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Default Sophie Sheppard now with Wilhelmina

The news that we posted yesterday has now been confirmed: the venerable plus-size division of Ford New York has closed its doors.

"Epochal" would be an understatement to describe this development in full-figured fashion.

The most pressing matter now is, where will Ford's rather populous board of girls end up? Or to be more precise, where will the most gorgeous and important former Ford model, Sophie Sheppard, find New York representation?

We now have the answer.

Sophie has signed with Wihelmina New York.

There is something very fitting about this development, as the "Ford vs. Wilhelmina" battle for the New York plus-size market has been going on since the days of Mode magazine. Neither Coke vs. Pepsi, nor McDonald's vs. Burger King, nor Crest vs. Colgate have anything on this ageless duel.

In the end, it must be said, Wilhelmina won and Ford lost (given that Ford's New York plus-size division no longer exists), and Sophie might well be considered the winner's prize.

Nor could any prize be more glorious.

* * *

To mark the occasion, we have a new test shoot from Miss Sheppard to share, along with two new candid photographs. In fact, a comparison of the two image types will shortly prove to be highly instructive.

But first, the test itself. Shot by photographer Joe Odell, the most notable image in the series is the following, which acknowledges the model's womanly proportions and in particular, her magnificent, 49" hips. The top is also fitted enough to suggest the attractive fullness of Sophie's waist.

Click to enlarge

One adores Miss Sheppard's steamy, languid expression, so passively vain, so lazily seductive, as she runs her fingers through her masses of heavy, blonde hair. The wolves on her blouse, their blue eyes staring hungrily at the viewer, seem to personify the model's own banked-down passions and her North European heritage. To be sure, Sophie's beauty is far more dangerous than even the most ferocious canis lupus.

Click to enlarge

A series of outdoor photographs follows, with Sophie dressed in a sweater that recalls private-school attire. Her long, blonde tresses drape over her shoulders, the measured messiness in the hair intimating an undercurrent of wildness in the model's character. Her blue eyes, serene yet engaged, penetrate to the viewer's soul.

Click to enlarge

A second headshot of Sophie in this outfit shows her playing with her tresses; but note how different an effect she generates by altering her demeanour from the intensely alluring look in the first image in this thread to the relaxed, gentle sensuality seen here. The languid flow of her hair and her passive demeanour create an impression of wholesome attractiveness.

Click to enlarge

A full-length view of the outfit shows how Miss Sheppard's footwear has been matched to her sweater. Even the red-maple leaves in the background have been colour-coordinated to her attire. Her stance is convincingly incidental, without any impression of "posing." This is the quintessential fall photograph: a lovely young lady returning to college for the autumn semester.

Click to enlarge

A black-and-white image from the shoot gains considerable interest by showing how Sophie's pants fit tightly over her figure, the fabric creasing as it stretches over her generous thighs. Observe how her shirt strains to open at the bottom button. With her hand, she shifts a mass of her golden hair forward to half-obscure her eye in a coquettish, bewitching manner.

Click to enlarge

But the next picture absolutely perfects the hair-over-the-eye style, more than any image we have ever seen before, showing the weighty mass of Sophie's blonde tresses draping over half her face, while her other eye gazes at the viewer with visible delight, a touch of mischievous girlishness in her demeanour. Oh, how the viewer longs to reach out and caress that fair hair. The model's soft smile highlights her apple cheeks, her lips kissably parted. Not a trace of a visible clavicle mars her neck area, the collarbone attractively submerged in soft fullness. Miss Sheppard looks young, fresh, eager, well-fed, and utterly ravishing.

Click to enlarge

Another image, similarly framed, creates a very different impression, with the model appearing thoughtful, almost troubled. The heavily draped hair now augments the impression of concern and emotional weight that her expression suggests.

Click to enlarge

A third image in this trio of headshots--this one in colour--shows Miss Sheppard adopting a pouty, almost mean expression (one that only a model as attractive as Sophie could successfully render). The hair over the eye now conveys a sense of mystery. Observe how the glare of the eagle on her top corresponds to Sophie's own blue-eyed gaze, so fierce and penetrating, intimating how the model herself possesses the rapacious qualities of a bird of prey.

Click to enlarge

All three of the above headshots are interesting--but the loveliest of the trio must certainly be the first, the one in which Sophie adopts her gentle, girlish smile.

The last picture released thus far from Miss Sheppard's Joe Odell test shows her easing into a warm, endearing look, as she casually brushes back her blonde tresses (some of which stray naughtily into her generous décolletage) to exhibit her lovely, angelic face. Dangerously seductive in one image, wholesome and gentle in the next--a true goddess such as Sophie contains a world of emotion within herself.

Click to enlarge

* * *

Now, as we mentioned at the beginning of this thread, it is worth comparing a pair of Sophie's recent candids with her Joe Odell test. Stunning as the above pictures may be, they cannot compare to the jaw-dropping allure of these snapshots.

This headshot nearly stopped our hearts upon first viewing. It shows Miss Sheppard with the "spun sugar" cosmetics style that is the loveliest of all looks for Nordic princesses. Her plump, kissable lips are the colour of candy, while her apple cheeks are frosted in pink. Her complexion looks dazzlingly fair--so fair that one can hardly breathe when gazing upon Sophie's loveliness. Her baby-blue eyes look huge and innocent, while her flaxen hair frames her round face. She looks delicate and innocent, vulnerable and in need of protection, lovelier than any doll ever created, than any Disney princess ever to grace the silver screen. She resembles a precocious young girl, wide-eyed in wonder, even as her arched eyebrows simultaneously give her a touch of worldliness. She is the most irresistible of all goddesses, half-angel, half-vixen, all gorgeous.

A second, stunning candid shows Miss Sheppard taking a break from a recent swimwear shot (yes, you read that right--a swimwear shoot) in the Hamptons. Though the image is unfortunately colour-filtered (as the previous headshot is thankfully not), it is pulse-poundingly sensual, with the model daringly disclosing her bountiful contours in attire that is expressly designed to showcase her buxom richness. Just look at how self-satisfied Sophie appears, so vainly aware of the complete power that her well-fed voluptuousness gives her over all mortal men, clearly pleased to be a goddess of unsurpassable beauty.

These are the manner of images that plus-size models should create when shooting tests, garbing themselves in the kind of daring, figure-baring attire that they are seldom permitted to don in their commercial work, and posing for headshots which showcase their snowy-fair complexions, flushed cheeks, and fair features in true, natural, unfiltered colour. The attire in the Joe Odell test is conservative, but these more exciting candids present the full measure of Sophie's timeless beauty.

* * *

Bravo to Sophie for signing with Wilhelmina. The agency must surely realize that in representing Miss Sheppard, it has on its books the most gorgeous plus-size talent it has ever represented since the days of Shannon Marie.

We look forward to stellar successes for Sophie with her new American agency.

(Click images to view larger.)

- Sophie's online Wilhelmina portfolio

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