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Old 28th March 2014   #1
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Default Carina Behrens: ''Ti Voglio''

The name of curvaceous German plus-size model Carina Behrens (42-34-50, a succulent size 18/20) has come up on this forum before; however, her most recent work for Penningtons is in a class of its own.

This is, without a doubt, one of the most sensual images of plus-size beauty ever created. Ever. In a veritable rebuke to the faux-plus standard, Carina exhibits a midsection that is unapologetically soft and rounded, unmarred by even a hint of "tone," instead swelling with ample flesh. Her upper arms appear similarly luscious, while the attractive intimate apparel accentuates her heavy voluptuousness. The hairstyle is wild and opulent, suitably extravagant for such a lavishly proportioned model. She fairly beams with self-satisfaction, delightedly disrobing to show off her well-fed body, of which she is justifiably proud. The image testifies to the sheer pleasure of being a plus-size goddess, a woman whose beauty entitles her to avoid all gym-torture and instead lead a cushy, pampered lifestyle, knowing that her self-indulgence only makes her more desirable. The flowers in the frame were clearly offered to her by a besotted admirer as a tribute to her sumptuous beauty.

Click to enlarge

A second image from the campaign is scarcely less alluring, this one showing the model with a lyrical, inward-looking, dreamy expression, as she gently runs her fingers through the soft sheets. Here too her intimate apparel seductively accentuates her buxom contours. Her midsection swells comfortably, gently pressing against her attire. But the point of greatest beauty and greatest sensuality in the image is, of course, the luscious crease of fullness along her side, indicating the irresistible softness of her physique.

Click to enlarge

Carina has never before posed as prettily as she does in this campaign. It's as if the exhibition of her fuller-than-ever figure endows her with a more feminine indolence, a lassitude that augments her loveliness. She appears gentle and yielding in this image, her steamy eyes inviting the viewer to worship her and take care of her and help her indulge her every desire, while she enjoys a seductively spoiled life of pure pleasure. Observe the smooth roundness of her arms. Her bedroom hair flows with enticing, careless wildness over her cheek. The huge flowers the picture seem to echo the model's own full-blown beauty.

Click to enlarge

As an interlude, we offer this image of Penningtons swim apparel, which dramatically shows off the model's luscious thighs and confirms her exciting 50" hip measurement (as given by her Munich agency, Brigitte Models).

Click to enlarge

The Penningtons "Ti Voglio" campaign ("Ti Voglio" being an Italian phrase that, apparently, means "I want you"--a fitting utterance indeed, for no red-blooded male could gaze upon Carina's replete physique and fail to exclaim, "Ti Voglio!") also comes with a number of black-and-white images that also testify, in a more clinical manner, to the model's expansive curves.

The "I want" phrase is ideally chosen in that it is a sentiment that all plus-size goddesses should continually utter to themselves, internalizing it and embracing it as their personal mantra, whether it be, "I want to be flirty," as the following graphic states, or--more daringly and excitingly--"I want to indulge myself freely; I want to eat whatever I wish and as much as I wish, and I want to become more beautiful as a result."

Click to enlarge

What places this campaign far and away above any other full-figured lingerie promotion is not just Carina's soft figure but how comfortably she shows it off, not drawing in her middle in any way, but casually exhaling and letting the lavish fullness at her waist be amply displayed. This is plus-size beauty in its purest form.

Click to enlarge

Not only does the model exhibit a swell of roundness at her midsection, but generous cures of fullness along her sides as well. The result is a body that is unimaginably desirable--and with the way in which she plunges her hand into her tresses, she clearly knows just how irresistible that figure is.

Click to enlarge

The Rubenesque "gathering" motion that she performs with her arms not only underscores her voluptuous allure, but shows off the pulse-racing roundness of her stunning arms.

A reverse view, meanwhile, further exhibits the eye-catching expansiveness of her soft middle, which forms such attractive, undulating curves along her sides.

The final image in this campaign is a masterpiece that rivals the first picture in this thread for sheer feminine allure. Observe how heavily Carina sinks into the plump cushions of this bed, its pillowlike comfiness echoing the model's own soft body. One perceives a seductive sense of the model's weight in this image, as well as her alluring lassitude, for the indolent pleasure that one sees in her face suggests that she would enjoy nothing more than to repose at her comfortable ease all day in this cradle of pillows, indulging herself to her heart's content and being admired for her opulent beauty. Observe how she draws up her thick legs--so soft, so sensually untoned--not attempting to hide her well-fed beauty but seductively exhibiting it, knowing how much power it gives her over her admirers.

Click to enlarge

This is now the gold standard of plus-size intimate-apparel promotions; all other campaigns can go home. Penningtons completely turns around misguided, faux-plus industry thinking, which has hitherto foolishly maintained that plus-size lingerie models should look as close to minus-size as possible and should be undesirably, unattractively "toned." Rather, Penningtons demonstrates with this gorgeous campaign that curvy lingerie models should be visibly full-figured, and moreover, that they should have naturally soft, untoned bodies, so that they appear confidently curvy and pleasurably well-fed.

The result is a series of images that rival any Titian or Rubens masterpiece as a presentation of plus-size beauty.

But just think of the wonders that would materialize if this same aesthetic were to be employed to photograph the ultra-gorgeous Sophie Sheppard (the most beautiful plus-size model in the world today). Without any hyperbole, the results would be nothing less than the most beautiful images ever seen by human eyes.

We will forever hold out hope that a visionary retailer will someday make that ultimate dream a reality, and in the process reestablish the full-figured physique as the timeless ideal of feminine beauty.

(Click images to view larger.)

- Ti Voglio at Penningtons

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Old 29th March 2014   #2
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Default Re: Carina Behrens: ''Ti Voglio''

Many thanks for these lovely images of Carina Behrens! The curvy community desperately needs to see these types of photos. Ms. Behrens is indeed unabashedly full figured and beautiful.

I agree with the statement that Sophie Sheppard is the most beautiful plus-size model in the world today, and a tasteful pictorial of her modeling intimate apparel would be a blessing for full-figured women everywhere.
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Old 10th April 2014   #3
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Default Re: Carina Behrens: ''Ti Voglio''

What a fabulous photo spread!

Thank you for posting this. It's so curve positive. I wish teenage girls aspired to women like Carina Behrens and Sophie Sheppard!
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