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Default Justine Legault

A few months ago, we posted about a promising new talent named Justine Legault. Miss Legault wears a dress size 14 (36d-31-46), and is represented by Scoop Models in Montreal, and by Ford Toronto. Although she is somewhat on the thin side--and we earnestly wish that she were fuller-figured--Justine does have a memorable look. She recently shot a new test series that admirably showcased her feminine allure and modelling prowess, and it is our pleasure to be able to share several images from this series with the public.

With her round face and fair features, Miss Legault bears more than a passing resemblance to Sophie Dahl, in her curvier, more gorgeous days of yore. The following image exhibits Justine's facial beauty particularly well. The contrast between the babylike softness of her visage, and her smoky-eyed makeup and serious expression, is highly effective. The elegant wallpaper provides an intriguing backdrop.

Click to enlarge

Figure-wise, Justine's most attractive features are her curvaceous hips (46") and her soft, shapely legs. Several images in this series highlight the latter, most notably this one. The dress frames her legs very well, and is rather unique. (The peacock feathers are a nice touch, since the peacock is traditionally a symbol of vanity, and vanity is the most alluring trait of any plus-size goddess.) Miss Legault's feathered hairstyle heightens her femininity, and harmonizes with her feathered dress. With its stylized colours, this test shoot is photographically reminiscent of an editorial in a European fashion magazine.

Click to enlarge

This tight close-up again offers a striking contrast between the model's gentle, rounded facial features, and her sophisticated expression (punctuated by the dramatic makeup). The softness of Justine's look takes the edge off her intense gaze.

Click to enlarge

Although Miss Legault is a tad on the thin side, she does have a natural, womanly figure, well exhibited in this image. Her facial features look especially young here, testifying to her range. (Note the subtle difference between this expression and the intense gaze, above). Her cute, girlish dress plays up her youthful quality, even as the Spartan sobriety of the photography gives the image a serious tone.

Click to enlarge

Plus-size models are never as gorgeous as when they are shown in states of indolence and repose, as in the following image. The model's faraway, dreamlike gaze is especially appropriate for the shot. Note how the photographer uses light and shadow to reveal the model's curves, just as art photographers use light and shadow when shooting a sculpture, to emphasize its three-dimensional contours. The wardrobe is basic, giving the image a feeling of intimacy, but the fact that it is so perfectly fitted makes it nevertheless fashionable.

Click to enlarge

This image, on the other hand, with its highly contrasting blacks and whites, is more cinematic than the rest. It reminds one of Fellini's cinematography in La Dolce Vita, in which dramatic contrasts are used to accentuate Anita Ekberg's well-fed curves.

Click to enlarge

The key to the success of the following, more experimental image is the model's expression--a coyly seductive glance that is confident, yet innocent, thanks to the model's fair hair and babylike facial features. Again, the image emphasizes the remarkable beauty of Justine's full, shapely legs. And note the photographer's brilliant use of light, which makes Justine's hair seem to glow with a heavenly aura, and casts such striking shadows on the wall.

Click to enlarge

Miss Legault's beauty is simply extraordinary. She is easily one of the most attractive plus-size models in the industry today, and if she were fuller-figured, would instantly become one of the most important talents of all. It's wonderful to see such a beautiful model photographed in a high-fashion manner--and with at least a partial celebration of her plus qualities. We hope to see much more of Justine in the near future.

You may click on any of the above images to see them at a larger size (and in their original, uncropped dimensions). You can also see more of this test shoot at the photographer's official Web site, linked below, which also provides credits for the shoot's hair/makeup and fashion styling.

- Yanick Déry

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Default Re: Justine Legault

I am immensely impressed. Justine is stunning. She is part sexy, and part adorable, which is quite a mix. I generally prefer "warmer" photos, color-wise, but these images are very chic and stylish, yet thanks to the model's full-figured beauty, they are also feminine and attractive, rather than edgy/ugly.

The image of the model in the drained pool is especially intriguing (and it's curve-celebratory as well).

This shoot proves, yet again, that plus-size models can generate the same kind of sophisticated fashion photography that the underweight models do- and in fact, that their results will surpass those of their thinner counterparts. I would buy any magazine that featured images like these.
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