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Old 5th September 2006   #1
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Default Curvaceous Christina Schmidt

The Labour Day Weekend has come and gone, and students across the nation will now be dutifully returning to the halls of academe, in pursuit--hopefully--of higher knowledge.

It seems appropriate to mark the occasion by devoting some attention to the Wilhelmina agency's exciting teen sensation, Christina Schmidt--who is a role model for so many of today's school-age vixens.

First of all, we have constructed a new principal Web page for the Canadian starlet:

- Christina Schmidt: Timeless Beauty Today

(Home pages such as this are useful for introducing first-time visitors to popular talents, and for sharing pertinent links, along with brief descriptions.)

Second, we have obtained several more photographs from Christina's thrilling test shoot with Fadil Berisha, as well as larger versions of the images that were posted before. The wardrobe in these photos is inconspicuous--undoubtedly to keep the attention focussed on the model herself. But what these images do accomplish is to demonstrate Christina's absolutely superlative beauty, her unequalled genius at posing, and particularly, her curvaceous figure.

Full-size versions of these pictures may be found in the new Christina Schmidt gallery (linked below), but this post offers a selection of mid-size renderings, for easier forum viewing.

* * *

The standout achievement in this magnificent new series is the following photograph, which is not only one of Christina's most stunning images to date, but is also one of the most size-positive and revolutionary pictures ever created. It celebrates the Classical beauty of the model's figure, to be sure, but it also transmits its unambiguous message of body love in even more remarkable ways. The model's expression admits no possibility of self-doubt. Her look is the very essence of self-assurance--not feigned, not achieved through effort, but natural and instinctive, and wholly genuine. The model communicates complete security in her person, and awareness of her own extraordinary attractiveness. Usually, only straight-size models are allowed (or able) to express attitude such as this. But Christina surpasses every other model in beauty and poise. She clearly knows that she is gorgeous because she is curvaceous, not despite this fact. And it is this unique mix of allure and aplomb that makes her such a singular talent.

The eyes! The next look is all about the eyes--those lidded, come-hither eyes, which dart a bewitching, feline glance, of the kind that stars of Italian cinema, such as Anita Ekberg and Sophia Loren, were wont to favour. With her hair billowing in the wind, Christina resembles a romantic heroine perched on a windswept crag, or the Winged Victory of Samothrace. But surely, not even the goddess who modelled for that famous sculpture was ever so captivating as Christina. Ciao, bella!

This direct stance again communicates Miss Schmidt's complete self-assurance and body-confidence. Christina embodies the future of size celebration, representing a generation of voluptuous vixens who are growing up free of the self-doubt that plagued their mothers and older siblings, and who feel justifiable vanity about their opulent, feminine beauty.

In the following image, the business with the earring is an especially winning touch, as is the model's glamorous expression. This photograph also underscores the subtle allure of plus-size models, which is so different from the vulgarity of the tinseltown celebrities (in all their surgically-manipulated luridness) whom the mass media deem "sexy." Whereas those bone-and-silicone caricatures need to disrobe entirely to attract public interest in their cadaverous figures, a plus-size model can rivet the world's attention simply through the generous beauty of a shapely arm, and the sight of a bracelet pressing against its softness.

A variant on the wind-in-the-hair, goddess look (above), this image shows Christina with a dreamier gaze. Note how this subtle but significant change in expression can alter the mood of an image entirely. (Ah, the benefits of a professional acting background!)

And finally, here is a particular favourite of Christina's fans--her aristocratically blasť, "Please me," "Impress me," "Worship me" look. The soft roundness of the model's facial features, which represent the essence of feminine loveliness, allow her to create a myriad of different expressions--covering every emotion, from positive to negative, even dark and sinful--yet always to achieve a beautiful effect.

Christina's signing with Wilhelmina represents an extraordinary opportunity for size celebration. Miss Schmidt could help the full-figure fashion industry break out of its much-decried thralldom to the faux-plus look, and embrace the truly curvaceous, youthful manner of plus-size beauty that the public has been longing to see for years--ever since the fall of Mode. No other model possesses Christina's unique blend of superlative beauty, natural curves, and posing prowess. We are thrilled to contemplate the opportunities that lies before her, now that she is signed with the industry's most prestigious agency.

