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Old 21st May 2006   #1
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Default Barbara: Summer is getting hotter!

Okay, every Barbara Brickner fan in the world is going to faint when they see the second-series summer campaign that Reitmans just released this weekend. I know we had a thread on this topic here already, but all the images have now been updated, and they show Barbara looking more luscious and gorgeous than ever. Plus, the Reitmans fashions are really feminine and romantic, in a way that they've never been before.

I believe the Reitmans photographer really meant to show Barbara's classical figure in all its glory, true to the Mode spirit. The setting is an elegant classical garden, and Barbara is photographed from every angle. The images really show that ALL curves are beautiful. And she really proves how much better feminine fashions look on curvy figures than on stick-thin frames.

I adore all the images, but this one stood out, because I love how the skirt moves, and how fitted the clothing is.

But before you go right to the Encore gallery, look at the Reitmans cover page. Barbara is on it! - one of three images in rotation. And it's a very curvy image, allowing Barbara to outshine the other models by far!
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Old 21st May 2006   #2
M. Lopez
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Default Re: Barbara: Summer is getting hotter!

What a terrific image Kaitlynn posted. That really shows why skirts are more fun than slacks. You can do a hundred flirtatious things with a skirt to catch the eye (and heart) of anyone you fancy.

I think many of us look forward to new Encore campaigns the same way that we used to anticipate new issues of MODE - to get a similar boost of body confidence. This new campaign is just perfect, from the feminine clothing, to the idyllic settings, to the size-positive photography, to - most important of all - the stunning model.

It's wonderful to see Barbara on the cover of the site, as well as throughout the Encore gallery. And they couldn't have chosen a better image. It's a cropped version of this glorious photo, which is elegant and graceful, but sensual too - like a true work of art.

Here, I think Reitmans was echoing Barbara's famous Venus-rising-from-the-sea swimwear image from Mode (which is reproduced in miniature on the Judgment of Paris cover page). It shows what a classical, natural silhouette really looks like, and I adore the colours. I even like the capris in this image, especially because they are NOT black, and fit so well as to accentuate the model's curves.

Barbara puts the "shape" in "shapely"!

But my favourite image of all from the new campaign is on p.11 of the new flyer -

In it, Reitmans allowed Barbara to show off her curvy waist. It's an amazing photo! And it really proves that you can have a womanly figure and be absolutely breathtaking.
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Old 21st May 2006   #3
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Default Re: Barbara: Summer is getting hotter!

First of all, I'm a newbie here, I stumbled on this forum through googling Greek mythology and the Judgment of Paris. I browsed some of the posts here, and I have to admit that, at first I was really puzzled how the topic of this forum connects to the Greek mythology. But actually it's quite obvious when you just think about it, these gorgeous models really do represent classical beauty! Especially the model in this thread, Barbara Brickner, is definetely one of the most beautiful women I've ever seen, live or in pics, she looks absolutely amazing! But why, just why, can't we see models like her, in all the ads?
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Old 21st May 2006   #4
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Default Re: Barbara: Summer is getting hotter!

The campaign is simply breathtaking, both dramatically pro-curvy, and artistically accomplished. It is a high point for Reitmans and for Mrs. Brickner herself, and matches even Mode's best editorials.

Most stunning of all is this image, which, as Kaitlynn stated, proves once and for all that all womanly curves are beautiful. It is one of the most sensual and celebratory images of Barbara's career. The generous proportions of plus-size goddesses have been revered by artists throughout the centuries, and this image continues that tradition. Who would ever want to diminish, in any way, such a flawless figure? The gently alluring top effectively frames the model's full arms and soft shoulders, and lovingly embraces her feminine shape.

Also remarkable is the following image from the flyer, which is brilliant on many levels. The top is romantic and folkloric, but sensual, showing off the model's sumptuous arms, in keeing with the recipe of fashion's New Femininity: "tradition + sexiness." It is also a clever bit of metatheatre--a photograph of a goddess . . . being photographed.

But most importantly, it reveals how timeless beauty is actually adored in the real world. Surely any admirer who would win the incomparable privilege of spending time with a voluptuous vixen would want to photograph her constantly, to capture her heart-stopping beauty in all of its aspects. And any goddess as beautiful as Barbara would want to be photographed ceaselessly, would love having her picture taken, because she couldn't help realizing just how irresistible she was. Barbara's expression in this image is one of pure delight: "Just look at how gorgeous I am!"

