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Default Kelsey's Wild Heart, at SWAK

Fans of stunning plus-size model Kelsey Olson (size 16/18) will be delighted to see the most recent look book that she shot for Sealed with a Kiss.

Called "Wild Hearts," it finds Kelsey at a rail yard (the only manner of industrial site that can be considered appealing, as there is something ineffably romantic about railways and locomotives, as any child with a train set can attest).

The SWAK site introduces "Wild Hearts" as follows:

For the dreamers. The wild souls. The best friends facing the world together. The free spirit in us all. WILD HEARTS, our February lookbook of plus size dresses, tops and more, showcases styles for early spring. Shot on location in Santa Clarita, California, these plus-size fashion looks are bohemian, soft and easy, with a touch of edge.

The first look that Kelsey wears is also the prettiest, a lovely white blouse paired with a chiffon-pleated skirt. The belt rides high enough so as not to compress her opulent 39" waist. Her golden tresses flutter in the breeze, with a touch of wildness appropriate to the name of the look book. Observe the model's irresistible expression, affectedly startled and oh-so vulnerable. The station building in the background has a winningly vintage look to it, while the greenery along the tracks adds a welcome touch of lush verdure that plays off against the coral hue of her skirt.

Click to enlarge

But it is the second page in the look book in which Kelsey's beauty radiates beyond compare. She looks so gentle, so soft and angelic. Her deep-blue eyes mesmerize the viewer as they gaze upon him with a serene, dreamlike look. The fair tresses flow every which way about her round facial features in a mass of spun gold. (The quotation is actually from a poem by George Santayana.)

Click to enlarge

Her lips, gently parted, distinguish the prettiest mouth possessed by any plus-size model. Note, at Kelsey's hands, the hint of dimpled knuckles--among the prettiest physical traits that any goddess can possess. Her complexion is very nearly as dazzlingly white as is her lovely blouse--a blouse which, with but a tug to unfasten the laces, would disclose the model's buxom curves.

Click to enlarge

If long-time readers of this forum are feeling a touch of déja vu from perusing this campaign, it may be because Brazilian plus-size model Mayara Russi once shot a stunning promotion for Kauê Modas that was also set in a rail yard, to great effect.

Also, intriguingly enough, Miss Olson's first-ever test shoot memorably featured her in a white top/coral-skirt combination, which this SWAK outfit somewhat echoes.

Even more enchanting than the previous outfit, though, is this summery white dress, which bares the model's soft, lovely arms and accentuates her voluptuousness. Her golden hair cascades over her bare shoulders in a bewitching manner. The setting is quite idyllic, with the rich greenery providing a wonderfully verdant backdrop to the pristine white of the dress--not to mention the model's own fair skin tone. Once again, she adopts her signature vulnerable look, a gaze that never fails to win viewers' hearts.

Another image of Kelsey in this dress finds her reclining against a railing, offering a fine view of the captivatingly feminine eyelet pattern in this light, pretty sundress, sufficiently abbreviated to offer a glimpse of the model's full, shapely legs.

The last two photographs of the look book, alas, resort to rather less picturesque industrial locations. But any image of Miss Olson merits a view, particularly when her jeans fit as snugly as do these, showing off her luscious thighs and soft, rounded calves. The model's expression is poised and effortlessly self-assured.

Click to enlarge

And finally, we see Kelsey back again in white, in a fabric that flows over her figure in a manner recalling the "wet drapery" seen in the sculptures of Classical Antiquity. In this image, her steamy eyes penetrate into the viewer's soul.

Click to enlarge

Sealed with a Kiss consistently produces campaigns that deserve notice, as the label continues to feature the gorgeous and genuinely full-figured Kelsey Olson in its promotions. She is as fresh and angelic today as she was the first day that she stepped before a camera lens, and we continue to look forward to her every picture, for she perfectly embodies the ideal of timeless beauty.

(Click images to view larger.)

- Click here to view look book at SWAK

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M. Lopez
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Default Re: Kelsey's Wild Heart, at SWAK

SWAK has also released a behind-the-scenes video of the making of this shoot, featuring Kelsey in a number of captivating poses. The wind appears to have been fairly gusty on the day of the shoot, and as a result, Kelsey's fair tresses are blown every which way in the most beguiling manner imaginable. When she plunges her hand into her hair, the visual effect is mesmerizing. I love how languidly she moves.

The label has also released extra footage of Kelsey in the most gorgeous item in this collection: the white top and coral chiffon skirt. The belt is a bit too wide, but the outfit is fantastic, suggesting the gorgeous fullness at Kelsey's middle.

Also, this brief video spotlights the most attractive dress in this campaign, the very pretty white eyelet number (here shown in a turquoise hue). The view of the soft curves along Kelsey's back, when she turns, is highly attractive.

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