- NEW Christina Schmidt gallery

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Old 5th September 2006   #2
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Default Re: Curvaceous Christina Schmidt

All of these new images are stunning, but that top image is gorgeous. Someone should turn that into a poster, which Christina could sign. It's like she's saying, "I dare you to say that I'm not beautiful!" As with so many of Christina's images, I instantly feel a confidence boost just looking at her amazing work.

From what I've read in her interviews, I also think Christina has the best take on body image of any plus-size model. I love the fact that she has NOT had to "overcome" anything. It's not like she's ever saying, "You can 'allow' me to be curvy because I once had an eating disorder." No, Christina has always had total body love. The fact that she has always been self-assured means that she really believes in herself as she is, and won't cave, to diminish herself the way so many plus-size models do.

That self-assurance, along with her natural beauty, is what makes her images so amazing, and makes her such a perfect plus representative.
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Old 5th September 2006   #3
M. Lopez
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Default Re: Curvaceous Christina Schmidt

I think this photographer really created magic with Christina. The photos surpass anything she's ever done before, and nicely compliment her more youthful-oriented Torrid work. These images prove beyond any others that a goddess can be chic, and sophisticated, and elegant - and visibly curvaceous as well. The two are perfectly compatible. Her face, her figure, are both ideal.

The top image is definitely the best of the entire shoot, truly revolutionary, but I also love the photo with those "Italian eyes." So steamy!

I understand what Kaitlynn is saying about the importance of Christina's self-assured message, too. There has been a tendency to go for pity, in some plus-size model narratives, about their history of eating disorders - and those are surely important and moving stories. But I think it's also groundbreaking and vital to focus on a new narrative - on Christina's paradigm, for example, of someone who has never succumbed to media pressures, who has always felt free to be shapely and gorgeous. Not overcoming doubt, but rather, never being touched by doubt in the first place - yes, I think this is an extremely important message to deliver to young women, to help inoculate them against thin-supremacist brainwashing.
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Old 5th September 2006   #4
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Default Re: Curvaceous Christina Schmidt

I find it interesting that the most attractive and popular plus-size models, the ones who possess supermodel beauty -- such as Christina, Charlotte Coyle, Barbara, and Kelsey -- are also the ones who possess the most naturally plus figures, with curvy midriffs, and full features. They are the most distinctly different from the androgynous waifs who dominate the fashion world (and just as far removed from faux-plus models), and yet they wholly surpass their thinner rivals in beauty and acclaim.

These images may be size-positive, but they are also worlds removed from -- and infinitely superior to -- those ugly "reality" campaigns. In those, the "real" women always have self-effacing, embarrassed looks: "Oh golly, here I am in white underwear against a bare background". It's humiliating, for them and for the reader. But here, Christina is self-possessed, challenging and arresting. She knows that she deserves to be right where she is. The whole world of thinness-prejudice becomes irrelevant, and she models with the intensity of a Linda Evangelista, as if she were a truer ideal of beauty than any underweight waif -- which she surely is.

These images demonstrate what fashion magazines should look like -- and hopefully, soon will.
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Old 6th September 2006   #5
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Default Re: Curvaceous Christina Schmidt

The top image is now my desktop. I love these pictures soooo much. They're so glamorous. She is my ultimate role model.

I always remember what Christina said in one of her interviews: "Girls with curves have an advantage." I keep it in mind as a motto, to give me confidence whenever I need it. These pictures prove her words true!
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Old 7th September 2006   #6
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Default Re: Curvaceous Christina Schmidt

Here's a little something that is sure to give Christina's fans a thrill: a snapshot of the Wilhelmina New York board, featuring Christina on the right, and Charlotte Coyle on the left. (Barbara's image appears a page earlier.)

This agency has now become a modern-day temple of timeless beauty--perhaps the most glorious such edifice since Classical times, and surely no less aesthetically significant than any Antique shrine to Aphrodite herself.

We have high hopes that these living goddesses will help restore true beauty to a world that has deprived of it for so long . . .

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