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Old 5th September 2013   #1
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Default A New Look for Sophie Sheppard

Aficionados of plus-size beauty, don't be alarmed, and don't let the title of this post disconcert you. Given that the look of plus-size model Sophie Sheppard, size 16/18 (38dd-41-49) is the most gorgeous appearance of any full-figured goddess whom the world has ever known, nothing could be a greater disaster than if she were to change that look in any way.

Fortunately, she has not. She remains as perfect as ever--indeed, more so, as this lone, first image from her fall 2013 campaign for New Look clothing in the U.K. demonstrates.

Click to enlarge

Sophie appears as radiant as a living goddess, her fair skin veritably glowing with its own internal light--literally so, for observe that the sunlight shines behind her, yet her angelic countenance seems to emit a soft, divine luminescence of its own. Her facial features appear full and rounded, even a tad richer than before, increasing her already matchless beauty to superlative new heights. The sunlight bathes her tresses in a celestial halo. Though she is garbed in appealing, casual clothing, the lush, green setting seems to be a little corner of heaven, so charming is it in its idyllic tranquility. Her top fits comfortably on her body, offering a subtle suggestion of her luscious, 41" waist--the most sensual figure feature that any model has ever possessed. Her expression is engaged and arresting, but not aggressive, accentuating the youthful freshness of her look.

Click to enlarge

Bravo to New Look for enlisting the services of the most attractive plus-size model in the world today, a gorgeous and genuinely curvaceous goddess who is both aspirationally beautiful and relatably curvy--the ideal qualities of a representative for full-figured women.

Fans eagerly look forward to further images from this eye-catching shoot, pleased to see her modelling for New Look, and interpreting the name as signifying how, with her full-figured feminine beauty, she herself represents a new look for the fashion world, a look at this at once fresh and timeless, and thus, ideal.

- Sophie Sheppard at New Look U.K.

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Old 18th September 2013   #2
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Default Re: A New Look for Sophie Sheppard

At last, a new image of Sophie has appeared at the New Look site.

It shows her looking soft and cuddly in a thick, cozy sweater that makes me feel warm just looking at it.

Sophie looks ravishingly beautiful in this picture, with her breathtakingly lovely hair flowing all over the sweater. Honestly, it's hard for me to believe that any model could be this gorgeous. Her expression is captivating as well, one of her most engaging looks. The red accents in the sweater pick up her English Rose complexion.

Also, a smaller picture of Sophie recently appeared on the New Look site, showing her patting down her golden tresses.

Magical pictures of the prettiest of all plus-size models.
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Old 25th September 2013   #3
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Default Re: A New Look for Sophie Sheppard

Absolutely stunning new image of Miss Sheppard at New Look UK. Either Sophie is becoming even prettier or the photographers are finding even more spectacular ways of shooting her or both.

That mass of fair hair cascading all around her face and over her shoulders and body is breathtaking. It's not just blonde waves, but a positive ocean of soft gold. The pretty florals heighten her femininity, while the cozy knit sweater makes her seem very cuddly, as did the previous cover image. I love her serene yet engaged expression.

Bravo to New Look for shooting this campaign outdoors. The dreamlike woods complement her natural beauty and create a fairy-tale feeling, as if Sophie were a princess encountered in the forest. Here's the picture cropped closer, but see it at the New Look site to view it full size.

There's another, smaller new picture of Sophie at the site as well.

So adorable.
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Old 27th September 2013   #4
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Default ''A Model for All Seasons''

New Look just issued its most recent pictures of Sophie Sheppard in an e-mail blast. This is quite significant, as I've been on their e-mail list ever since I heard that Sophie was going to be working for them, and the company never sends out plus-size promos to its e-mail list.

Until now. Clearly, they feel that Sophie represents the company in the most attractive manner possible to the entire world and to all of its customers, plus-size and minus-size alike.

Here's the e-mail imge:

And here's the last graphic as a separate image, one which I believe is brand-new.

I love the fact that Sophie is modelling dark florals for the fall/winter season for this client in the Northern hemisphere, and light florals for the Autograph in the Southern hemisphere. She truly is "a model for all seasons."
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Old 3rd October 2013   #5
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Default Re: A New Look for Sophie Sheppard

A new Sophie landing-page image has appeared at the plussize section of New Look UK. She looks wonderful in this image, with a soft, gentle expression, and with her tresses flowing down in heavy masses over her shoulders.

I love how the sunlight seems to be coating her hair in a sheen of gold.

Cropping the image a bit, to fit the forum size, also yields an unexpected interesting re-interpretation of the text:

It subconsciously indicates how plussize models are "taking over" the fashion industry from the malnourished waifs, and for that matter how Sophie, a genuinely full-figured model, it taking over the curvier side of the industry from the faux-plus frauds.

The page also now features a smaller version of last week's cover image.

Sophie is an angel, if ever there was one.
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Old 22nd October 2013   #6
M. Lopez
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Default Re: A New Look for Sophie Sheppard

You haven't seen anything yet, when it comes to Sophie modelling for New Look UK.

The new banner showing Sophie on the plus-size landing page is small, but it includes a incredibly gorgeous, sensual picture of the model.

Here is Sophie's portion at its current, largest dimension. (I wish it were bigger.) She looks so regal and opulent, sitting at her elegant ease in that plump chair, with cushy pillows all around her. Her buxom voluptuousness is accentuated by the light, which also gilds her long, golden tresses, which flow lazily over her shoulders. Her luscious arms fill out her sleeves in an alluring way. Her expression is lyrical, reflective.

I would never have believed that anyone could make that item of clothing look that attractive, but Sophie can. She truly is a goddess in every photo she appears in.
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