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Old 11th March 2006   #1
M. Lopez
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Default ''I'm really enjoying being bigger''

Although this post has a positive title (quoted from one of the two articles I've linked), these are actually cautionary reports. They point out the dangers of food deprivation during pregnancy, but the same points that they make apply also apply to lifestyle in general. Here's the link to the first, with an excerpt:

"Dr Emma Derbyshire, a researcher in human nutrition, who led the study of 100 women, said: "The evidence is worrying and suggests some women are still more focused on not gaining weight than on properly nourishing themselves and their babies."

While many feel that celebrity mothers have fuelled the fashion to remain slim during pregnancy, polls show that it is the celebrity mother who has not been so self-conscious - or hurried to lose weight - who is more respected. A UK poll recently selected Kate Winslet, the actress, as Britain's top "Yummy Mummy". She refused to diet after her children were born.

Movie "it" girl Kate Hudson also unrepentantly piled on the pounds during her pregnancy with son Ryder. She was out and about within weeks of his birth while still carrying all her extra pregnancy weight. "I'm really enjoying being bigger," she said at the time. "I've never been voluptuous. I gained 60 pounds, and every second of it was so much fun. I wouldn't change it for the world." "

It's always good to have an actress speak so positively about becoming fuller-figured. And the point about not "properly nourishing themselves" applies to women in general, who deprive themselves of the food that they need, and not just during pregnancy.

A second article talks about the severe difficulties that Geri Halliwell faced before pregnancy, owing to the fact that dieting had ruined her body:

"Lack of nutrition...can damage the major organs and cause hormonal imbalances...

Although 75 per cent of women who get over disorders can go on to have children, many never get their bodies back to normal."

I suspect that many women who inflict weight loss on themselves have little knowledge of just how badly their are ruinging their bodies, both externally, and internally......
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Old 15th March 2006   #2
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Default Re: ''I'm really enjoying being bigger''

So much needless suffering . . . and to what end? For every man who has a bizarre fetish for bone-thin women, there are dozens who instead have a normal preference for voluptuous vixens. (This reality is only distorted by the fact that the thin-worshippers dominate the mass media.)

And the physical discomfort that women suffer during starvation and exercise-torture, juxtaposed with the positive sensations that they enjoy when they satisfy their appetitive inclinations, should clearly demonstrate which manner of behaviour nature intended women to follow.

Originally Posted by M. Lopez
"I'm really enjoying being bigger," she said at the time. "I've never been voluptuous. I gained 60 pounds, and every second of it was so much fun. I wouldn't change it for the world."

It's nice to see a celebrity make such a statement, and one hopes that many women would be encouraged by her example. However, it would be a shame if this freedom were restricted to the brief interval of pregnancy. It is, in fact, a testament to the kind of sane relationship that women would be able to have with food in general, if only they would listen to their instincts, rather than to their indoctrination. The body specifies when it is hungry, and how much it desires. Why contradict it?

"Live life deliciously," as the saying goes. It's such a simple suggestion, but it contains within it a recipe for a much happier existence . . .

Victoria Lewis (Ford, size 14), test image:

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Old 20th March 2006   #3
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Default Re: ''I'm really enjoying being bigger''

I thought about this post today when I came across an article about Penny Lancaster, who is the wife of rock singer Rod Stewart. The two of them were on Larry King a few months ago, and I remember thinking that she didn't look quite as malnourished as other "celebrity wives". Apparently she was pregnant at the time, and had gained a normal amount of weight.

According to this article, Rod Stewart prefers his wife at her new, curvier size:

"The blonde model also revealed how much Rod loves her post-pregnancy figure - and doesn't want her to lose any more weight.

"Penny - who piled on 50lbs during pregnancy - said: "I'm more curvaceous than I was - and Rod wants me to stay the way I am." "

It's nice to hear. That's the only relevant part of the article, but the rest is here:
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