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Old 25th April 2006   #1
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Default ''Men reckon they look ghastly''

Here's a op ed story that's too sarcastic for its own good, but it's worth a read because the author really puts the kebash on the idea that the anorexic standard is due to male influence.

Rather, he writes, it's due to competition between the starlets themselves:

I think his attitude reflects that of most fellows on the planet. "Grotesque" is his term for the process of acquiring "plastic breasts" to make up for the lack of a figure that results from weight loss - and most men would heartily concur.

He points out, however, that the appearance of the "stick insects" is not contingent upon male influence:

"It doesn't really matter what men think of them, which is just as well because most men reckon they look ghastly."

He also notes:

"When Renee Zellweger [gains weight] to play Bridget Jones, her star-rating rockets. Then when she shrinks back to Skeletor, her clout as a star shrinks too."

Very true - and yet shrink she always does.

The idea that someone - anyone - finds emaciation attractive is like a mass hallucination in the media. No one believes it themselves - everyone knows that curves look better - but they all think that someone else knows why this is the standard, and they follow along blindly. The entire industry is in the grips of a kind of aesthetic ideology that no one actually believes in - but no one has the imagination to conceive how things might be done differently.

It would be laughable it if weren't so tragic - and if it didn't produce so much authentic suffering, and create such an ugly culture, which we all have to live in.
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Old 28th April 2006   #2
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Default Re: ''Men reckon they look ghastly''

The author makes the point rather bluntly, but that directness only testifies to how repellent the anorexic look really is, once anyone views it objectively.

The author's comments may not be gentle:

They've all got that Praying Mantis look. With twiglet torsos, no abdomens and spindly limbs topped by huge heads with bulging eyes, it's a wonder they can stand upright without falling over.
but they are absolutely necessary, since the terminology that the "entertainment press" levels at plus-size female stars is far more insulting.

It is necessary to expose the thin-centric standard for the hollow mockery that it is, and to do so, half-hearted criticism that worries about offending people's sensibilities will not suffice. The voice of anti-plus prejudice certainly suffers from no compunctions about using demeaning language to promote its own standard, at the expense of all others.

The author is short-sighted, however, in attributing mass starvation among celebrities to a competition between the starlets themselves. This is certainly a factor, but the more important question is why they engage in such a competition in the first place. And that is because entertainment reporters (who are comprised of the same personalities, with the same aesthetic sensibilities, that dominate the fashion world) valourize emaciation, and castigate womanly fullness. If the aesthetic polarities of the entertainment media were reversed, then the starlets would be competing as to who could be the curviest (just as they did in Lillian Russell's day).

And that would lead to a truly healthy and beautiful culture, for the benefit of us all.

Nevertheless, the author correctly points out that "moralising" has never had any effect in changing the media's paradigm of the approved female figure. The only thing that will overturn that paradigm is the promotion of an alternative ideal--i.e., timeless beauty--as long as that ideal is presented in just as aesthetically compelling a way as starvation chic is today.

We need more celebrities who can prove to the world that . . . "curvy girls have an advantage."

Christina Schmidt--test image with David Leyes:

- NEW Christina Schmidt gallery

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Old 4th May 2006   #3
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Default Re: ''Men reckon they look ghastly''

I love this new picture of Christina, and I think her galleries are the most beautiful of all the models' galleries at this site. Every gallery gets more exciting, especially this newest one. She is an amazing model, and so beautiful. She is my main fashion/image inspiration. I keep checking this site and Torrid to see when any new images might be posted. She is the supermodel who's most influential to me, by far.
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