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Default Melissa Archer

I don't think many of us at this forum have our ear to the ground of pop culture, and I've always wonder if because of that, we miss any signs of progress that ever do show up in the mass media.

Case in point: a bout of illness kept me home from work on Friday, and as I was flipping through channels, a vision of beauty met my eyes such as I never expected to see on network television.

The actress in question is named Melissa Archer, and she plays a character on...(brace yourselves, this won't be pretty)...a soap opera (shudder), called One Life to Live.

But seeing is believing, and as you can tell from these screencaps, she has a gorgeous, round face, and although she isnít even faux-plus, and nowhere near as pretty as Christina Schmidt (who is?), she definitely has a fuller figure than any cookie-cutter product of the Hollywood waif factory.

Perhaps more surprisingly, the show does NOT dress her in burlap sacks or figure-hiding drapery, but in perfectly-fitted tops that accentuate her every curve.

To her credit, the actress similarly dresses in fitted clothing when she appears at publicity events and awards shows.

Apparently, there's a whole Internat subculture that follows these soap operas, and Melissa has about a dozen fan sites and such. I'll post a few in this message.

But here are a few excerpts from two interviews that were conducted with Melissa and one of her co-stars, Jessica Morris. I think the answers show that Melissa is blessedly NOT diet-obsessed, and comfortable with her figure:

The Perfect Date
Melissa Archer:
"When I worked at Nordstrom, I bought myself a dress to go to the opera with a date. That dress still sits in my closet unused. I want a guy to take me to the opera! And I want to use that dress. I will hopefully still fit in it."

Weekly: ...Are either of you athletic?
Jessica Morris and Melissa Archer: "No!"

SOD: Have you had any funny mishaps when you were together?
Melissa Archer: "One time, we'd been out late and went to McDonald's at about 2 or 3 in the morning..."

Mutual Christmas Presents
Jessica Morris:
I also got [Melissa] a George Foreman Grill. She loves meat -- chicken, steak, hamburgers. But I don't think she's ever used it."
Melissa Archer: "Because I still don't cook, but it's nice to have when you want to make chicken. It makes your life 10 times easier."

It's so refreshing to hear of at least one actress who eats like a normal girl, and isn't on the starvation diet du jour.

Here are another couple of pix. Her fair complexion is lovely.

From what I've read, fans of her show are split into two factions about Melissa - one group saying that she's too heavy (excuse me?), another saner group applauding her for having a beautiful figure.

It would be nice to see more of Melissa Archer - but then, who can stand to watch these programs, even to fast-forward to her scenes?

Still, just the fact that she's out there in the public eye is a tremendous boon. I just hope she doesn't succumb to media pressure and starve away her beauty, as so many young starlets recently have done.

Some links:
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Old 8th January 2006   #2
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Default Re: Melissa Archer

Originally Posted by Chad
Jessica Morris: "I also got [Melissa] a George Foreman Grill. She loves meat -- chicken, steak, hamburgers."

It's so refreshing to hear of at least one actress who eats like a normal girl, and isn't on the starvation diet du jour.

Hear, hear. Melissa sounds like a breath of fresh air. It's too bad that she's so slim, actually. If she were a little closer to plus, she could be a real force for change.

But she may do some good, regardless. I took a look at the ABC message board for her show, and yes, there is a great deal of discussion about her figure, with an encouraging number of people defending her from the constant attacks on her appearance. Not surprisingly, it seems as if older women are more critical, while younger girls are more favourable.

But it gets better, because apparently, her character is very much the focus of the show. She constantly seems to have at least two, and sometimes three men pursuing her, and is in every way a vixen, not a victim.

In fact, that seems to frustrate the show's anti-plus viewers as much as anything else. Many viewers post statements along the lines of, "How can all these men be attracted to someone like her?" And here are some of the terms they use to describe her character: "Spoiled, self serving, immature, needy, narcisistic, self-absorbed, impulsive, bratty, manipulative." And one reader asks "What do the men seen in her? Is it her manipulative scheming? Her constant need for validation and reassurance? Her self centeredness?"

The answer is undoubtedly "Yes" to all of these, because she sounds absolutely wonderful! So refreshing at a time of ubiquitously hyper-masculinized female characters. Moreover, it seems that the actress was not originally curvaceous, but has gained weight during the run of the show, and that her role has become increasingly feminine over the same time, attracting even more men, and even being placed in damsel-in-distress predicatments.

It sounds like this is the vixenish plus-size character whom we've all been waiting for -- a modern equivalent of coquettes such as Ginevra Fanshawe and Georgiana Reed, who played such important roles in English literature over the centuries. It's too bad it's in such an unworthy program.
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Old 12th January 2006   #3
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Default Re: Melissa Archer

So i came across this forum by accident really. As funny as it sounds, i was doing a google search, for none other then Melissa Archer. I'm so very glad Melissa is being recognized on here! I've been a fan of hers for about two years now, ever since i started watching One Life To Live. I know...i know a soap, but hey i am a girl! Well i'm a HUGE fan of Melissa, in fact she was the reason i started watching in the first place. I can say without a doubt, not only is Melissa beautiful, but she's talented! Her work speaks for itself. Actually for anyone who is interested, i'll list a site where you may download clips of her work and view. It is focused around her and one of her main love interests on the show, mostly their stuff together, but also has some of her work with other characters.

I just can't begin to say how delighted i am to hear everyone speaking so fondly of Melissa. Being plus size myself, that is one of the things i love about her character, and while i realize she is not all that plus size, i think it gets the point out there that women with curves are just as sexy! And the character of 'Natalie' is not a background character at all. She is one of the main players of the show. And it was mentioned that she usually has more then one man vying for her attention, which is true.

Melissa also said in an interview that she was perfectly comfortable with her body, or something along those lines. That was taped the day she wore that yellow sweater, pictured above.


Here's the link to the site. There are TONS of clips, so if anyone wants advise on which ones they would like, IE...Drama, love scene, tears, let me know.
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Old 13th January 2006   #4
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Default Re: Melissa Archer

I like that she appears to grow subtly, yet undeniably curvier with the show's progression. From viewing some of the screencaps at that site, one can really discern a difference in her from December 2004 to December 2005 and January 2006.

She is a remarkable looking woman, in my opinion.
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