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Old 23rd January 2006   #1
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Default Barbara, new at

There are some amazing new pictures of Barbara Brickner at, for all you fans. The photos have a wonderfully "fun" feeling, and Barbara looks too gorgeous for words.

I was going to say that this company really has a way of presenting Barbara at her best - but then, she is always at her best in every campaign Ive seen her in, especially recently. She has never been more beautiful. The parasols are a nice touch, and the Bohemian look really suits her.

Its just a shame that Happy Size doesnt put its catalogues online, because they wont ship them overseas. But at least you can see the images at the site:
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Old 28th January 2006   #2
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Default Re: Barbara, new at

The images are simply lovely, and the newly-redesigned Happy-Size site is much more user-friendly than its previous incarnation.

Mrs. Brickner's campaigns for this company have been consistently gorgeous. True to its name, Happy-Size favours life-affirming images that express an unmistakable joie de vivre, and no model has ever captured this positive spirit better than Barbara.

We may be able to share some pages from the catalogue itself in the not-too-distant future. In the meantime, it's worth pausing to enjoy the images that have appeared online, thus far.

The cover image is so pretty, that it gladdens the heart of anyone who views it. Pink is an especially attractive colour on Mrs. Brickner, and helps give the image its zestful energy.

Here, Barbara absolutely beams with health and vitality. Her features bewitchingly "slope toward the throat and run into a slight rise," as Firenzuola praised in On the Beauty of Women.

And it's nice to see that a European client like Happy-Size is moving past its traditional basics, and offering some of the more romantic fashions that are currently in vogue--all of which suit full-figured femininity especially well. This outfit is quite attractive on Mrs. Brickner, particularly the white blouse. And hair scarves of every length are practically her trademark accessories, and they always enhance her beauty most vividly.

Like a real-life muse, Barbara has prompted this company to vastly improve its promotional campaigns, and the results have been visual delights. Most exciting of all, last year, Happy-Size actually featured Barbara modelling swimwear--which was an inspired move on the company's part, since Mrs. Brickner remains the greatest swimwear model of all time. We hope that the summer season will yield images that are similarly unforgettable . . .

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Old 10th February 2006   #3
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Default Dolce far niente

Thanks to Helga from Austria--a dear friend and ally of this site--we are now pleased to be able to share more images from the new Spring 2006 catalogue. Barbara's work with this client has always exhibited a special magic, as noted before, but this campaign is truly extraordinary. It succeeds in capturing some of the qualities of Mode magazine during its very best days--a mood of langour and ease, in which full-figured goddesses are seen unreservedly and unabashedly enjoying the good life.

Above all, the following must surely rank as one of the finest images of Mrs. Brickner's career. The model looks so relaxed and comfortable here that one cannot help but partake of the same mood, just by gazing at the image. The clothing is loose and breezy, but the soft fullness of the model's arms--more attractive than ever--endows the image with a remarkable sensuality. And how appropriate to see the model being attended by a magazine-type male admirer. Scarcely a man alive has not dreamed of being privileged to worship a goddess in this manner. Barbara's "tropical drink" completes the impression of the setting being a blissful getaway from the workaday world, a voluptuous environment which perfectly compliments the luxurious richness of the model's figure.

(You may click on any of these pictures to view them at a larger size.)

The following image is scarcely less gorgeous, and, like the entire series, conveys that Mode-like feeling of transporting the viewer to a world apart, a tropical paradise that exists solely for the enjoyment of full-figured goddesses. One has the sense that in such a setting, a plus-size model is truly in her element. And this image in particular, with those soft clouds and that azure sky in the background, emphasizes the goddesslike attributes of the model. This, one thinks, is what Venus herself would look like, if she were to return to Earth to enjoy the pleasures of a mortal existence.

A variation on this season's Happy-Size catalogue cover, the following image shows Barbara shielded from the sun by an attractive parasol--a wonderful update of a sensible Victorian tradition, according to which fair maidens would employ just such accessories to protect themselves from noontide rays. The way in which the sun's diffused light bathes Barbara's complexion in a soft pink glow makes the image utterly enchanting.

Another expression of this campaign's unself-conscious, indulgence-oriented theme is the following image, which shows Barbara carrying a generously-laden picnic basket, while in the background a leafy canopy screens her from the sun, and the cool, still water stretches off into the distance. The image so convincingly evokes a impression of halcyon tranquility that one feels as if one could almost step into it, and become a part of this warmer, gentler world.

Goddesses are never so lovely as when they are shown in a state of indolent ease, and here we see Barbara allowing herself just such an interlude. One can almost sense the cool breeze wafting by, while the model enjoys a moment of dolce far niente relaxation in between her vacation activities.

And finally, the campaign shows us a similar moment indoors--perhaps to escape the noontime sun--with friends and good spirits all around.

True to the company's name, Happy-Size has given us, in this spring campaign, a vision of languorous comfort in a tropical vacation setting that recalls the ambience of Mode in its best days. No model could have suited this mood better than Barbara, of course, and the result is one of the finest campaigns in recent memory. Kudos to everyone involved in creating these images of timeless beauty.

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Old 10th February 2006   #4
M. Lopez
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Default Re: Barbara, new at

It's still the unique miracle of Barbara Brickner that she becomes progressively more gorgeous in every campaign - and I'm certain that not starving is the key to this increase in beauty (although Barbara's natural loveliness is essential, too). I agree completely that the images are reminiscent of classic MODE. In fact, if they hadn't been identified as a Happy Size campaign, that's where I would have thought they'd come from. The MODE inspiration had to be a deliberate choice on the company's part - and kudos to them for doing so, because if a company is going to follow in the footsteps of any publication, then MODE is by far the best choice.

I made that first image my desktop wallpaper as soon as I saw it this morning, and it raised my spirits all day. A co-worker noticed it, and I heard him comment, as he passed, "That's one lucky guy!" (referring to the male model who is interating with Barbara). It should be a magazine cover......

The blue-top beach shot is quite lovely, too. Barbara at her best.
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