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Default Charlotte Coyle on TV (VIDEO preview)

In a recent thread on this forum, we asked if there could possibly be a better brief for the "ideal plus-size model" than a "fuller-figured Sophie Dahl?"

It turns out that there most certainly can be--and that is, a "fuller-figured Anita Ekberg."

Ladies and gentlemen--the world is about to change . . .

It is with great excitement that we now share a brief, 30-second video preview of Charlotte Coyle's televised pageant for plus-size women, which will air next Thursday, August 10th, in prime time, on Channel 4 in the U.K.

And without any hyperbole whatsoever, we affirm that the world has never seen such beauty as Charlotte possesses.

With flowing blonde hair, steamy blue eyes, and the opulent figure of a living goddess who surpasses all of her lesser rivals, Charlotte's appearance on British TV will show millions the manner of beauty that the media has suppressed for nearly a century.

In this tiny scene from the program, we see Charlotte in a sizzling pink dress that embraces her every perfect curve. She begins (oh-so-fittingly, for this incarnation of Venus herself) by dancing with one of her numberless male admirers,

then discarding him, like a plaything with which she has become bored,

and prowling down the catwalk to meet her adoring public--and pageant hopefuls.

Naturally, Charlotte is dressed in a halter-style dress (that most alluring of all designs for a figure as sinfully shapely as hers).

The clip gives us one more angle on that bewitching move. Here is Charlotte performing her sexy turn,

shrugging off her besotted admirer,

and sauntering towards the camera. Her golden hair is bathed in a celestial light, like that of a living angel, even as her hot pink dress testifies to her more wickedly seductive qualities.

Needless to say, because this program is a type of "reality show," it will inevitably include some less-than-wonderful moments. And the title with which Channel 4 has burdened it ("F** Beauty Contest") is curious and regrettable.

But those are utterly irrelevant details. What matters is that the world--or at least, its British inhabitants--will finally see the living definition of "plus-size beauty" embodied by its most gorgeous exemplar, broadcast to millions of homes.

This may be the most exciting size-celebratory event ever filmed, heralding the true dawn of the aesthetic restoration. We cannot wait to see it in full.

But in the meantime, you may click on the image of Charlotte, below, to view the half-minute .wmv video preview. The clip begins after the narrator has posed the question, "Is Britain ready to accept that [plus sizes] can also be beautiful?"

Click to play video

(The answer is, obviously, a resounding, "Yes!")

- Click here to view the .wmv video preview

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Default Re: Charlotte Coyle on TV (VIDEO preview)

Charlotte looks so stunning, so confident so alluring -- I'm thrilled that the British public will be seeing her in prime-time television, no matter how the program turns out. While Charlotte's still images are gorgeous, she always looks even more beautiful, even more of a goddess, in her TV appearances. But what makes this clip especially empowering is her thrilling hot pink dress. No one who sees this program will ever be able to claim that full-figured women are "invisible." On this show, she will compel every pair of eyes in England to remain riveted to their televisions, following her every move.

Charlotte is beyond gorgeous. She is truly awe-inspiring -- which is a quality that has been genuinely associated with goddesses since time immemorial. This is exactly the image of plus-size beauty that the public needs to have implanted in its minds, in place of the pitiable presentations that it usually sees. More than respect, more than reverence, plus-size goddesses should inspire worship. And that is precisely the sensation that Charlotte evokes here.

How I wish my TV could pull in a Channel 4 signal!
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Old 1st August 2006   #3
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Default Re: Charlotte Coyle on TV (VIDEO preview)

To put it plainly, Charlotte's "hotness" reading is off the charts! She's the most outright seductive model in the industry today.

Continuing a theme that's come up in several discussions on this forum, she represents plus-size modelling as it should be. The indusry should be featuring models who are as heart-stoppingly gorgeous and truly full-figured as Charlotte is. That's what the public has been asking for - for years. It's inconceivable that Charlotte isn't on the covers of magazines, and headlining dozens of full-figure-fashion campaigns. Once again - as it has often done in the past, whenever it's attracted really stunning talent - the plus-size industry is missing a tremendous opportunity by not giving Charlotte the kind of career that her beauty warrants.

I wonder if that screen-melting pink dress is a tribute to Charlotte's unforgettable Torrid covers? I'd like to think so.

It says something especially good about Torrid - and something terrible about the rest of the industry - that Torrid remains the only company that has given Charlotte the kind of campaign that she deserves. Those covers were simply revolutionary, and I have no doubt that Charlotte's reality show will achieve a similar effect in Britain.
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Default Re: Charlotte Coyle on TV (VIDEO preview)

It's so unfair that we can't see this show in North America! Charlotte looks so amazing in that clip, she could persuade a lot of curvy girls to feel better about how they look. And any men watching the show would think they'd died and gone to heaven. She looks better than ever.

I still remember the profile of Charlotte from The Daily Mirror, in which she talked about how much she struggled with her self-image when she was younger. I'm so happy that she's conquered her demons, and learned to appreciate the full measure of her beauty. She's such an inspiration.
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Old 3rd August 2006   #5
M. Lopez
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Default Re: Charlotte Coyle on TV (VIDEO preview)

I finally obtained access to a computer with a cable modem, just so I could see this video, and I almost cried. This, this is what I've been hoping to see from the plus-size industry for year - for as long as I can remember. Charlotte has the kind of beauty that can compete with Hollywood vixens, like Pamela Anderson or Paris Hilton or any of the other media-created starlets, BUT, Charlotte is truly curvaceous. If there is ever going to be any real change in public perceptions of beauty, it will be through the existence of models like Charlotte - both plus-looking, and gorgeous.

It's so tragic that she is in Europe, where the plus industry is still twenty years behind North America's. Just look what a sensation she caused with one Torrid shoot. If she were doing similar campaigns here every season, the world really would change, especially if she had the kind of exposure she's getting in Britain.

The video, and Charlotte's look in it, is perfect. We need companies here to emulate this!
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