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Default Kelsey: Caged Lioness

In this photo series, we find the most beautiful yet elusive species of West Coast wildlife, the blonde lioness of the Los Angeles valley, captured in a protective enclosure by Chelzea, intrepid photographer of the North American habitat.

* * *

Preview images from a fascinating test featuring gorgeous plus-size model Kelsey Olson, size 16/18, photographed by "Captured by Chelzea" ( have recently been released, and the results are every bit as fierce as one might expect.

And though it may be Tyra-speak, "fierce" is a not inappropriate term with which to describe these pictures, given that the photo session took place at the grounds of Griffith Park, which served as the Los Angeles Zoo from 1912 to 1965, and where the former animal enclosures can still be seen.

Click to enlarge

This breathtaking photograph, unlike any that Kelsey has ever created before, shows the model with her tresses flowing freely over her shoulders, like the mane of a predatory cat, while she parts her lips with suggestive appetitiveness. The point of particular brilliance, however, is the way in which the light illuminates her blue eyes, making them seem to be lit from within. That, along with Miss Olson's gaze, cerates the impression that the model is in a kind of otherworldy trance, hypnotized and hypnotizing. Behind her, the lush greenery accentuates the wildness of Kelsey's demeanour and harmonizes with her natural beauty. But notice the chain-link fence behind the trees. Kelsey's yearning gaze echoes the manner in which a feline carnivore who had been enclosed in this zoo in ages past might have looked up at the sun and longed for the freedom of the African veldt.

Click to enlarge

A second image in the series is scarcely less captivating. It shows the model in an alluring, abbreviated dress that bares her shapely legs and soft limbs, and accentuates her rich, heavy voluptuousness. The animal-print pattern is highly appropriate for the theme of the shoot. Observe how the light illuminates Kelsey's fair skin, giving her an almost luminescent quality. Her tresses, curled in romantic waves, appear as fair as those of an angel, even as her figure inclines the viewer more towards sensual appreciation.

Click to enlarge

The next photograph shows Kelsey lurking in the rocky enclosure like a hungry lioness, seductively displaying her full thighs in order to lure her prey, then ready to pounce upon the victim when he draws too close. The contrast between the rough stonework and the smooth contours of the model's soft body is highly effective.

A final preview image from the shoot, straight from the photographer's camera window, shows Miss Olson on the right and another model on the left, both posing amid the enclosure's rocky formations. Kelsey completely captivates with her arms-outstretched stance.

Click to enlarge

If these teaser previews are any indication, the results of this shoot are certain to be utterly spectacular. We eagerly look forward to the published images.

Bravo to Kelsey for another outstanding photo session.

(Click images to view larger.)

- Kelsey Olson Galleries

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