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Default Sophie Sheppard in Daily Telegraph (Australia)

Fans of Sophie Sheppard will be delighted to see two images of the model in the Web pages of the Australian newspaper, The Daily Telegraph.

The article describes how an Australian retail chain will now be charging straight-size women and plus-size women the same for equivalent items in their respective sizes (which is only fair -- in fact, it's appalling to think that any label wouldn't do this).

What makes the story notable, though, are the remarkable images of Sophie Standing alongside a minus-size model. The difference in the two girls' figures is dramatic. The underweight model looks artificially and unpleasantly narrow, as if she had been bodily compressed in Photoshop and vertically stretched, exhibiting a straight Olive-Oyl like frame that is unattractively deficient in contours. Sophie, on the other hand, looks like a goddess, the skirt tightly embracing her womanly, 49" hips, exhibited here in all of their luscious fullness. Her waist too appears much more attractively generous than that of her malnourished counterpart. Sophie is more beautiful in other ways as well, such as the fact that her complexion is fairer and more feminine, while the other model sports an unsightly, leathery-skinned tan. The playing-with-the-hair gesture appears natural and flirtatious on Sophie's part, but clumsy on the part of the other model. And furthermore, Sophie appears much younger than her rival, as if this were a mother-daughter photograph.

The above photograph also benefits from an appealing, natural setting, but even her, in a streetcorner photograph, Sophie's greater beauty is evident. Her gorgeous arms are full and fleshy, while her hair cascades in romantic waves. Her expression is warm and endearing.

Such a telling comparison, with the full-figured model completely outshining the straight-size standard, re-confirming the superiority of the timeless ideal of plus-size beauty over modern androgyny.
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