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Default The Size Appeal of Jenn Purviance

Long-time followers of plus-size fashion will well remember "Size Appeal" as the name of a label that predated Torrid and Forever 21+ in offering pro-curvy, youth-oriented plus-size fashion.

Size Appeal fell by the wayside some years ago, but now Sealed with a Kiss has revived the name (and Web site) to highlight the company's more body-conscious fashions (hence the designation, "The Sexier Side of SWAK").

And of course, to highlight sexier fashions, Sealed with a Kiss correctly determined that they needed a sexier model.

Well, they emphatically found one in the form of the gorgeous Jenn Purviance (43-34-53, size 18), who, with Kelson Olson, has created the finest campaigns in SWAK's history (indeed, some of the finest in the annals of full-figured fashion).

Jenn's "sexy side" is immediately visible in this promotional image for a Size Appeal ruched dress. Her facial features exhibit the justifiably haughty vanity of a goddess who knows that she is one of the most beautiful women in the world. Her arms appear desirably full and exhibit the sensual trait of natural texture. At a peerless 53 inches, Jenn's hips are lush and womanly, and make the dress conform to her unbounded curvaceousness. But what makes the image so size celebratory, and what makes the dress so appealing, is its abbreviated length, for it bares the model's most seductive figure feature: her luscious legs--the most gorgeous legs of any plus-size model in the world today. Those celebrated limbs exhibit no hint of disfiguring "tone" but are shaped into a soft, appealing form by natural fullness, with plentiful hints of dimpled flesh.

Click to enlarge

A second Size Appeal dress is, if anything, even more desirable, as it introduces a sheer panel at the bust to tease the viewer with a discreet view of Jenn's heavy voluptuousness. This image more boldly showcases the model's rounded arms, while the manner in which she embraces her own hips inflames the viewer's design, for in doing so she enacts the tactile appreciation of her person that the viewer would long to perform. But once again, it is the sight of the model's legs that is the point of supreme allure in the photograph. In this case, the dress rides a tad higher, offering a tantalizing view of the opulent fullness at the model's knees and intimating the unimaginable beauty that her thighs would offer.

Click to enlarge

For this sinuous item, however, Size Appeal offers an even more irresistible mode of presentation than the fore image: a picture of the dress from the opposite view. The sheet panel coyly exposes the ultra-sensual curves along the model's back, while the dress clings lovingly to every well-fed inch of the model's generous reverse-view contours. But most exciting of all, Jenn's stunning legs look even more delectable from this angle, even softer and fuller and fleshier, a testament to the unimaginable beauty with which comfortable self-indulgence can endow a plus-size goddess. How very fitting that this dress bears a snakeskin print, for not even the serpent in Eden could offer any man a sight more tempting than that of the model's plump, gorgeous legs.

Click to enlarge

Solid black is invariably the least interesting choice that any voluptuous vixen can make, when it comes to selecting wardrobe with which to adorn her body, but in this case, Size Appeal turns up the heat with a deep V sheer panel that exposes the model's bustier and even offers a glimpse of her middle. Observe how the wearer's figure forms an alluring swell at her lower midsection. Her arms attractively exhibit touches of dimpled flesh, while her shapely legs are so seductively full that her shoes press into their soft flesh. Note too that in this image, the eye-catching curve under the model's chin--the prettiest of all facial traits--is especially visible.

Click to enlarge

Jenn's weighty, luxurious, sable tresses look wild and witchy as they cascade down her back, while the sight of the model's ample reverse-view curves make the viewer's heart beat with desire. Still, it is, as always, her white legs that are the point of highest attraction, and in showing them off, the Size Appeal dress conforms to the Body-as-Fashion-Accessory principle of plus-size styling, whereby the visible fullness of the wearer's figure is the highlight of the look, and the outfit is merely the frame around it. One cannot help but linger on the sight of such replete fleshiness, such softly feminine embonpoint.

Click to enlarge

Images of such opulent beauty will undoubtedly leave most visitors asking for "More, more," but alas, for now, those are the only Size Appeal items featured on the stunning Jenn Purviance.

However, as a bonus, we can share several behind-the-scenes snapshots that the model herself has publicly posted, images that further testify to her dazzling beauty.

The candid photograph, for example, features a lovely view of the sensually textured flesh on her gorgeous arms.

A moment of levity on set finds Jenn, photographer Michelle Alexandra (she who filmed the legendary Sophie Sheppard video that fans are still dying to see), and SWAK creative director Sarah Sapora off guard. Observe how mesmerizingly voluptuous Jenn appears from this angle, and how alluringly full her arms appear, complete with a pretty dimple at the elbow.

Cosmetics artist Paloma Alcantar beautifies the already lovely Jenn in this behind-the-scenes photo, which is most notable for showcasing the sensual fleshiness at the model's neck-and-shoulder area, unbroken by any trace of a clavicle, instead as smooth as a Classical sculpture of Aphrodite.

Who could better embody "the sexier side of SWAK" than this model, whose capacity for steamy, carnal looks is unequalled? Jenn allows herself to exhibit heart-attack-inducing passion in this image, caressing her tresses in the way that the viewer would long to do and indicating the appetitiveness that makes her a true goddess and endows her with such a luscious physique.

For a goddess she is, as this Size Appeal ad confirms. Indeed, Jenn's is an exemplary success story of timeless beauty and a confirmation of the superiority of the plus-size aesthetic. Just a few seasons ago, she was a pretty model, to be sure, but it is as she blossomed in size in more recent seasons that she blossomed in beauty as well--indeed, the one quality being contingent upon the other--and now, in her most opulent form, she also exhibits the most gorgeous look of her career and is creating some of the most subversively pro-curvy images in the industry.

Bravo to Sealed with a Kiss for reviving the Size Appeal label with such body-conscious fashions and for featuring them on the luscious Jenn Purviance. We eagerly look forward to more campaigns with Kelsey and Jenn for both SWAK and Size Appeal in the near future.


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Default Re: The Size Appeal of Jenn Purviance

The Size Appeal web site has a video, with Jenn appearing in the floral print ruched dress (0:00-0:16), in the black tank dress (0:47-0:59), and the animal-print plunge dress (1:07-1:19).

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Old 29th April 2014   #3
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Default Re: The Size Appeal of Jenn Purviance

Size Appeal has now released a second video showing behind-the-scenes footage of its recent shoot.

Jenn shows up at 0:32 in the cosmetics artist's chair, having her hair done and looking scrumptious in a camisole. This merges into footage of her showing off the sinfully seductive snakeskin dress, looking especially full-figured in the profile view (which accentuates her reverse-view curves), and in the black dress and crimson dresses as well.

While the previously mentioned shots comprise the daytime footage of the video, at 2:20ff. Jenn shows up again for some night-time shooting, again looking voluptuous and generously proportioned. And don't miss a few final, seductive shots of Jenn at 2:53, in which the camera highlights the luscious curve her her chin.

Stunning video.
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Default Re: The Size Appeal of Jenn Purviance

She is beautiful. But I have to ask for more updates.

If there is ever a time where we need this site, these models and HSG's commentary, it's now.

I must say, I've taken this place for granted and I'm sure I'm not the only one who feels this way.
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