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Old 22nd August 2013   #1
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Default Katherine Roll for City Sports (Boston)

In the chronicle of full-figured fashion, it will soon be noted that the images which gorgeous plus-size goddess Katherine Roll, size 18 (45-38-51), created in early-to-mid 2013 matched even the later stage of Shannon Marie's career as the absolute zenith of beauty in modelling.

We have all been enraptured by Miss Roll's Rapunzel shoot, and even more entranced by her photo session with Dani Fine. But her commercial work during this period has been just as superlative, as exemplified by her recent campaign for Eddy and Bri, and now, for the City Sports label in Boston.

First, a teaser. This stunning candid, one of the most beautiful headshots ever seen, shows Katherine at City Sports HQ, gazing at the camera with a seductively impassive gaze, yet one that suggests a banked-down fire simmering deep within her steamy blue eyes. Her facial features appear particularly rich and full in this close-up, like the rounded, well-fed countenance of a Victorian doll. Her mouth has a Cupid's-bow outline--naturally shaped lips, with no trace of modern collagen-filled distortion. The most alluring detail is the sight of the soft fullness at her neck-and-shoulder area, exhibiting even a sensual crease of flesh. In the background, underweight models torture themselves in a futile effort to gain attractiveness, while Katherine reposes at her regal ease, infinitely more gorgeous in her passive feminine embonpoint than those meagre rivals in the poster.

Second, here is the debut image of Katherine in an actual City Sports promotion. Her fair tresses look breathtakingly beautiful as they flow down her shoulder in a magnificent profusion of gold, set off so effectively by the teal hue of her top. Casually fit as that top may be, Katherine's generous figure shapes it into a womanly form, with suggests her voluptuous contours and her rounded arms. Most gorgeous of all, however, is the unmistakable, luscious curve under the model's chin, that most sensual of all facial features, which gives her an irresistibly opulent look.

Turning up the brightness on the image reveals one further, pro-curvy detail that otherwise would be lost on low-contrast monitors: the model's full thighs, as defined by her fitted pants. Her expression is bright and eager, the fresh-faced enthusiasm of blooming youth. No other plus-size model can match Miss Roll in sheer loveliness.

Kudos to City Sports for introducing an "Extended Sizes" line, and in particular, for promoting it via the most popular plus-size goddess in the industry today, a gorgeous and genuinely full-figured model who is both relatable to all curvy women due to her robust figure, and also aspirational, due to her astounding beauty.

And bravo to Katherine for yet another prominent campaign that she booked as a legitimately shapely size 18, proving once again that models do not need to starve themselves into faux-plus frauds to achieve career success, but can be true representatives of full-figured women at authentically plus sizes.

- City Sports online

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Old 24th August 2013   #2
M. Lopez
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Default Re: Katherine Roll for City Sports (Boston)

Katherine looks gorgeous in these images, as she has in every campaign she's created in 2013. It's wonderful to see at least one genuinely curvy model achieving visibility in plus-size fashion, instead of the usual faux-plus girls.

I can't help but think how much more confidence full-figured women would have if the entire media featured images of models in Katherine's gorgeous size rather than the anorexic or nearly anorexic shape that the industry foists at us.

This is why blogging has taken off, with some many curvy girls above a size 18 posting images of themselves in outfits, to create a kind of counter-media to diet-industry propaganda.

But it's just not the same as having professional images of truly gorgeous, model-worthy girls Katherine's size (or curvier) in public visibility.

This remains the challenge: for someone, somewhere, to gather the financial resources necessary to promote a clothing line or glossy print magazine with genuinely plus-size, beautiful models photographed in professional ways. I still hope it can happen.
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