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Default Kailee O'Sullivan: ''Melete'' (from Lux & Lilium)

You've never heard of Lux & Lilium, you say?

Introductions are in order.

Lix & Lilium ( is a fascinating aesthetic endeavour that describes itself in the following manner:

Created by Lily Cummings in the summer of 2013 as a space for collaboration across artistic mediums, Lux & Lilium strives to examine the modern alchemy of the evolving synesthetic video and photography experience.

The ambitions of the project, then, are most impressive, but to achieve the effects that it seeks, it requires a sufficiently captivating muse.

Enter Kailee O'Sullivan, the most romantic of plus-size models, whose beauty is so superlative that the mere sight of her can transport the viewer to a higher state of consciousness.

Lux & Lilium's first project is titled "Melete," which promises to be

a series of editorial videos that explore the possibilities of transitioning a viewer to a heightened, trance-like state through the use of specific sound and visual cues related to ASMR. (ASMR = Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response)

And ASMR, in turn, is defined as

a recently described perceptual phenomenon characterized as a distinct, pleasurable tingling sensation in the head, scalp, back, or peripheral regions of the body in response to visual, auditory, and/or cognitive stimuli.

And of course, no stimulus could possibly be so engaging, nor could any phenomenon generate sensations as pleasurable, as the sight of Kailee's breathtaking beauty.

Kailee's video appears here, at the Lux & Lilum site, and it is also embedded below (though to derive the greatest pleasure from the film, be sure to click the arrow button to view it full screen, to gaze longingly at Kailee's hypnotic gorgeousness at its greatest visual dimensions).

Miss O'Sullivan has, from the very first, had a special aptitude for the video medium, and in this footage, she presents herself in the most dreamlike, sensual manner imaginable, gently caressing her soft body as the viewer would long to do, a faint breeze playing with her tresses and fluttering her delicate white blouse. She gazes at the viewer with languishing eyes, lips parted with appetitive desire.

Moments of particular captivation appear when her blouse slips off her bare shoulder, and when her facial features, seen from a lower angle, exhibit an alluring hint of a curve under the chin.

So languid, so indolent, so alluring in her feminine lassitude, Kailee's loveliness has never been more mesmerizingly presented than it is here, even as the gentle music contributes to the dreamlike quality of the film.

Bravo to Lily Cummings (a beautiful model in her own right) for creating this unique new artistic endeavour and for choosing plus-size models to be her artistic inspirations--as full-figured goddesses have ever motivated artists throughout Western history.

We look forward to deriving more "pleasurable sensations" from the sight of Kailee as seen through Lux & Lilium lenses.

- Kailee O'Sullivan at Lux & Lilium

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