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Default Kailee's Hips and Curves

Whenever Valentine's Day rolls around, we always think back fondly to our interview of several seasons back with gorgeous plus-size model Kailee O'Sullivan, whom we encountered at the Metropolitan Museum of Art and with whom we proceeded to enjoy browsing the galleries--in particular, a fortuitously concurrent Titian exhibition.

With no hyperbole, we can safely say that no one has ever had, or will ever have, a more wonderful Valentine's than we did on that particular afternoon.

Alas, it seems that fans will never have their long-hoped-for dream of seeing Kailee at a size 16 or 18 realized. She is likely to retain her present-day proportions in perpetuity.

However, Kailee has always been and continues to be the most romantic of plus-size models, with a uniquely emotive posing technique, stunning facial features, and, at the very least, a soft physique, each of which qualities are abundantly on display in her current promotion for intimate-apparel label Hips and Curves, a campaign that began just prior to the Christmas holidays and continues to the present.

Click to enlarge

Loveliest of Kailee's HC photos is surely this luscious image of the model languishing on silken sheets, sinking with her soft contours into yielding bedcovers, her body completely relaxed, even as her facial expression is one of lyrical reverie.

Click to enlarge

Observe how her strawberry-blonde tresses curl around her babylike face, and note the alluring detail of the soft flesh forming a sensual curve between her bust and hips.

Click to enlarge

Most alluring of all of Miss O'Sullivan's pictures for Hips and Curves is the following, showing her as a sinful seductress, holding out an apple of temptation to ensnare the heart of her besotted admirer, a pose that is particularly bewitching inasmuch as the apple both signifies enticement and suggests the model's own appetites. She appears especially buxom in this image, while her waist exhibits an appealing hint of roundness.

Another stunning HC cover shows Kailee in bed, half-covering herself with sheets even as she bares her full thighs. She creates the persona of an irresistibly spoiled vixen who delights in lounging in bed all day, her goddesslike figure alluringly softened by indulgence and indolence. Observe how contented and languid she looks, and how round and full her face appears.

Click to enlarge

Many of the most seductive HC images of Kailee show her in this bedroom setting. Here she coyly teases the viewer by playing indolently with her tresses, while the apparel daringly discloses her voluptuousness, so rich and generous as to be beyond any man's power to resist.

Another bedroom image shows her adopting a more exciting, passionate pose, clutching the sheet to her person and tenderly touching her face, just as her admirer would long to do.

Still another HC cover finds Kailee pretending to be demure, even as she bares a heady portion of her physique, and her come-hither eyes smoulder with banked-down passion.

Click to enlarge

One final bedroom photo offers perhaps the most sensual presentation of Kailee's physique in any HC image, this pose accentuating a hint of round fullness at the model's middle and, most seductively, the curve of flesh between her bust and hips. She plunges her hand into her tresses, confidently displaying her well-fed curves.

Although corsets are dreadful garments that diminish the very features that make plus-size goddesses most attractive--their full waists--one cannot deny that Kailee looks stunning in this item, with her fiery tresses dancing around her facial features, even as she exhibits a look of seductive self-assurance.

Click to enlarge

More appealing by far is this delicate, romantic item, which accentuates the model's femininity even as it invitingly reveals her heavy voluptuousness. Observe the model's graceful hand gestures, one hand at her side, the other absently teasing her hair.

Click to enlarge

For a second image in this item, Kailee once again adopts a demure, lyrical pose, in keeping with the gentle, girlish nature of the attire.

Indeed, for the prettiest item in the entire HC collection, Kailee adopts a full-blown smile, her disarming demeanor complementing the fresh innocence of this springtime apparel.

A casual piece shows Kailee at her most relaxed and easygoing:

Modelling this lacy item, Kailee still appears quite gentle, if a bit more ladylike, again in keeping with the nature of the apparel.

The "modest model" pose, with eyes closed in reverie, has ever been a staple manner of intimate-apparel presentation, as exhibited here by Kailee.

However, for the next series of items, many of them bustiers, the model allows herself to show a wilder side. Note the penetrating gaze in Kailee's blue eyes in this picture, and how the stray lock of hair falling across her face seemingly testifies to her own passionate, unbridled nature.

The gesture of plunging her hand into her tresses generates irresistible excitement, as it betokens a manner of tactile appreciation that her admirer would long to perform.

Even Kailee's steadiest, most even gaze causes the viewer's heart to race, owing to the passion in her steamy eyes and the heavy masses of hair cascading over her bare shoulders.

But the ne plus ultra of seductiveness arrives in the next image, in which Kailee unleashes her full sensuality, appetitively parting her lips, teasing her wild, voluptuous hair, gazing at the viewer in undisguised desire, seemingly drawing power from the manner in which her bustier displays her buxom fullness.

In the last image, Kailee pulls back a little, her wildest passion spent, now simmering with sensuality, fingers delicately tracing her fiery locks.

It always seemed inevitable that Miss O'Sullivan would someday shoot for Hips and Curves, a label that is known for allowing its models to exhibit a more seductive side. We continue to wish that Kailee were fuller-figured, most authentically plus-size, but given her unparalleled beauty, we always make an exception for her--and her alone--in this regard.

In these images, Kailee manages to be alluring but never vulgar, sensual yet tasteful. She is, as she has ever been, the most romantic of plus-size models, and therefore Valentine's Day is, and always will be, a day set aside for the appreciation of this Irish goddess.

(Click images to view larger.)

- Art and Modelling in New York City

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