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Old 5th November 2006   #1
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Default Barbara: Holiday Indulgence (at Reitmans)

The new Winter 2006 collection has just been posted at Reitmans, and it features Barbara looking as gorgeous as ever. She is the very personification of holiday relaxation and enjoyment.

The image that shows her looking most curvacous is undoubtedly this stunning photo:

Even a simple shirt becomes alluring, when Barbara models it.

But my favourite item from the new collection is the feminine top that Barbara is wearing on the page linked below. Its a unique pose, showing Barbara in the act of taking a billiards shot, and it effectively shows off her incredibly shapely figure.

An image of Barbara is also in rotation on the new Reitmans cover page - elegant and chic. Dont miss it.
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Old 5th November 2006   #2
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Default Re: Barbara: Holiday Indulgence (at Reitmans)

Here is a screenshot of Mrs. Brickner on the current Reitmans cover page. The outfit is chic rather than festive, but the way in which it suggests the opulent beauty of the model's silhouette makes it extremely alluring. Barbara's warm and genial expression softens the effect of the ensemble.

Click to enlarge

And here is a close-up of a page from the new Reitmans "e-flyer" (linked below), showing Mrs. Brickner in the camisole that Melanie liked. (Terrific accessories, too.) The pose is absolutely brilliant, and although Barbara struck it in the context of a candid-style photograph, it is deliberately chosen to celebrate the model's womanly curves, and to exhibit the advantages of this particular top--both comfortable and sexy--on a generous figure.

Click to enlarge

Season after season, Reitmans produces some of the finest campaigns in the industry, which more than make up for the lack of a plus-size fashion magazine north of the border. The size-positive nature of Reitmans imagery always reminds us of the quality of work that Mode maintained during its heyday, and provides a shining example for other retailers and magazines to emulate.

- Click here to view the new e-flyer

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Old 7th November 2006   #3
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Default Re: Barbara: Holiday Indulgence (at Reitmans)

I also rather like this image from the new campaign, a very relaxed and comfortable shot:

The Reitmans campaigs are so consistently beautiful that I am amazed the company doesn't produce behind-the-scenes videos of their shoots, the way other branches of the Reitmans family sometimes do. It would be glorious to see Barbara "in living motion," showing off her craft.
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Old 26th November 2006   #4
M. Lopez
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Default Re: Barbara: Holiday Indulgence (at Reitmans)

Reitmans has just released a second round of Winter 2006 images, if anything even more gorgeous than the last. My favourite is this photograph of Barbara in a camisole-like velvet top. She looks breathtaking, with those cute bangs, and a delicate smile. What a nice Holiday piece - so good at framing voluptuous decolletage, but comfortable on a curvy waist.

I also adore this new "wrap" top. The wrap style always looks great on a truly curvy figure, as curves give the garmet something to actually wrap.
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Old 26th November 2006   #5
Join Date: July 2005
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Default Re: Barbara: Holiday Indulgence (at Reitmans)

The picture of Mrs. Brickner in the velvet camisole is intoxicating--undoubtedly the loveliest image of this holiday season.

Reitmans has also released a new e-flyer, viewable at the URL posted earlier in this thread. It features a larger image of Barbara in that incredibly seductive wrap top:

Wrap styles are tailor-made to suit the plus aesthetic, as they adoringly embrace a goddess's generous curves. The very nature of the style is an expression of body love, and absolutely requires that the wearer possess a full figure, in order to endow the garment with an alluring shape.

The flyer also includes the following new photograph, showing Mrs. Brickner in a "crinkle" style that may be somewhat too loose to be truly attractive, but the image nevertheless wonderfully evokes the Christmas spirit, with Barbara radiating boundless joy and beauty.

Barbara's Reitmans campaigns never fail to produce one masterpiece of plus-size beauty after another. No wonder the company is doing so well (as Chad pointed out in a recent National Post article). It consistently satisfies the public's wish to see images of models who are gorgeous and genuinely full-figured, and provides the rest of the industry with an ideal template to emulate in their promotions.

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