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Default Mayara Russi for Rouge Marie

Time and again, the commendable casting policies of full-figured-fashion labels in Brazil suggest that every company, everywhere, should simply allow the Brazilians to manage all plus-size-model bookings indefinitely, or at least until the rest of the world catches up to South America in size celebration.

Ample evidence of this comes in the results of a recent campaign for a new Brazilian curvy-fashion label called Rouge Marie, which is distinguished by the fact that not only does it star gorgeous plus-size model Mayara Russi, but also that it proudly garbs her in youthful, form-fitting attire that shows off every luscious inch of her lavishly fed, size-22 body.

Before we proceed to the print images, we must take note of the campaign's behind-the-scenes video, posted below, which features alluring footage of Mayara confidently displaying her swelling curves in a variety of body-conscious styles.

"But surely," skeptics will quip, "although the video footage is size celebratory, the print images have lamentably Photoshopped Mayara into a faux-plus size, just as North American labels tend to do even to the few true plus-size models Stateside."

Not at all.

Consider this outfit, in youth-oriented pastel colours that remind one of strawberry-banana ice cream. The fullness at Mayara's sumptuous, 43" waist is clearly visible, as is the womanly expanse of her hips. She plays with her tresses in a bewitching manner, her entire demeanour communicating her languid self-satisfaction.

Click to enlarge

A closer view cannot help but draw the eye toward her most sensual physical feature: the swell of roundness at her middle, which pushes up her white top in a seductive manner. The wide neckline also bares Mayara's plump shoulders, making the presentation even more captivating.

Click to enlarge

Incredibly, the reverse of the same outfit is every bit as alluring, with the top defining undulating curves of fullness along the model's back.

Click to enlarge

Just as mesmerizing is Mayara's appearance in the following ensemble, a striped top that shows off her heavy voluptuousness and the round swell at her waist. Observe how seductively fleshy her arms appear, filling out the sleeves of her sweater beyond capacity. Note too the fullness at the model's lower middle, sensually straining against her confining denim.

Click to enlarge

A full-length view of this outfit demonstrates how bewitchingly it shows off Mayara's gorgeous legs. In past seasons, Mayara's legs have not been as opulently lovely as the rest of her figure, but with her recent, richer appearance, her legs too have acquired a fuller, more desirable shape, losing any hint of unattractive "tone" and appearing more softly feminine.

Click to enlarge

But the pièce de résistance in this campaign may be the following profile image. Observe that, even though Mayara has inhaled to reduce her curves a little, the generous proportions of her body are still evident, from her weighty buxomness to the round expanse at her waist to her abundant reverse-view curves. We see once more how her ample arms stretch the fabric of her sweater in an alluring manner. This image exhibits why it is essential that the full-figured fashion industry use true plus-size models (at minimum over a U.S. size 16): so that even when the model herself might try to diminish her proportions, her figure will still assert its well-fed opulence.

Click to enlarge

Another intensely sensual image finds Mayara in a delicate, feminine top that acknowledges her voluptuous contours. This probably represents her finest pose and expression in this particular campaign. Observe how comfortably she stands, not inhibiting her waist in any way, but comfortably allowing lavish fullness of her middle to be visible to all, knowing that her richer dimensions only make her even more desirable. The shirt makes an appealing covering, wide open as it is, suggesting that the model couldn't possibly fasten it even if she were to try. Her expression is especially languid, testifying to the sensual indolence that has aided her in developing such a luxurious, feminine physique.

Click to enlarge

A smiling Mayara shows off the following attire, with pants and a sweater that may be a matter of taste, but with an appealing, body-loving top that clings to every succulent curve of her swelling figure, particularly her expansive arms and round, full waist.

Click to enlarge

The reverse view is not as notable, however it does offer a look at Mayara's romantic tresses--a fittingly ornate style for such a richly proportioned model.

Click to enlarge

Active wear of any kind is always a no-no for curvy girls, in that (as the name implies) it puts the wearer in an "active" context, whereas plus-size goddesses should be indolent by nature and avoid exertion of any kind, in order to preserve their soft figures. However, one must say that Mayara's hairstyle is quite pretty here, and her arms look irresistibly round and copious. Very fine expression too.

Click to enlarge

Defining a model's figure may be the one and only justification for garbing full-figured models in active wear, as the following image, which alluringly exhibits fullness at the model's nether midsection, demonstrates.

Click to enlarge

We end this campaign with Mayara showing off a full-length dress. Whatever one might think of its print, or its excessive length, one must acknowledge that the abbreviated sleeves seductively exhibit the model's gorgeous arms and bare a heady expanse of soft flesh at the neck area.

Click to enlarge

The reverse view also reveals a luscious curve of fullness along the model's sides and back, and presents yet another glimpse of her celebrated arms.

Click to enlarge

Bravo to Rouge Marie for booking size-22 goddess Mayara Russi--the most desirably proportioned model in the world today--for its inaugural campaign, and for clothing her in such pro-curvy styles.

We hope that more U.S. fashion labels might be inspired by these images and begin likewise enhancing their promotions with actual plus-size models.

(Click images to view larger.)

- Click to visit Rouge Marie online

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Default Re: Mayara Russi for Rouge Marie

It's so good to see Mayara Russi again here on the Judgment of Paris. She represents a segment of full-figured beauty that is suppressed in the "mainstream" fashion world. The fullness of her midsection alone is considered taboo in the anorexic-driven fashion campaigns of today. Mayara is a goddess; her pretty face and womanly figure make her the complete package. She has it all.
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Default Re: Mayara Russi for Rouge Marie

Speaking of Mayara Russi, she looks absolutely stunning in this short video, which appears to be a brief South American documentary about the curvy world, with interviews with several Brazilian plus-size models, most prominently Mayara herself.

She looks more luscious than ever, with fullness at the waist and a very attractive curve under her chin.

It never fails to amaze me how being full-figured is a kind of fountain of youth for curvy girls. In this footage, which is quite recent, Mayara looks younger and prettier than ever.

This is what plus-size models should look like, rather than the faux-plus standard that dominates the fashion world.
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