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Old 7th November 2013   #1
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Default Georgina Burke: Flatt Magazine

Of this there is no question: Australian-born model Georgina Burke, the standout star of the Jag Models board, is one of the loveliest plus-size goddesses in the industry.

Fans earnestly wish that she were a tad fuller-figured, though, because when she is photographed to look her curviest, she is revealed to be one of the industry's more subversively shapely models.

Torrid provided a taste of this in a popular lingerie promotion featuring Miss Burke earlier this year.

But now this New York goddess has created one of the finest images, not just of her career, but that any plus-size model has ever produced.

The tear sheet is unimaginably gorgeous. It stops the heart upon first viewing. It is surely one of the most loving depictions of plus-size beauty ever created, either in photography or in visual art of any kind.

The camera lingers over the swelling, untoned curves at the model's waist. Never has a more beautiful sight been seen than this. Miss Burke's physique looks soft and natural, free of unattractive muscle tone, shaped to perfection by Georgina's self-indulgence.

The model's expression vividly augments the splendour of this image. Her eyes are heavily lidded, as if in smouldering passion. Her lips are parted with appetitive desire. Her fair tresses drape in a profusion of untamed wildness down her naked shoulders and back, even as wisps of hair coquettishly veil one of her eyes. Her Lolita-ish facial features have never appeared more doll-like, yet her expression is provocatively sensual. With her pose, she seems to modestly screen parts of her physique from view, even as she consciously exposes those luscious curves at her middle, which she surely knows represent the epitome of feminine beauty and can generate overwhelming desire in any viewer.

This unparalleled masterpiece appears in the newest edition of the incongruously named Flatt Magazine, an arts periodical based in New York. Undoubtedly, every aficionado of timeless beauty the world over will now be eager to obtain a copy.

Georgina's Flatt tear sheet will surely be the finest image of her career, and will forever be heralded as a masterpiece of timeless beauty.

* * *

Needless to say, such a picture can scarcely find any worthy follow-up. However, the following photographs do appear in Georgina's Jag Models portfolio, and it is not unreasonable to surmise that they may have originated as part of the same shoot that produced the Flatt Magazine triumph, which was shot by Mark Squires.

The finest of the group is the following image, so similar in nature to the picture in Flatt, showing Georgina with the same irresistible hairstyle and gazing at the viewer with a look of invitation in her eyes.

Two elements in particular makes this photograph such a marvel: (1) its exquisitely non-airbrushed truthfulness, which celebrates the dimpled flesh and texture of the model's skin--an infinitely more attractive look than if the picture had been Photoshopped into plasticity--and (2) the seductive manner in which the model's buxom curves appear to be too rich to be contained by her garment and seem to be escaping their confines.

Click to enlarge

The photographer's chiaroscuro lighting also makes the following picture a work of art, with Georgina bathed in cinematic shadow. Her swim apparel allows the viewer a discreet view of her soft voluptuousness. Those magnificent, fair tresses flow every which way over her shoulders. Her expression is dreamy and romantic. Georgina communicates an irresistible feeling of comfort with her body, an ease with self-exhibition that is highly enticing.

Click to enlarge

The dark attire somewhat erases any perception of the model's figure in the next photograph, however, the light illuminates the expanse of soft flesh at her neck area and shows her golden hair seemingly caressing her bare skin. She exhibits high cheekbones softened by facial fullness--the ideal visage for a plus-size model.

Click to enlarge

The final two photos are a tad less successful, simply because the jacket prevents a good view of the model's outfit. The hairstyle remains captivating, however . . .

Click to enlarge

. . . especially when the model plunges her hands dramatically into her hair, as the viewer would long to do.

Click to enlarge

Each of the images in this test is intriguing, but the photograph that appears in Flatt Magazine remains beautiful beyond belief. In it, Georgina creates the persona of a goddess who is passionate, vulnerable and needy, excitingly vain yet coyly demure, averse to any exertion, a creature of pure pleasure, and one of the most desirable women ever photographed.

Would that more publications would showcase full-figured feminine beauty in such a celebratory manner.

We wish Georgina continued success with Jag Models--but would be remiss to express a fond hope that she might someday blossom into an even more subversively generous size.

(Click images to view larger.)

- Flatt Magazine

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Old 10th November 2013   #2
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Default Re: Georgina Burke: Flatt Magazine

This post proves without a doubt that many fuller figured women who are self-conscious about their weight have nothing to be ashamed about, and in fact should be proud of their womanly curves.
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Old 20th November 2013   #3
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Default Re: Georgina Burke: Flatt Magazine

Ladies and gentlemen, here it is.

Straight from the pages of Flatt Magazine comes an image of plus-size model Georgina Burke that is so unimaginably gorgeous, the heart stops upon viewing it.

What can we say about this visual marvel that we didn't say before? Has there ever been a sight so sensual, so beautiful, as this display of the luscious curves at Georgina's waist? The photograph celebrates the model's feminine pulchritude with all of the infatuation of Rubens himself, bathing Georgina's soft body in chiaroscuro light precisely to highlight the swelling rondeur of her middle. This photograph is a visual ode to feminine softness, to the intoxicating, undulating form into which nature shapes the female body when a goddess indulges herself as she is meant to do.

Georgina's expression is, miraculously, every bit as alluring as her sumptuously untoned physique. She languishes in this photograph, allowing herself to exhibit such exciting vanity, so much wanton greed, as to disclose the appetitive tendencies that have endowed her with these flawless, generous proportions.

Click to enlarge

The hairstyle couldn't be more seductive, with her thick, golden hair draping over her body in an unconstrained, languid manner, as if echoing the model's own lassitude, her sensual laziness--qualities that intensify her beauty manifold. She seems to live for pleasure and adoration, thrillingly unveiling her rich contours precisely to enshare the viewer's heart and soul, knowing that her well-fed opulence, her affluence of flesh, makes her surpassingly desirable.

Click to enlarge

The photograph is truly a work of art, the contemporary equal of any painting of the Renaissance or Baroque, and demonstrates how true plus-size goddesses can recapture the ideal beauty of the female form in ways that no androgynous, underweight rivals could ever dream.

If Miss Burke were ever to blossom into a fuller size, she would be one of the most subversively compelling plus-size models in the industry. Even as it is, she has created a photograph for the ages.

We look forward to her future successes, and encourage other full-figured models to celebrate their curves in this manner, so that all plus-size women might learn to treasure their natural beauty.

(Click images to view larger)

- Georgina Burke at Jag Models

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