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Old 1st August 2006   #1
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Default Barbara: Unsurpassable

I cant believe Im going to start a third thread about the current Nordstrom campaign with Barbara, but I practically believe that every single image she creates deserves a thread in itself.

This one definitely does.

I dont even know if I can even call this a beautiful dress. Too linear. But the empire style is so flattering for fuller figures, and on Barbara, it becomes a thing of utter beauty.

But the real point of the image is her. Has Barbara ever produced a more bewitching expression than this? Has anyone?

Its one of those, "Just LOOK at how gorgeous I am" expressions, the kind that Barbara and Christina Schmidt do better than anyone. Its almost impossible to believe how beautiful she looks here - like something out of a dream. And the flowing hairstyle completes the look.

Besides the full-size image, its also worth looking at the smaller version, to see Barbaras silhouette. She proves, once again, that anything and everything looks better on curvaceous figures - especially a figure as shapely as hers.

But its still that thrilling expression, the soft beauty of her face, and those legendary feline eyes, that amaze me most.

If only there were a magazine that was capturing all this beauty, and bringing it to the public! No one would ever give a straight-size model a second glance, ever again.
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Old 2nd August 2006   #2
M. Lopez
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Default Re: Barbara: Unsurpassable

"Unsurpassable" is right. I wouldn't have believed that anyone could make that dress look good - but somehow, she does. It's the expression, the stance, but most of all, it's her miraculous face and figure.

Barbara is also in the new Kohl's flyer. The outfit is inexcusable, but her work always deserves mention: umber%3d4

I can't recall if anyone ever suggested this before, but if the "Full-Figured Top Model" contest were ever turned into a multi-part series, like America's Next Top Model, one of the modelling tests would have to be giving the candidates deliberately dull outfits - the kind that models inevitably have to shoot in, sooner or later - and seeing how well the girls could make them seem beautiful.

It's the ultimate test of a model, and no one can do this the way Barbara can.

(But I'd still rather be seeing her in gorgeous, feminine fashions - not to mention purchasing such outfits myself!)
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Old 2nd August 2006   #3
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Default Re: Barbara: Unsurpassable

I agree that the expression in the Nordstrom image is remarkable. Barbara brings together two different sensations here. She looks vain and haughty -- thrillingly so -- but also warm and inviting, not off-putting or unapproachable. Anyone who doesn't think that modelling is an art form should look at what the most popular models on this site can accomplish. They are the inheritors of the tradition involving Emma, Lady Hamilton, and going all the way back to the earliest models for Greek sculpture.

I have another image to add here -- Barbara is headlining the new Fall '06 Levis campaign.

The fit is sensational. Personally, I prefer dresses and skirts to pants, and the image would have looked even better without the jacket, but there's no question that jeans look best on a plus-size figure, on which they accentuate every shapely curve, as Barbara demonstrates here. 5317353
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Old 3rd August 2006   #4
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Default Re: Barbara: Unsurpassable

All the photos of Barbara have a beauty without comparison, but this image of Barbara with jeans is divine. Barbara doesn't need effort to get a quality photo…it's enough for her to be herself, and everything happens in a natural way. And it is all of her natural beauty, her natural presence, that defines her as “THE WOMAN”.
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Old 4th August 2006   #5
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Default Re: Barbara: Unsurpassable

The thought balloon that I would give to Barbara in that top Nordstrom image is, "You can't help but adore me." Of course, she'd be absolutely right.

Let me add a find of my own here, from the present Kohl's flyer. Conservative outfit, but pretty, in its own way. Domestic beauty - the angel in the house. Or am I just thinking so because Barbara is presenting it? Quite possibly.

Those feline eyes, and that seraphic face, which seems lovelier in every photo. Always new, and never the same expression twice, not in all of her campaigns.

There's a "Hmph!" to this pose, but, as Emily said so well, no matter what interesting emotion Barbara creates, she always draws the viewer in, involving them in the image. Every photo has its own fascination. umber%3d4
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Old 9th August 2006   #6
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Default Also at JCPenney

I found a variety of new images of Barbara at JCPenney. It's great to see Penney using fuller-figured models, since they've been going the faux-plus route for a while.

These are the items that I fished out:|30660|31627|30660|39388|30627|31283|30627|31287|30627|31287|30660|31624|30660|31624|30660|31624|30660|31624

Barbara looks stunning, but the basic images with the flat backgrounds really make you appreciate the superior visual quality of other campaigns, like Reitmans with its gorgeous photography, and Nordstrom's, which gave Barbara so many romantic hairstyles for their fall shoot. It does make a difference.
Plus, I think the Penney clothing is a step below the apparel of the other retailers; it's basic and career-minded, whereas more feminine and body-conscious styles look much better on Barbara, or on anyone.
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