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Default Kailee O'Sullivan: Strawberry Blonde

Fans of lovely plus-size model Kailee O'Sullivan (Muse Models, size 14) will be delighted to see the results, featured below, of her recent test with photographer Matthew Priestly (

We have all been fascinated over the seasons by Kailee's changing hair colour, which has varied from golden blonde to deep brown. Here she adopts one of her most delightful hues, a beautiful strawberry blonde, light on the strawberry and heavy on the blonde.

The first photograph is one of the most sensual headshots we have ever seen. Kailee's rich voluptuousness pulls open her shirt to disclose bountiful décolletage--flesh as fair as snow--and even teases with a glimpse of her intimate apparel, as if her curves were too generous for her top to contain. Her wild tresses flutter every which way around her face and neck, while she seizes the viewer's attention with a look that is engaging but not aggressive. Those parted berry lips invite felonious kisses.

Click to enlarge

However, by far the most exciting image of the new test, and one of the most alluring that Kailee has ever created, is the following, which shows her daringly revealing her buxom contours. She looks fierce and kittenish, passionate and rapacious, though her doll-like prettiness softens the effect, making her petulant glance utterly irresistible. She lets her sweater slip off her shoulder to bare her soft limbs, and seductively strokes her untamed tresses, which fall so bewitchingly over one eye.

Click to enlarge

You can perceive the thrilling power that she feels in possessing such well-fed voluptuousness and disclosing it, thus ensnaring the soul of every viewer, making herself all the more desirable by her predatory vanity.

Click to enlarge

In a full-length portrait, Kailee coyly half-reveals, half-discloses her soft physique, becoming all the more enticing for the portions of her figure that she veils and which appear hidden in shadow, even as the rest of her white body appears almost luminescent in its fairness. What a thrilling set of mixed messages her expression delivers, seemingly fixing the viewer with a "How dare you look at me?" challenge, even as she lets her sweater fall even lower, baring more of her alabaster arms.

Click to enlarge

With a change of demeanour, Kailee creates an entirely different effect in the next image, here evoking a lyrical mood, soft and dreamlike, caressing her hair and becoming lost in her own thoughts, even as she casually exhibits her soft figure.

Click to enlarge

Some of the most interesting pictures in the set appear next, showing Kailee in a moment of repose. Note the body language: in this picture, she seems to close herself off from the camera, putting herself at a distance from it, creating a barrier between the viewer and herself, her eyes betraying no secrets, defensively challenging those who look upon her.

Click to enlarge

In the next image, however, she appears to have let down her guard and allowed her admirer to approach, to draw closer in intimacy, and alluringly opens her top to disclose her legendary voluptuousness, such riches of beauty as are all but unknown in the modern world. Yet even as she shares her loveliness in this manner, her eyes have a romantic, faraway look.

Click to enlarge

An especially eye-catching example of implied intimacy appears in the next pair of images, showing Miss O'Sullivan seemingly wearing nothing but a knitted sweater. Here we see the miraculous beauty of skin as fair as Kailee's, with the luminescent whiteness of her limbs. Further excitement comes from her wild tresses--bedroom hair--which the model seems to have swooped over with a toss of her head, as if this picture were taken but moments after an episode of physical exertion.

Click to enlarge

"What could she be thinking?" one wonders, as one sees the model gazing off into the distance in such a romantic manner. The fair hue of her tresses allows them to catch the light and appear thick and luxuriant, while her parted lips flavour the image with gentleness and femininity, betokening the delicacy even of her musings.

Click to enlarge

For the last pair of images, we return to the look that provided the first picture in this thread, Kailee in her plaid top, which her buxom curves so deliciously push open, as if her figure were escaping its confines. How fitting of Kailee to adopt such a voracious, wild expression in this image, especially given her identity as a plus-size model. The picture seems to symbolize how the robust femininity, appetites, and desires of Classical goddesses strain against the limitations of the modern world, hungering for more, wanting to blossom in ample fullness amid a world of minus-size restrictions and minimalist meagreness.

Click to enlarge

The last image we include for a number of reasons: first of all because Kailee's bright blue eyes appear especially hypnotic here, almost preternaturally light and shining; also because it reveals that the outfit isn't the most feminine. The picture suggests how a true goddess might exist in the modern world: try as she might to hide, one look at Kailee, even in such an ordinary outfit, and every viewer would fall to their knees and worship her as a deity of beauty. Of course, the fact that she opens her top to exhibit her voluptuousness and adopts such an arresting gaze contributes to the effect. And good heavens, but don't those tresses look especially seductive in her unconstrained wildness.

Click to enlarge

It is also a pleasure to see a fascinating new test from Kailee O'Sullivan, the most romantic of plus-size models, who infuses her images with passions and emotions far rawer and more captivating than those that any other model can generate.

Will we ever in our lives, even for just one season, see her at a fuller size, in which condition she could be the most gorgeous of all full-figured goddesses? Alas, such a wonder is unlikely, but one can always dream.

(Click images to view larger.)

- Kailee O'Sullivan Galleries

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