It is a clever update of the artistic theme of "Venus before the mirror," in which Venus is shown gazing into the looking-glass, in awe of her own allure. This is precisely the feeling of bewitching, unapologtic vanity that all true plus-size goddesses should feel--and deserve to feel--about their own appearance.

The flyer also features a remarkable image of Barbara standing alongside two waif models, and the comparison between her luscious figure and their rake-thin frames is startling. Anyone seeing these three young ladies together in this manner would never even notice the two waifs (they would be rendered . . . invisible), and would exclusively be drawn to sumptuous curves of the full-figured goddess.

And here is a capture of Barbara on the cover page, in that serene and graceful Classical pose, sleeveless, and in deep red against a verdant background. The image is truly breathtaking, and any viewers who land on it are sure to linger for many moments, gazing in awe at the vision of loveliness before them. A more perfect cover is scarcely imaginable.

In the ongoing battle between the world's most size-positive clients for the title of who can photograph Mrs. Brickner best, Reitmans has now assuredly taken the lead. This is undoubtedly the company's greatest campaign to date--which is a significant accomplishment, as so many of its promotions have been among the industry's finest. The company's photography is becoming increasingly celebratory, in line with the confidence that plus-size goddesses are gaining about their own appearance. And Barbara grows more gorgeous with every new campaign, always finding fresh and poetic ways in which to showcase the Classical ideal that she embodies to perfection.

- Click here to view the new Encore gallery

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Old 23rd May 2006   #5
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Default Re: Barbara: Summer is getting hotter!

All of these images are utterly stunning, surpassing even Barbara's consistently high standards. I adore how celebratory they are, and how much joy, grace, and, of course, beauty they contain. They vividly demonstrate that you can be truly curvy and not just "okay" with how you look, but positively delighted with your appearance. And I really respond to the feeling of relaxation and playfulness that Barbara puts in her images.

I also love the clever touch of showing Barbara with a book in her hands (and one that has such a marvellous vintage look about it). It subtly suggests that while the skeletal waifs have been spending their lives in torture chambers (gyms), and memorizing calorie charts, she has been comfortably enjoying her life -- reading, relaxing, going outside, having fun, (having dessert too,) and doing all of the millions of things that are more satisfying than punishing yourself for no reason at all.

Here's another pretty image that I like in this campaign (although the book photograph is the most enjoyable one of all):

And there's another lovely photo of Barbara on this page, from the Reitmans site:
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Old 25th May 2006   #6
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Default Re: Barbara: Summer is getting hotter!

The link that Emily posted provides us with an interesting opportunity to evaluate just how much an attractive setting can enhance a commercial image.

Here, in the linked page from the Reitmans site, we see Barbara looking lovely and natural, and completely comfortable with herself--every bit the gorgeous model.

But compare that to Barbara's even more stunning photograph from the current Reitmans cover page, in the same outfit. The lush background gives life to the picture, and the venerable stonework in the distance underscores the Classical quality of Barbara's beauty, as Wileni noted earlier.

To be sure, Barbara's serene demeanour in the second photograph, as well as the graceful figure position that she adopted, which accentuates her generous curves, are the key ingredients in the allure of the image. But the background enhances its overall beauty considerably. Between the model and the setting, one has the sense that one is gazing into an idyllic Arcadian realm, a dream-world of ideal artistic beauty--truly, the realm of Venus herself.

- Step into a better world . . .

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Old 19th June 2006   #7
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Default Re: Barbara: Summer is getting hotter!

Ive got to say that of all the campaigns this summer, this one has to be my favorite. The photography is the most celebratory, Barbara looks curvier than ever, the locations are gorgeous, the fashions very body conscious and feminine, and the themes of the pictures are inspiring - like the one showing Barbara looking so delighted at being photographed, or the one showing Barbara looking relaxed and a little bit flirtarious, with a book in her hand.

My second choice for best summer campaign would be Christinas images for Torrid, but Torrid didnt really give us enough of them to make a total campaign. (I wish there had been more!)

So that leaves this summer Encore promo as the one that I would be inclined to point to, and say, "Here is a company thats doing size celebration the right way".
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