a gorgeous outdoor location, where the charm of the halcyon setting harmonizes with the model's innate loveliness to create a harmonious depiction of natural beauty.

And kudos to Kelsey Olson, the embodiment of the timeless ideal, for creating yet another series of visual masterpieces.

(Click several of the images to view larger.)

- Sealed with a Kiss

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Old 21st June 2013   #2
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Default Kelsey at Midsummer

One of the reasons why I find this campaign so lovely -- and so appropriate to be viewed today, June 21st -- is that Kelsey's garland of flowers is a recognizable symbol of Midsummer, the pre-Christian celebration of the Summer Solstice, once observed throughout Europe and still a significant event in the Nordic nations such as Sweden. (The name survives in, for example, the name of one of Shakespeare's most famous plays, A Midsummer Night's Dream.)

This video gives a brief introduction to Midsummer, as celebrated in Sweden. Note the young girls with garlands in their hair.

An article about the celebration:

From Facebook, a baby Kelsey in Sweden today:

Garlands of many different sorts, on Midsommarflickor

Dancing around the Maypole, in the countryside:

The famous Maypole:

Given that plus-size models embody timeless ideals of beauty in defiance of the modern world -- which seeks to erase the heritage and identity of the Old World and its descendants -- I find it wonderful that Sealed with a Kiss paid tribute to this ancient holiday. Kelsey, crowned with flowers, with her fair, unmodern beauty, could belong to any past age of the Nordic peoples.

More about Midsummer:
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Default Re: Kelsey: Flowers of the Fairest

It's the Fourth of July, a date of great festivity for Americans, and to mark the occasion, SWAK has issued an e-mail flyer with the following graphic:

Kelsey looks lovey in her outfit, which acknowledges her full waist and buxom curves, and her tresses are golden and princess-like. And that is definitely a cause for celebration!
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Default Re: Kelsey: Flowers of the Fairest

Everyone who loved this look book will be delighted to see the behind-the-scenes video that Sealed with a Kiss released earlier today, showing the making of this enchanting shoot.

Kelsey looks so sweet and adorable with the flowers in her hair, both the floral wreath and the second look, in which the blossoms are interspersed with her tresses as they flow down her shoulders.

Watch for a pretty shot of Kelsey's arms at 1:41.

Altogether magical.
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