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Old 5th September 2006   #1
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Default Barbara: Aristocratic at Nordstrom

Nordstrom has been producing lots of beautiful images of Barbara this season, but it's a shame that fashion in general hasn't been as pretty this fall as it has in the past.

However, here's a beautiful new Nordstrom dress that has a real Old World charm:

It compliments her figure beautifully, being sleeveless and v-necked, and for once I will forgive the fact that it's so long, because the detail on it is gorgeous. I think the best touch is the ribbon tie at the waist. It makes it younger and prettier than it would otherwise be.

Ribbons always add so much to the look of an outfit, that I wish designers would use them more often. They can be used in hundreds of different ways.

The back view is even more gorgeous. Barbara always proves that dresses only come into their own on a fully curvaceous figure.

Here's the product page:
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Old 5th September 2006   #2
M. Lopez
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Default Re: Barbara: Wild at Nordstrom

I've found a new image of Barbara modelling a dress at Nordstrom that's even more stunning. In fact, I think this is one of the most size-positive and alluring images she has ever created:

I don't think I've ever seen a dress that shows off Barbara's Classical curves as beautifully. It fits so perfectly around Barbara's naturally curvy waist. The item description says, "Sassy halter dress is fitted at the midriff with super-flattering ruching all around."

It's that fitted look that makes this so appealing. And Barbara gives just the right confident, alluring gaze to make the effect complete.

Again we see the miracle of Barbara and animal prints. I never like animal patterns, but somehow, on Barbara, they look terrific.

AndI don't think I've ever seen a halter dress designed so well for the fuller figure. This item was clearly made with plus-size beauty in mind. The back is cut lower, to show off the wearer's gorgeous curves. And Nordstrom has really developed a great style of photography for showing off its fashions. It almost always includes reverse views, which is essential with halter dresses.

I also love the detail of the tie running attractively down the back. Great dress; great eye-catching images.
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Old 6th September 2006   #3
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Default Re: Barbara: Aristocratic at Nordstrom

In the first, "aristocratic" image, one can well imagine Mrs. Brickner walking through the gardens of a palace, listening to the workmanship of Bach!!

Aristocratic and classic at the same time… Barbara at her best.
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Old 7th September 2006   #4
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Default Re: Barbara: Wild at Nordstrom

I'm in heaven -- as long as you don't ask me to pick a favorite between these two dresses. That is an absolutely impossible choice. The first dress is just about the most elegant dress I have seen ever. You can just imagine all kinds of events and occasions this would be perfect for -- like a gala opening of a new exhibit at the art museum, the only problem being no one would pay any attention to the art!

And it's also a perfect example of how the finest designs look best on fuller figures. This design would look busy and overwhelming on a size 2 model.

But then there is the second dress. It is absolutely perfect for showing off Barbara's figure. And said figure is beyond breathtaking.

I check the Nordstrom site frequently and I am always amazed. The unsung heroes and heroines of this tale are the buyers at Nordstrom who find these jewels, and the art directors who choose the right model to showcase them.
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Old 15th September 2006   #5
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Default Re: Barbara: Aristocratic at Nordstrom

Mrs. Brickner's fall campaign for Nordstrom has proven so popular, that we have archived a selection of the best images on our latest Barbara Brickner page (linked below). For this gallery, we have selected the pictures that were shot against a grey background, as this shoot represents Barbara's finest-ever work for Nordstrom (and therefore, the greatest images of plus-size beauty that this retailer has yet produced).

One could almost dub this the "hairstyle gallery," as in this campaign, Barbara sports some of the most romantic and voluptuous hairstyles that any goddess has ever displayed, perfectly suited to her opulent figure. They immeasurably augment her already-legendary beauty. In this series, the model also adopts some of the most captivating expressions of her entire career. Never before has she looked so self-assured, so aware of her own beauty--so intoxicatingly vain (a vanity that increases her allure still further).

As for the apparel, in some cases it adds to the model's loveliness (e.g., in the dress images), while in other instances, it is merely incidental. The dresses run the gamut from animal patterns to lacy femininity. Both styles are attractively unmodern, and both suit Barbara equally well. Together, they show the divergent aspects of femininity itself, from its primal, womanly nature, to its softer, more romantic qualities.

- New Barbara Brickner gallery

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Old 16th September 2006   #6
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Default Re: Barbara: Aristocratic at Nordstrom

I am often struck by the quotations on the gallery pages, but never more so than in this case. In the specific passage from The Iliad that is quoted for the new gallery, Troy's generals observe that Helen's beauty is so extraordinary, so divine ("goddess-like"), that it even justifies the long war (the Trojan War) that is being waged in her name.

The Homeric reference is so fitting, as it implicitly casts Barbara in the role of Helen of Troy. And a war is being waged today, too, on behalf of the Classical beauty that Barbara embodies (just as Helen embodied it, ages ago). Our modern war on behalf of plus-size beauty is not a war of swords and spears, but of ideas and words. And yet the same thing is at stake today that was at stake in the Trojan War: the fate of a civilization, the health of a culture. Will we be conquered and ruled by an alien aesthetic of androgyny and modernity, which undermines the emotional and physical well-being of so many women? Or will we restore the natural, timeless ideal of beauty that contributed to the health of Western culture for centuries?

The quotation seems very apt.
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Old 21st September 2006   #7
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Default Re: Barbara: Aristocratic at Nordstrom

I have another pair of lovely dress images to add here that Barbara fans might not have seen, since they are sort of "hidden" in the Nordstrom site, as color options. Its a dress with a ribbon sash, like the first item in this thread, and it would look great for a party.

Front view here:

Reverse view here:

I really like the wine/black color scheme (the other color, violet, isnt as nice), and Barbara makes the dress look beautiful, giving it shape, even though it is (as usual) cut rather too long for my tastes.
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Old 21st September 2006   #8
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Default Re: Barbara: Aristocratic at Nordstrom

The python print looks intriguing, and the dress is very flattering on Barbara's figure.
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Old 14th October 2006   #9
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Default Re: Barbara: Aristocratic at Nordstrom

I sometimes suspect that Nordstrom deliberately "hides" images of Barbara Brickner within its various product color options, like "Easter eggs" on a DVD, just to get customers to browse its product pages thoroughly.

Well, in this case it worked - and I turned up a "hidden" Barbara image with the following item:

I don't know if it's a great outfit, but on Barbara's figure, everything looks gorgeous. She gives any outfit a shapely, womanly silhouette:

I'm sure this gorgeous image would promote the ensemble better than the tedious straight-size model photo that currently functions as the "main" image for this item.
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