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Default Sophie Sheppard: New Polaroids

One wouldn't think that a simple set of Polaroids from a model would be worth posting a thread about. But if the model in question were Sophie Sheppard, then they most certainly would be.

And in fact, they are.

Because when a goddess is a stunningly beautiful and legitimately curvaceous as the ravishing Miss Sheppard, then her simplest "polas" are even more captivating than the finest professional images that any other model could create.

In a moment, we will present the breathtaking image that most vividly testifies to the aforementioned fact. But first, let's begin with a simple headshot--or rather, an anything-but-simple headshot, in fact a gorgeous headshot that showcases the model's long, fair tresses cascading in romantic waves and her warm smile. Not even in his fondest imagining has anyone ever dreamed of a lovelier angel than this.

Next, a casual stance that accentuates Miss Sheppard's rich voluptuousness. Sophie has appeared more opulently buxom in her recent work, which has considerably augmented her already unrivalled beauty.

But now we come to the masterpiece of the shoot--the kind of photograph that only a goddess such as Sophie can create. Her complexion appears advantageously fairer in this image, increasing her loveliness, and her locks are as pretty as those of a fairy-tale princess. But what makes the picture so captivating is the undisguised swell of fullness at her midsection. Her voluptuousness is well displayed, but her luscious waist appears even more alluringly generous and unconstrained, pushing up her golden belt, which sits comfortably loose around her body, so that it doesn't inhibit the abundant contours of her middle. Not even the black fabric can hide the sensual roundness of her well-fed figure, so softly feminine and abundantly proportioned. The viewer even perceives the seductive fullness of her arms beneath her top. The beauty of Sophie's physique defies belief.

The final pair of images from the shoot are attractive, but more conventional, interesting primarily as studies in expression. The first shows Sophie looking warm and approachable, even as the viewer's eye lingers over her thick tresses, which flow lazily over her body in heavy, half-uncurled waves.

In the final image, however, Miss Sheppard adopts a thrillingly vain look, allowing for once her consciousness of her own beauty to be exhibited, the seductive self-satisfaction of a goddess who knows that she is, at this moment, the most beautiful woman in the world, and realizes that this entitles her to the most lavish of rewards and most decadent of lifestyles.

When a model is as alluring and genuinely curvaceous as Sophie Sheppard, then any image that she takes, even a casual Polaroid, can be a triumph of size-celebration and advance public veneration of the curvier female form.

Kudos to Milk Management in London for producing these shots. Milk continues to be the top plus-size-model agency in the U.K., due precisely to the fact that it represents Miss Sheppard.

We continue to applaud this model/agency pairing and wish both parties ongoing mutual success.

- Sophie at Milk Management

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