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Old 18th April 2006   #1
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Default Christina: The Wild Side of Torrid

Ladies and gentlemen, just when you thought that you had seen it all, Christina Schmidt and Torrid unleash a new species of full-figure fashion imagery.

And courtesy of photographer Michael Anthony Hermogeno (, we are pleased to exhibit a procession of outtakes from Christina's latest Torrid shoot--images so wild, so daring, that you may never view plus-size beauty in quite the same way.

First, here is Christina . . . untamed. "Fiercely sexy" is how one viewer described this image, and with good reason. From the stripes that adorn her top, to the blood-red styling details, to the model's ferocious expression, Christina is like a tigress in this image--but a young tigress, somewhere between playful and predatory, between cute and carnivorous, right at that precious age when the rapacious cat is still kittenish, but is already testing her claws.

Next, we see Christina exhibiting a more voluptuous, satiated demeanour, like a carnivore in repose in the midday heat. But her alluring eyes still burn with passion. This is not just a sly, "come-hither gaze," but a look that says, "Come hither . . . if you dare." The sinfully feminine Torrid dress hugs every inch of her sumptuous curves, and the necklace suggests the exotic jewellery of the princess of a far-distant realm, worshipped (and held in awe) by her colonial subjects, who eagerly satisfy her every whim.

And finally, for a gentler species of imagery, but still related to the series' natural theme, here is Christina adorned with succulent cherries as accessories, her expression a soft purr. Lest anyone think that the fruit is a contemporary detail, note Emile Vernon's late-19th century painting titled Young Lady with Cherries. This image fulfills the popular mantra to "Live life deliciously" in oh-so-many ways.

Once again Christina Schmidt and Mr. Hermogeno have raised the bar for plus-size fashion photography, by introducing an element of wildness and danger, but one that is softly tempered by the model's very feminine beauty.

Christina's modelling prowess becomes more astonishing with every shoot, and her look is beyond compare. Adorned in alluring Torrid fashions, she embodies full-figured femininity in a way that the modern public has never seen it before.

But hopefully, that will all change very soon . . .

- Torrid dresses--take a walk on the wild side . . .

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Old 19th April 2006   #2
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Default Re: Christina: The Wild Side of Torrid

Rawr!! Those photographs are sizzling! Any time I see images like this, I think- THIS is what a plus-size fashion magazine should be showing. Christina is one of the very few plus-size models who can strike the kind of eye-popping poses and expressions that the straight-size supermodels are known for (who are mostly the same age as she is). These photos are sexy, but what makes them so appealing is that it's a kind of...I won't say "innocent sexiness", but "fresh sexiness". ("Ferociously sexy" is a good way of putting it too.) They're playful as well as sensual, and it's that mix that makes them so delightful.

It's also the perfect tone for Torrid, which is all about healthy allure, a upbeat, life-affirming kind of sex appeal, for girls who can be womanly when they need to be, but still girly when they want to be.

These are some of my favorite pictures ever. They are the definitive looks of the "Torrid generation", whom Christina represents better than anyone.
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Old 19th April 2006   #3
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Default Re: Christina: The Wild Side of Torrid

Everything really came together for these images, from Christina's thrilling poses, to the photographer's framing of the images, to some brilliant work by Torrid's hair, MU, and styling team. I like the fact that the series has a "theme" -- the touch of the tropics. The hoop earrings in the first image, and the big chunky necklace in the second, add so much. Either one of the first two pictures should be a magazine cover, or an ad. Also, hair scarves are and have always been beautiful looks for plus-size models, and the use of a black hairband here was an inspired touch.

But I agree that it's the touch of cuteness mixed in with the wildness that makes Christina's work here so successful -- and her beauty so memorable.
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Old 20th April 2006   #4
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Default Re: Christina: The Wild Side of Torrid

All I can say is WOW, especially to those first two pictures. I wonder if Torrid had that tigress idea in mind? The striped top and blood-red accessories, along with Christinas purrrrrrfect expression, make it a tempting idea. And as for the second picture, Im sure Torrid realized that for an ultra-voluptuous but tasteful look, Christina was the best choice. It reminds me of Barbara Brickners approach - steamy and alluring, but always chic.
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Old 22nd April 2006   #5
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Default Re: Christina: The Wild Side of Torrid

There's a brand new pic of Christina on the Torrid site, and it's GORGEOUS. It's from the same shoot, you can tell by the hair band. It's on their Community page.

I just can't believe how beautiful she is, and how exciting she makes all her photos look. She's my favorite Torrid model by far, and the one I admire and am inspired by the most.

[Image URL corrected--HSG]

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Old 25th April 2006   #6
M. Lopez
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Default Re: Christina: The Wild Side of Torrid

Christina's images have so much vitality and joie de vivre. She always communicates the sense that she's having a great time, and her enthusiasm is infectious. Her talent becomes more remarkable with every shoot, and I hope she achieves even more public regonition in the future. She could definitely change many people's minds about plus-size beauty. This series really displays her remarkable on-camera energy.
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Old 25th April 2006   #7
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Default Re: Christina: The Wild Side of Torrid

On this forum, I've watched Christina emerge from precocious young starlet to accomplished model in the space of a few seasons, and her beauty and natural modeling ability still amaze me. Marie Lopez is right that there's an verve in her work that is absolutely unique. Perhaps it's from her acting experience, but she looks more alive in her images than does just about any other model, plus or straight-size.

A while ago this was just a hunch, but now I'm certain of it - Christina has the poise and the look to bring plus-size modeling to a new level. Let's just hope someone takes advantage of her abilities, and gives her the opportunity to make the most of them - for the benefit of size celebration as a whole.
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