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Old 4th January 2006   #1
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Default Barbara: Victorian Romanticism (Nordstrom)

The previous forum had a great discussion about the "Victorian Vogue" that's all the rage right now:

and no one is doing this nearly as well as Nordstrom is.

Just look at this absolutely breathtaking new image of Barbara Brickner in a dreamy, sheer blouse, "trimmed with ruffles" (as the product description states). It's one of the most gorgeous images of Barbara, ever -- one of her distinctive "goddess" pictures. I've seen many examples of the new Victorian style on straight-size models, but the blouses always look flat and empty -- which wasn't the Victorian aesthetic at all. Barbara gives the blouse its intended shape. She makes it look sensual, yet the lighting and her angelic face gives it the intended spiritual quality as well.

I'm so happy that Nordstrom is offering this exciting trend in plus.

Here's the actual item page:
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Old 4th January 2006   #2
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Default Re: Barbara: Victorian Romanticism (Nordstrom)

What an utterly stunning image from the most gorgeous of all plus-size models. These Victorian-inspired styles are the very essence of timeless beauty in fashion, so therefore, it stands to reason that only full-figured goddesses who themselves epitomize timeless feminine beauty can do them justice. Barbara's luxuriant, romantic hairstyle suits the outfit perfectly, as does her ravishing facial expression.

As Emily suggests, what makes these fashions so exciting is how perfectly they blend elegant refinement with intense sensuality--so long as the wearer possesses a curvaceous, womanly figure. Barbara becomes at once both angel and goddess in these enchanting designs.

Here is another new image of Barbara from Nordstrom, in a similar style. The sheer, gossamer material, which is so reminiscent of the dreamlike drapery that envelops goddesses in Old Master paintings and in Classical sculpture, coyly draws attention to the allure of the model's full, shapely arms, which can be seen through the delicate fabric. Note again how much the romantic hairstyle adds to the overall look, with the soft curls cascading gently around the model's visage.

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Old 4th January 2006   #3
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Default Re: Barbara: Victorian Romanticism (Nordstrom)

Barbara looks nothing short of amazing in those pictures- like an angel. She looks especially beautiful in the first blouse, as it better emphasizes her figure.
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Old 5th January 2006   #4
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Default Re: Barbara: Victorian Romanticism (Nordstrom)

I remember someone writing that, when they first heard the term "Victorian Vogue", they thought it would be the perfect title for a magazine with Vogue-quality photography but with timeless fashions on plussize models. These images epitomize what a "Victorian Vogue" magazine could look like.

Its worth looking at that amazing top image smaller, too, to see the picture as a whole, as well as in detail.

Its one of those perfect, perfect Barbara images, in which her beauty looks so opulent and full. Pure magic.
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Old 5th January 2006   #5
M. Lopez
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Default Re: Barbara: Victorian Romanticism (Nordstrom)

Here is another image presumably from the same photo session. The attire is less precisely Victorian, but it is still very gentle and feminine, and the picture has that special, "warm" feeling which is distinguishes this series.

I think Nordstrom decided that rather than just doing more product photos with Barbara, they would go all out and shoot a more editorial-style series. And the results are utterly gorgeous. This image, like the rest, feels so relaxed- like a getaway to Bermuda to escape the winter cold. Barbara's soft, feminine curls, her pretty facial features, and her faraway expression really establish the mood.

The sweater is obviously made to breathe, and that attractive skirt appears so organic and natural. The whole ensemble looks perfect to enjoy the warmth of the tropical sun in complete comfort, and also to feel the cool evening breeze against the skin.

Barbara is allowing herself to be more beautiful than ever, these days, just as full-figured women in general are now exulting in their femininity.

Here's the product page:
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Old 9th January 2006   #6
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Default Re: Barbara: Victorian Romanticism (Nordstrom)

I just realized why these images have such a unique look, compared to Nordstrom's usual photos of Barbara. They were photographed for Nordstrom's monthly catalogue, which always exhibits very high production values.

The catalogue is now online, and here are Barbara's pages in it:

And here is a link to the online catalogue itself:

If you ask me, it's about time that Nordstrom featured Barbara in their catalogue, instead of reserving her for their product promotions. I have no doubt that there are the most idyllic and captivating images that Nordstrom has ever put into print, and Barbara the most gorgeous model who has ever appeared in a Nordstrom catalogue.

As others have said, it just makes me rue that these pages are not part of a plus-exclusive fashion magazine, as they should be.
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