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Default Katherine Roll for F3

Full-Figured Fashionista, or F3, bills itself as a label "created for the fashion-forward plus-size woman of today who feels empowered by her curves."

Nothing could better indicate this empowerment than the fact that for its forthcoming campaign, F3 enlisted the services of gorgeous full-figured model Katherine Roll.

And to make a splendid situation even better, the campaign was photographed by none other than Patrick Brassard, who famously shot one of Miss Roll's most gorgeous tests several seasons ago.

Alas, one of the most memorable aspects of Katherine's earlier shoot with this creative photographer is sorely missing--the stunning outdoor locations that gave their previous collaboration such a rich, dark atmosphere.

Nevertheless, as seen through Mr. Brassard's lens, Katherine's breathtaking beauty is abundantly on display.

Click to enlarge

Raising the gamma level of the image shows that, excitingly, the model's luscious 38" waist has not been constrained, but shapes her fitted top into a rounded, womanly form, exhibiting a seductive swell of roundness at the middle. The tight pants also define her sumptuous thighs and alluring, 49" hips, while the sleeves fit snugly over her robust arms. The outfit may be dark-hued, but in its loving embrace of the model's well-fed figure, it is admirably size-positive.

Click to enlarge

A full-size view allows one to admire the model's heavy, smoky-eyed gaze, a languid look that testifies to her sensual indolence. Her pose gives her body an undulating S-shape that accentuates her already generous curves. The stray wisps of hair that flutter over her face are an enticing visual.

Click to enlarge

Katherine's pose in the second official preview picture is more dramatic, with the model adopting an eyes-askance gaze that communicates a touch of danger and delicious willfulness. Her arms appear rounded and full, attractively dimpled at the elbows, while her golden hair flows over her shoulder in thick, romantic waves, softening what would otherwise be a monochrome look. (Katherine's hairstyle and expressions in this shoot recall ANTM winner Whitney Thompson.) Take note of one especially sensual detail: the fullness of the model's hand and fingers, so soft and pretty--precisely the kind of hand that gentlemen dreamed of kissing in ages past, when kissing a lady's hand was considered to be the height of chivalry.

Click to enlarge

But the real reason to get excited about Miss Roll's forthcoming F3 campaign is identified in the following picture, a snapshot of one of the model's raw images for the company, shown on-screen on the day of the shoot. Katherine's attire is pulse-poundingly sexy, for it celebrates her lavish curves as few outfits ever have before. The deep-V neckline bares her rich voluptuousness, even as the fabric conforms to the magnificent wealth of her buxom curves. The sleeveless design bares her luscious arms--the most beautiful limbs that any goddess has ever possessed. The skirt stretches tight over her ample hips, holding her body in a loving embrace, and baring her full thighs. Most sensual of all, the outfit defines an alluring swell of embonpoint at her middle, a distinct roundness that is more alluring than any other figure feature could possibly be. The lines of the garment create the impression that it struggles to contain the contours of this goddess, which defy constraint and present themselves in unapologetic opulence.

In this behind-the-scenes image, Katherine once again channels Whitney Thompson--but a more lavishly proportioned incarnation. Her golden tresses frame her gorgeous face in twin cascades of gold, while her steamy blue eyes emit a languishing look.

This image is especially fascinating, not only because Katherine's tresses look so regal, but also because the manner in which the shoot crew gently assists her in stepping into her footwear recalls servants helping to attire a beautiful princess. Any viewer instinctively knows that a goddess as beautiful and well-fed as Katherine deserves to be waited on hand and foot--literally so, as this image demonstrates. And how fitting that the model in the photograph be so sumptuously full-figured, while the handmaidens are minus-size, thus confirming the superiority of plus-size goddesses to all other women.

The final two making-of photographs show Katherine preparing graceful poses for the shoot--here flirtatiously brushing aside her blonde hair . . .

. . . and here adjusting her collar, as the white background sets in stark relief the opulent contours of her physique, especially her generous reverse-view curves.

These exciting preview images promise that the forthcoming F3 campaign will be thrilling beyond words. But what else could one expect, when it features stunning Katherine Roll, the most perfectly proportioned model in the industry today--so avidly popular because of her size-18 figure and timeless feminine beauty.

- F3 Online

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